Providing safety nets for the most vulnerable.

The Indian government provides safety nets for the most vulnerable but many people find it hard to access them because of social and geographical barriers. We recognise that it will take time to make these provisions readily accessible for everyone and hope to assist in this process.

In the India Programme, we have five Oak Programmes that work together to address a combination of issues that affect populations with less access to resources in Jharkhand and West Bengal located in east India. Ultimately, we aim to: improve the lives of the most marginalised groups; institutionalise practices that address poverty and social injustice; and build strong organisations at the grassroots.


All of our grants work simultaneously on cross-cutting themes, such as:

  • empowerment, citizenship and leadership, by supporting communities (including women and other marginalised groups) to access information, participate fully in decision-making processes and realise their entitlements and full potential; and
  • capacity building, by strengthening organisational practices that represent diverse communities, and improve systems’ abilities to represent grassroots people in negotiation with the government and other key actors.