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Our Team

Oak Foundation is governed by a six-member Board of Trustees that includes: Natalie Shipton (Chair), Kristian Parker (Vice Chair), Caroline Turner (Vice Chair), Christopher Parker, Sebastian Turner, Jette Parker and Alan Parker.

An Advisory Panel also supports the Foundation’s work on a range of grant-making issues. Current members are Douglas Griffiths (President of Oak Foundation), Barbara Rothschild, Julie Sandorf and Susan Tierney.

Our working environment is diverse, inclusive and engaging. Our team of approximately 80 staff members has a mix of expertise and experience in philanthropy and other sectors including: not-for-profits, finance, development, government, media, law and academia, among others. Together we represent over 20 nationalities.

Our main administrative office is located in Geneva, Switzerland. We also have offices in Denmark, India, the United Kingdom, the United States and Zimbabwe.

Meet our team members

We respect both the privacy of our partners and our staff. Below represents a selection of team members across our foundation, including the directors of programmes.

Adrian Arena


International Human Rights

Adrian started the International Human Rights Programme on joining Oak Foundation in February 2003. In its first year of operation, the programme had an annual budget of USD 2 million and largely focussed on supporting international NGOs. Since then, it has expanded to a programme with six staff and an annual budget of around USD 30 million, operating in diverse geographies with both local and international organisations.

Adriana Craciun

Senior Adviser for Capacity Building and Organisational Development

Adriana leads Oak’s organisational development and capacity building work, which she established after joining Oak in 2013. She advises and helps grantees with their organisational strengthening journeys, recognising that strong organisations enhance the effectiveness and impact of both the foundation and our partners. Capacity building is an essential part of Oak’s support to our partners, with approximately 15% of the annual budget invested in this area of work.

Anne S. Henshaw PhD

Programme Officer


Anne joined Oak Foundation in 2007 as a programme officer for the Environment Programme. In her role, she oversees grant portfolios in the food systems sub-programme, with a focus on fisheries, and leads the foundation’s work on climate justice.

Brigette De Lay


Prevent Child Sexual Abuse
Brigette joined Oak Foundation in 2012 as a programme officer for the Prevent Child Sexual Abuse Programme. She currently holds the position of director, overseeing 9 staff in two locations and a multi-million dollar budget. The programme is currently one of the biggest of its kind. It is dedicated to supporting courageous leaders and survivors around the world working to end child sexual abuse in our lifetime.

Cheryl Chang

Chief of Staff

President's Office

Cheryl joined Oak Foundation as Chief of Staff in 2019. In this role, she supports the president, coordinates organisational strategy and planning, and serves as a liaison between various foundation functions.

Chris Gee

Campaigns Lead


Chris is campaigns lead for the Environment Programme. He works across both energy and food, with a focus on single use plastics reduction and tackling food injustices across Europe  especially via healthy, sustainable and just food environments. He joined the Oak Foundation in late 2019 after leading international campaigns with NGOs and politics. See Chris profile on LinkedIn.



Douglas Griffiths


President's Office

Doug joined Oak Foundation in January 2019. In his role as President, he is thrilled to knit together his professional experiences advocating for human rights, humanitarian relief, social development and environmental protection. The president’s office includes a team of six that work to ensure that we have: robust monitoring, evaluation and learning systems; efficient communication practices; and a strong foundation working to achieve our mission.

Esther Nørregård-Nielsen


Oak Foundation Denmark

Esther joined the Oak Foundation Denmark programme in 2007. The programme currently has an average grant-making budget of USD 6 million and has two staff. The Oak Foundation Denmark Programme supports innovative solutions to improve the lives of socially vulnerable and marginalised groups at the community level. As well as supporting not-for-profit organisations in Denmark, it also support organisations in Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Géraldine Limborg

Head of Finance


Géraldine joined Oak Foundation in 2021 as Head of Finance. She is responsible for leading Oak’s global finance function which includes managing budgeting, planning, reporting, compliance, tax filings and audits for the Foundation. She oversees all aspects of financial due diligence of grants.

Greg Mayne

Programme Officer

International Human Rights

Greg joined Oak Foundation in 2009 as a consultant and has been a programme officer in the International Human Rights Programme since 2011. He works across the entire human rights portfolio, with a particular focus on the strategic grant-making priority areas of pre-trial detention and torture, corporate accountability and the countries of Brazil and India.

Heather Graham


Learning Differences

Heather joined Oak Foundation as the director of the Learning Differences Programme in December 2017. The programme has an average grant-making budget of USD 30 million in 2022 and has five staff.  The programme envisions a world in which schools unlock the creativity and power of every young person and equip each one to shape more just and equitable communities.

Helena Duch

Head of the Solutions sub-programme, Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

Helena joined Oak Foundation in 2017 as a programme officer for the Prevent Child Sexual Abuse Programme. She currently holds the position of Head of the Solutions sub-programme. The Solutions team focuses on building the evidence base on what works to prevent child sexual abuse and ensuring that solutions are widely implemented and impactful. The solutions team is funding predominantly in East and Southern Africa, as well as Europe. The Prevent Child Sexual Abuse programme has an annual budget of USD 45 million per year.

Katharina Samara-Wickrama


Issues Affecting Women

Katharina joined Oak Foundation in 2013 as a programme officer for the Issues Affecting Women Programme. She currently holds the position of director. The programme has an average grant-making budget of USD 32 million and has six staff. The programme envisions a world where women have the rights, capacity and opportunity to live their lives free from violence and enjoy their full and equal human rights.

Masego Madzwamuse



Masego joined Oak Foundation as the director of the Environment Programme in 2021. The programme has an average grant-making budget of USD 70 million and has thirteen staff.  The programme seeks to safeguard our future by restoring our connection to nature, and help change the ways we feed and fuel our world. 

Medina Haeri

Programme Officer

Issues Affecting Women

Medina joined Oak Foundation in 2010 as a programme associate for the Issues Affecting Women Programme. She was promoted to programme officer in 2015. In this role, Medina works with partners around the world who are focused specifically on ending trafficking and exploitation and advancing women’s rights movement building.

Nathalie Gachet

Office Logistics Coordinator - Receptionist

Nathalie joined Oak Foundation in 2004 as the administrative assistant to administration before joining the Child Sexual Abuse Programme in 2007. In 2012 she transitioned to her current role within the administration department as office logistics coordinator and receptionist. She is the main contact for travel arrangements, hotel bookings and catering for all meetings in Geneva and she performs a wide range of administrative tasks.

Nevin Öztop

Programme Officer

Issues Affecting Women

Nevin joined Oak Foundation in 2018 as a programme associate for the Issues Affecting Women Programme. She was promoted to programme officer in 2021. In her role, she manages grant-making in Brazil and the women’s funds sector, in addition to leading the programme’s Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation, and Communications.

Rachel Quick


Special Interest

Rachel joined Oak Foundation as the director of the Special Interest Programme in 2014. The programme has an average grant-making budget of over USD 60 million and has six staff. Special Interest grants cover a wide range of fields, including health, humanitarian relief, education and the arts. They are made to organisations whose activities the Trustees wish to support, irrespective of country or region.

Raji Hunjan


Housing and Homelessness

Raji joined Oak Foundation in 2020 as the director of the Housing and Homelessness Programme. The programme has an average grant-making budget of USD 30 million and has six staff. It partners with organisations working both nationally and locally in Boston, New York and Philadelphia in the United States and in London, Belfast, South Wales, Glasgow and Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

Vinit Rishi



Vinit joined Oak Foundation in 2006 as director of Administration. Vinit currently holds the positions of Director of Administration, Foundation Secretary and Director of the India Programme at Oak Foundation. Vinit leads the teams responsible for Finance, Grants Administration, Information Technology, Human Resources, and Organisational Development & Capacity Building and oversees real estate and facilities. He also manages the India Programme, focussing on supporting acutely marginalised populations living in the tea gardens of North Bengal and in the Sundarbans.

Virginia Ruan

Head of communications


Virginia joined Oak Foundation as a communications officer in 2011. Her current position is head of communications. In this role, she works in collaboration with staff, Trustees and partners to develop communication strategies that support internal and external goals. She is the main media contact for the Foundation. There are also two other full-time staff members in the communications team (Rachel McKee and Mia Moore).