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Finding the player within

Special Interest Programme / Partner story

Photo by TJ Dragotta on Unsplash 

Miles is a minute older than his twin brother, and the two of them share a love for playing basketball. They live in North Carolina. The difference between the twins is that Miles uses a wheelchair. Thanks to Bridge II Sports (BIIS), the two brothers can play basketball together. BIIS creates opportunities for youth, adults, and veterans with physical disabilities to ‘Find The Player Within’ through the power of adapted sports.  

For Miles and his family, BIIS is one of the best things to have ever  happened to them. Miles expressed that because of BIIS, “I was able to find something that I am prideful in”. It took the comparison away and reminded him that he is worth it.  

BIIS helps people with physical disabilities discover and build their confidence and self-esteem through sports by providing equipment, coaching, team coordination and play space so people of all ages and abilities can participate in team and individual sports. Bridge II Sports is supported through our Special Interest Programme, which you can find more about here.  

Watch the video to hear more about Miles’ story.