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Inspiring speech from Daniela Ligiero of Together for Girls

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Photo caption: Daniela Ligiero at the Women Deliver conference in Vancouver, Canada, 2019

“Breaking the silence is on all of us, not just on survivors. We need to break the silence of institutions, governments, of entire societies and communities that allow sexual violence to happen and who remain silent. We must demand action now. What is happening is unacceptable.”

These were some of the words spoken by Daniela Ligiero, CEO of Together for Girls, at the recently-held Women Deliver conference in Vancouver, Canada. Women Deliver is a leading global advocate that champions gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women. It works to spark political commitment and investment in girls and women everywhere.

Together for Girls is a global public-private partnership dedicated to ending violence against children, especially sexual violence. Founded in 2009, one of the most important efforts of Together for Girls has been the promotion of comprehensive Violence Against Children Surveys, which by 2020 will have been done or will be underway in enough countries to provide extensive data on 20 per cent of the world’s children. “Sexual violence is one of the largest pandemics of our time. We need to have more extensive data to show the effects, the magnitude and the consequences of what’s happening,” says Daniela.

Firmly believing that change is possible, Daniela spoke up about the need to invest in solutions, through, for example, the implementation of laws and policies, parenting programmes, safe spaces, changing harmful social norms and education and life skills.

“We have to support survivors and help break the silence. We need to make the invisible visible. It’s time to change the things we cannot accept.”

– Daniela Ligiero, CEO of Together for Girls.

Click here to hear Daniela’s speech for yourself.

This grant falls under Oak’s Prevent Child Sexual Abuse (PCSA) programme, and within that our priority funding area of innovative research and promising solutions, that supports efforts to build the evidence base for effective and scalable solutions. 

Daniela visited us at our offices a little while ago and we recorded her telling us about the work of Together for Girls. Visit the Together for Girls website to read more about their work and watch the video we shot of Daniela here:

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