Letter from Oak’s President: a call to rise up for the oceans

Oak Foundation has joined with Oceano Azul Foundation, Ocean Unite, fisherfolk, Indigenous peoples, and hundreds of organisations and foundations from around the world in RISE UP – A Blue Call to Action to help raise the level of ambition needed to halt the crisis faced by our oceans.

Our online 2019 annual report is now live!

Check it out here! Social media handles on the stories pages make them easy to share so feel free! We hope that the videos will make the work of our partners come alive. Below you will find download links to the printable version of the report. If you have any feedback, please let us know.

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Danish Stalking Centre: From idea to state funding

Since its founding, the Danish Stalking Centre has only headed in one direction: forward. Exactly one year after the organisation launched, the Centre received a large sum of money from the Ministry of Gender Equality. Today, the organisation is part of the state budget, which gives it more stability to continue its important work, further develop its projects and help even more people.

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First of its kind: a code of practice for tech companies to protect children online

5Rights has been advocating for legislation that would mandate tech companies to protect children’s privacy on their platforms. In August 2020 it achieved an important victory when the UK Information Commissioner issued the Age Appropriate Design Code, which offers children specific protection online. 5Rights was highly active during the consultation process on the Code.

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Hundreds of millions of informal workers form the backbone of India’s economy. Despite being in great numbers, informal workers, in particular women, are often invisible. The work of our partners in Jharkhand and West Bengal has strengthened women working in the informal sector to negotiate better wages and ultimately, build a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.


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