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Report fraud or abuse

Oak Foundation’s report fraud and abuse mechanism exists to help us identify instances of misuse of resources, safeguarding violations, and other abuses relating to our work. On this page, we describe the type of concerns we want to hear about and how we will respond to these concerns. It is NOT a mechanism for the submission of grant proposals or input into strategy.

Oak Foundation expects its staff and partners (including grantees, consultants, vendors, and other agents) to: observe high standards of administrative and financial probity; and have a strong commitment to safeguarding practices. Oak respects the independence of its partners, who frequently work in complex and difficult environments. Funding is made available on the basis of trust in their expertise and integrity to properly navigate those complexities, including consideration for the reputation and standing of the Foundation.

Oak Foundation encourages all partners, sub-grantees, service-users, and their staff to report concerns. Oak Foundation will take all reasonable measures to ensure that no person who makes a report in good faith will be subject to retaliation.

Concerns may be submitted on a confidential basis and will be investigated to the extent possible. Oak Foundation will make the strongest effort possible to protect your identity. However, please be aware that serious allegations may require thorough investigation by authorities outside of Oak, which may make it impossible for Oak Foundation to guarantee confidentiality in all cases. In addition, anonymous submissions may impede the designated officer’s ability to thoroughly investigate the allegations.

What to report

You can use this mechanism to report any concerns that fall short of our expectations (above), whether they be current, past, or anticipated. The attached policies give guidance on particular types of concern, but are not exhaustive.

Review our policies for guidance

The attached policies give guidance on particular types of concern, but are not exhaustive.

Oak Foundation Financial Integrity Policy

Oak Foundation Child Safeguarding Policy

You can find out more about Safeguarding Children Policy here.

What not to report

Oak discourages individuals from using this mechanism to pursue individual staff grievances, which should ordinarily be resolved through internal procedures of the employing partner organisation. Such matters should only be raised through this mechanism where there is a management or governance failure to address them.

How to report

You can either report through email or through our online form below.

Please note that it is not appropriate to submit funding proposals or general enquiries through this mechanism. For funding proposals, please visit our Submit a letter of enquiry page and for general enquiries please refer to our Contact us page.

Report fraud or abuse form

Please indicate the names and job titles of all of the people that were involved in the incident, whether they were subject, witness or other party.