Supporting equitable opportunities for all

Everyone should have a fair chance at creating a life for themselves in which they can move beyond mere survival to achieve their full potential. Many, however, lack those opportunities simply because of where they are born or who they are.

The India Programme supports efforts to sustainably improve the lives of marginalised people in West Bengal, a state in the eastern region of India on the Bay of Bengal. These include vulnerable workers, Indigenous communities known as Adivasis, and adult and child migrants, whose needs and rights have been neglected for decades.

Our primary grant-making focus centres on two sub-regions within West Bengal where all three groups live – the tea gardens of North Bengal and the Sundarbans coastal region, which also face a range of climate-related and other challenges.

Our secondary grant-making focus is in other districts in West Bengal that are home to one or more of the three priority groups – unorganised workers, Indigenous communities, and migrants. We hope to produce evidence from locations across West Bengal that can inform and influence desired systemic changes at the state and national levels so that all people have a chance to thrive.