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Putting a stop to child sexual abuse before it occurs

Prevent Child Sexual Abuse Programme / Article

Photo by AmrThele from Pixabay

With more time spent online, the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the risk of child sexual abuse. Findings from the Global Threat Assessment 2021 found that one in two respondents experienced online sexual harm during childhood. [1] Despite this, few of the resources available to combat child sexual abuse are used to develop preventative measures against such abuse.

In this article issued by philanthropy sector publication Alliance Magazine, Oak Foundation President Douglas Griffiths joins Seán Coughlan, executive director at Human Dignity Foundation to discuss how both organisations are calling for other foundations to join them in investing further and actively work together to stop this abuse before it happens.

Click here to read the article.

[1] WeProtect Global Alliance, Global Threat Assessment 2021, including the Economist Impact Global Survey, October 2021.

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