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Review of Oak Foundation’s learning on child safeguarding

Child Safeguarding / Policy

In 2013, Oak developed a Child Safeguarding Policy, stemming from its commitment to help build a world where every child is protected from all forms of abuse. To this end, Oak established an internal focal group in 2015 to monitor its safeguarding progress. Since then, Oak has supported over 300 grantees across seven programmes to develop child safeguarding measures, initially with the help of one external safeguarding service provider and now through another five.

In 2018, Oak appointed full-time staff member Steina Bjorgvinsdottir to review, develop, scale up and manage this work. At the end of 2019, Oak commissioned an external learning review to take stock of its work to date in child safeguarding and develop a clear evidence-based pathway for moving forward. This document is a summary of the outcomes presented in the safeguarding learning review report.

You can read the document here.