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To stop sexual violence against children, this funder hopes to raise awareness and resources

Prevent Child Sexual Abuse Programme / Partner story

Image by Cheryl Holt on Pixabay

Sexual violence against children is never an easy topic to discuss, especially when we are aware that it happens all over the world. There is evidence that the sexual exploitation of children increased during the Covid-19 pandemic, and ignoring this painful truth won’t make it go away.

Oak Foundation is proud to fund Together for Girls, a global partnership that raises awareness, promotes evidence-based solutions, and galvanises action to end violence against children. Inside Philanthropy spoke with Brigette De Lay, director of Oak’s Prevent Child Sexual Abuse Programme and Daniela Ligiero, executive director and CEO of Together for Girls, to discuss how work in the sector can be further strengthened with the involvement of additional philanthropic partners.  

Click here to read the article on the Inside Philanthropy website.

This grant falls under Oak’s Prevent Child Sexual Abuse (PCSA) programme, and within that our priority funding area of innovative research and promising solutions, that supports efforts to build the evidence base for effective and scalable solutions. 

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