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The power of communications and media for the environment

Environment Programme / Blog

Photo: © Anne Henshaw / Oak Foundation

Different forms of communications, whether strategic in nature or building the capacity of Oak’s partners to tell compelling stories about their work, are integral to bringing about lasting social and environmental change. In the context of the Climate Justice Resilience Fund (CJRF), director Heather McGray is experimenting with several different forms of communications to focus on solutions to coping with the devastating impacts of climate change.

For the CJRF, one form of communication vital to sharing solutions is support of local journalists and their coverage of climate change both in terms of what is happening on the ground, as well as covering international policy fora like the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. To find out more about the investments made by the CJRF in climate journalism read the recent article “Harnessing the Power of Media for Real Change” published in the periodical Global Geneva.

Excerpt from article:

“With the rising impact of climate change, ranging from flash floods, landslides and ocean surges, coupled with the urgent need to implement more effective – and long-term – disaster risk reduction approaches, credible journalist initiatives are increasingly playing a crucial role of informing the public.”

Written by Anne Henshaw, programme officer, marine sub-Programme, Environment Programme