Contributing to a just, fair and secure society for everyone

We all want to live a secure, fulfilling life where our social, economic, environmental, and political rights are protected by the law. In Brazil, escalating violence has made life increasingly difficult, especially for those who experience marginalisation due to their race, ethnic identity, gender, and socio-economic position.

Violence is a concern in both rural and urban areas. In rural environments, territories and natural resources on which communities depend are encroached by commercial exploitation. In urban environments, violence, and failed attempts to contain it, take the lives of thousands of young, mostly Black, Brazilians each year. It also affects those in LGBTQI communities and women.

The kind of civic dialogue and negotiation that could help address these issues is being undermined by a political discourse that has become highly antagonistic, emphasising sharp divides – right/left, conservative/progressive – rather than shared identities and common values.

Placing the welfare of people at the centre of development is a key aim of our programme in Brazil. By deepening democracy and encouraging inclusive public debates, our partners are working to develop new ways to prevent violence, mediate conflict and restore justice.

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