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Reducing greenhouse gases in India

India Programme / Partner story

Photo: © Kristian / Oak Foundation

The Institute for Transportation Development and Policy (ITDP), along with its network partners, works with cities in India to develop sustainable transport solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve quality of life for people in urban settings. The ITDP team works to raise awareness about sustainable cities that are equitable and inclusive for all people. It also generates reports that inform city and state transport plans.

ITDP has helped the Department of Urban Planning of Jharkhand to adopt an inclusive transport development policy. This includes a parking system designed to minimise traffic and streamline parking. This will allow everyone equal access to the street, from street vendors to car owners. The State Government has published parking regulations based on ITDP’s suggestions.

This grant falls under Oak’s India Programme, which works to support people with limited access to resources in Jharkhand and West Bengal, located in east India. Ultimately, it aims to: improve the lives of the most marginalised groups; institutionalise practices that address poverty and social injustice; and build strong organisations at the grassroots. 

For more information about the work being done in India, read pages 68 to 72 of Oak’s 2017 Annual Report.

Source: Oak Foundation Annual Report 2017