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Letter from Oak’s President: a call to rise up for the oceans

Oak Foundation / Foundation

Photo by Frank Mckenna on Unsplash

Dear partners,

Today, I’m writing about oceans. The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated just how intricately bound human life is with our natural world and how acting together in solidarity can yield results. Oceans cover more than 70 per cent of our earth’s surface, drive the water cycle that dominates our land and atmosphere, and regulate our climate. Our oceans are a source for food, livelihood, enjoyment, inspiration, and way of life for billions of people.  

But our oceans are also in crisis.

Oak Foundation has joined with Oceano Azul Foundation, Ocean Unite, fisherfolk, Indigenous peoples, and hundreds of organisations and foundations from around the world in RISE UP – A Blue Call to Action to help raise the level of ambition needed to halt the crisis faced by our oceans. The Blue Call establishes a clear priority agenda and invites key decision-makers and stakeholders to act on behalf of our oceans and the communities that depend on them the most. The issues are of high relevance from a climate, marine, governance, human rights, and livelihood standpoint.

Oceans are a part of all of us. This is why I am writing to invite all of our partners to join Rise Up – A Blue Call to Action by signing on to the campaign here. After doing so, please encourage others within your networks to sign on. Approximately 300 organisations have already joined; let’s reach 1,000 from every corner of the earth!

We leave you with this inspirational video narrated by Sylvia Earle. I thank all of you for what you do to make the world a safer, fairer, and more sustainable place to live.

Rise Up for your communities and our planet!

Doug Griffiths

Oak Foundation President