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Opening the world of conservation to young people through volunteering

Special Interest Programme / Partner story / Video

Children with WWF eco camp in Mongolia (Cai Nebe/WWF)

WWF International’s Youth Engagement Programme gives young people aged 19 to 27 an opportunity to work on global conservation issues through facilitated 3 – 6 month assignments in regions all around the world. These include hands-on engagement in WWF field projects and exposure to local conservation practitioners, scientists and communities.

A lack of capacity and gaps in skill sets represent major constraints in achieving biodiversity conservation. With over 50 years of experience in nature conservation, WWF is in a position to motivate and enable young people to get involved in conservation-related work. 

This project seeks to provide volunteers with the opportunity to gain experience and insight into the world of conservation. It also contributes to creating the next generation of conservation and environment leaders around the world. It aims to help raise awareness of the needs for conservation among new generations, ensure the passing-on of invaluable knowledge and skills, influence peers and actively engage in contributing to a sustainable future.

Cai Nebe was one of the volunteers that spent six months in Mongolia as a communications intern at WWF-Mongolia (Altai-Sayan field office). Watch this video about his daily life there and his experience as a volunteer.