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Conquering the digital divide in North Carolina

Special Interest Programme / Partner story

Photo by C Technical from Pexels

Musical Empowerment is all about changing lives through music. It has recently launched an initiative to address the digital divide that participants in the music mentorship programme in North Carolina are currently facing. It aims to provide families in marginalised communities with a laptop device, internet connectivity, online resources and internet access.

In addition to music lessons, the laptops will provide students with an opportunity to complete virtual schoolwork, conduct research, submit job applications, and be in regular contact with their college mentors.

A parent of two Musical Empowerment students said, “Thank you so much for the computers and wifi for my kids. They’ve never had their own device, so they are excited about that. These computers will help them with taking lessons on their own, and conveniently. Music is one of our family healers, especially during the pandemic. Music helps their learning improve and helps with their stress.”

By providing students with hardware and connectivity, Musical Empowerment offers continued access to music education and mentorship. This collaboration will give their students equity in education and access to valuable resources to decrease the ever-widening digital divide.

Oak supports Musical Empowerment through a discretionary grant provided by one of our Trustees.