Mobility: Brazil


6 June 2019

Photo: © Virginia Ruan / Oak Foundation

Oak’s Brazil Programme supports organisations that promote a people-centred vision for transport in Recife, Brazil. It supports projects and research that demonstrate the positive impact of citizen participation in transportation. 

Fundo ELAS works to integrate a gender perspective into ongoing discussions in Brazil around mobility. Through hosting a series of convening and dialogue sessions, ELAS has built bridges between women’s rights organisations and groups working on mobility. 

“One of our convenings included a debate with women in Recife on topics including: sexual harassment on public transportation; violence in public spaces; racism and human rights violations in favelas; and limited public transportation for domestic workers,” says Amalia Fischer, general coordinator for ELAS. “Through these convenings we have learned that addressing mobility and gender will help many people.” 

This grant falls under Oak’s Brazil Programme strategy which works with organisations that promote a people-centred vision for transport through community involvement in policy design.

To learn more about the work done in Brazil, including projects with cross-programme initiative work, read pages 62-66 of Oak’s 2017 Annual Report.

Source: Oak Foundation Annual Report 2017

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