Safeguarding our future ​by changing the way ​we feed and fuel the world, and restoring ​our connection ​to nature

In response to the lessons learned from the recent evaluations of our successes and failures, from the wisdom of our partners, and from the teachings of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will launch a new strategy for our Environment Programme to guide us over the next five years. Our hope, and our work, will focus on safeguarding our future by restoring our connection to nature and changing the ways we feed and fuel our world.

The new strategy has evolved from a sectoral approach, which focused on climate, marine, and wildlife trade and conservation, to a global systems transformation approach. We will focus on three systems that present the greatest transformative opportunities: Energy, Food, and Natural Security. Each of these systems is vital to our future as a human species and the global commons upon which we all depend.

Check out our website in May to read the full strategy.