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Palliative care for people experiencing homelessness in London

Partner story

Photo: © Eva Hermes

People who are homeless or vulnerably housed are a marginalised group among which there are high death rates at a young age as a result of complex problems. Access to healthcare and support can be challenging, with access to palliative care even more so.

For homeless persons with a terminal illness, deteriorating health, increasing isolation and poor mobility may make access to healthcare services, particularly specialist care services, harder still.

Oak’s Housing and Homelessness Programme supported research (the first of its kind), to explore how the quality of care can be improved for people who are homeless or vulnerably housed and nearing the end of their lives.

Want to know more? The short film below outlines some of the challenges that people who are homeless and living in hostels face when trying to access healthcare, and gives some recommendations for improving care.

For more information on this research visit the UCL and Pathway websites.