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Submit a letter of enquiry

Thank you for your interest in Oak Foundation. Have you read our grant-making information page? Have you read our programme strategies? If not, please review before you fill in the submission form below.

Please note that we do not provide support for:

  • individuals
  • scholarships or tuition assistance for undergraduate or postgraduate studies
  • religious organisations for religious purposes
  • election campaigns
  • except in special circumstances, we generally do not provide programme grants under USD 25,000

How many letters of enquiry do we approve each year?
Despite the high number of requests, we only approve a few submissions through our online letter of enquiry process each year. In addition, our programme budgets are allocated approximately a year in advance.

When will we respond?
Immediately after submission, a green confirmation message will appear on your screen. You will also receive a confirmation by email. It includes a copy of your application data. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder. We will respond within two months if we require further information or if the applicant is invited to submit a formal proposal. This submission is not part of Oak’s formal grant process, which begins only after a formal application is submitted at Oak’s request. Please submit your letter of enquiry only one time: we will ensure that your letter of enquiry is received by the correct person at Oak Foundation.

Can we contact Oak Foundation about our submission?
We would be most appreciative if you do not contact the Foundation or staff directly to discuss your request. For initial contact, please do not telephone or visit the offices. Thank you for your understanding.

General information

Financial information

Amount in USD
Amount in USD

Project information

Please, indicate where the project will take place geographically.
Please, explain what the project purpose is in just few words.
For information about the programme strategies, please visit the programme pages on this website.
Please tell us about your project.