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Educating all learners

Learning Differences Programme / Partner story

Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash

School closures and remote learning due to the current pandemic have presented challenges to families and educators, especially for students with learning differences. In addition, virtual learning can exacerbate the disparities imposed by race and class for the 1 in 13 students in the US who have learning differences.

In spring 2020, an alliance of national US-based education organisations – led by the National Center on Special Education in Charter Schools, the National Center on Learning Disabilities and many other Oak partners – came together to ensure equity for all learners through the Educating All Learners Alliance.

The alliance is committed to sharing resources and building communities which support the needs of students with learning differences during the Covid-19 pandemic. Its resource library provides a hub of curated tools, strategies, tips, and best practices to support students with disabilities online, and hosts office hours and webinars from top experts in special education and equitable learning.

Alongside the help of our partners, Oak’s Learning Differences Programme aims to promote, support and build systems that unlock the potential of all students, particularly those with learning differences or those who face additional adversity in school due to race, income, language, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or religion. Read more about our strategy here.