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Turning local wisdom into global change

Prevent Child Sexual Abuse Programme / Partner story

Child sexual exploitation is a global problem that demands a global response. That is why Family for Every Child – a members-led global alliance of expert and innovative national civil society organisations working on childcare reform, developed RISE Learning Network. RISE is a unique global hub of organisations, involved in innovative and advanced work with children and adolescents affected by sexual exploitation. 

Recently, RISE Learning Network announced a new interactive platform called Changemakers for Children to exchange knowledge about what is working on the ground, participate in discussions, and solve problems. It is a social network for child rights practitioners, and features a dedicated, interactive area to engage with experts around the world on issues related to sexual violence affecting children. Changemakers for Children also offers access to technical support, resources, information on promising practices, and updates on sector issues.

As an Alliance, Family for Every Child believes every child should have the chance to grow up in a safe and caring environment. Unfortunately, millions don’t. This global issue is too big and complex for any one person to tackle alone. Through this new platform, Family for Every Child is creating a space to bring together local practitioners working on children’s rights in virtual communities and bring about global change.

Family for Every Child is supported through Oak’s Prevent Child Sexual Abuse programme. Together with our partners, we are building a world where children can thrive. Read more about the programme strategy here.