Supporting organisations to end homelessness and create housing opportunity

A safe and secure home is fundamental to a fairer society. This is about creating opportunities and building strong communities where everyone can thrive and live dignified lives.

Far too many people are under constant pressure of losing their homes. The structural causes of homelessness include economic inequality and unemployment, discrimination and racism, and the lack of affordable housing. All too often housing is seen as a commodity, and as such a significant power imbalance persists for people experiencing homelessness and with the greatest housing need.

Homelessness is preventable. Genuinely affordable and suitable housing must be within reach for everyone. This is why the Housing and Homelessness Programme supports projects that work to challenge and resolve the systemic causes of homelessness in the UK and the US. We fund not-for-profit organisations that are ambitious in their strategies to address structural inequalities – from testing new approaches to scaling up what works.

illustration showing a strategy document


Photo credit: Neha Gautam