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Strategic communications: creating tangible social change

Partner story

Advancing social justice is what we all do, right? Wow, what a task! And, what are the most efficient ways to do that in environments as complex as those we live in today?

We were intrigued to find out how some of the partners of Oak’s Housing and Homelessness Programme (HHP) used strategic communications campaigns to advance social justice in the housing and homelessness sector on both sides of the Atlantic – in the UK and the US. Their great work achieved astounding and far-reaching results – bringing about tangible changes in law or policy that are impacting hugely on the lives of those who are less advantaged.

We interviewed several of our HHP partners. Two of them: Liz Hersh and Matt Downie are featured in the videos below. The work of their organisations has created changes which have benefited homeless people and people in danger of losing their homes, and has helped vastly improve the quality and availability of low-income housing. Their work has led directly to social change, which is profoundly changing the lives of many for the better.

Doesn’t it all sound incredible?! And, what do you think, is their work replicable? Could the same tactics be used to encourage social movements all around the world in other sectors? Please let us know what you think – we would love to hear back from you! Please email us at