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Opportunity for Oak partners to attend Capacity Building workshop webinars

Organisational strengthening and effectiveness / Webinar

All Oak partners are invited to attend Nonprofit Builder’s first webinar series, entitled “Reset, Rethink, and Renew“.

The idea is simple: to give you some tools to come out of the pandemic stronger than before, with fresh insights, new skills and strategies! The keynote speakers are part of the Nonprofit Builder’s expert pool, carefully selected by foundations like Laudes, Oak and Packard, to advise their partners and help them strengthen their capacity:

  • Making Sound Decisions under Uncertainty (by Andreas Wettstein, 25 and 27 May)
  • Strategic Foresight: Transforming Pathways for Accelerated Action (by Beris Gwynne, 2 and 4 June)
  • Achieving Results in Times of Crisis: Resilience and Rituals (Mike Romig, 8 and 9 June)
  • Do Crabs Walk Sideways or Do We? A Workshop Exploring How We See Things and How This Determines Everything (Peter Baily, 17 and 19 June)

The webinars are free, and interactive through Zoom Q&A. Feel free to share the invite with colleagues who may be interested!

Click here for details, including the exact times and links to Zoom.

We hope to see you at these webinars and that you will find them relevant to your work and challenges!