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Royal Marsden Cancer Centre

Special Grant / Partner story / Video

Photo by Drew Hays from Unsplash

Following an Oak grant of GBP 25 million, the Royal Marsden Hospital, based in London, the United Kingdom, will construct a state-of-the-art research and clinical care centre on its Sutton site in Outer London. This centre will permit the Royal Marsden Hospital to increase its overall capacity to treat adult cancer patients. It will also improve the working environment for staff and help speed up research and clinical progress via new technologies and increased opportunities for collaboration among researchers, clinicians and patients.

“This will make an enormous difference in our ability to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients, and ultimately, improve survival rates for cancer patients globally.”

– Cally Palmer, chief executive of the Royal Marsden Hospital.

Oak is pleased to support the Royal Marsden Hospital at a time when cancer is pandemic in our societies. Watch this video to find out more:

This work falls under Oak’s Special Initiative Grants. On occasion, Oak provides grants to organisations or a group of organisations outside the budget of our programmes.

Source: Oak Foundation Annual Report 2018