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Healthy air, healthy planet

Environment Programme / Partner story

Photo by Allison Louise on Unsplash 

This year’s theme for the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies is “healthy air, healthy planet”. If we work together to tackle air pollution, we can create a fairer, healthier, more prosperous future for everyone. The Clean Air Fund was created to help make this happen, it is a global philanthropic organisation that brings together private and corporate funders  ̶  from climate and health to equity and child development  ̶  to create a future where everyone breathes clean air.  

To mark this special day, it released a report on the State of Global Air Quality Funding as a timely reminder that much more can be done to tackle this issue. The report provides the only global snapshot of projects tackling air pollution by donor governments and philanthropic organisations. It identifies gaps in funding and opportunities for strategic investment and collaboration to deliver clean air for all.  

“Clean air initiatives can be a secret weapon against some of the world’s most pressing challenges,” says Jane Burston, executive director and founder of the Clean Air Fund. “We can tackle climate change, save lives and fight inequality at the same time if we invest more and work together.” 

Ending the financing of fossil-fuel development and instead prioritising investment in growing clean, carbon-free economies will bring immediate benefits. We believe that it will save many lives, improve human and ecological health and wellbeing, and bringing greater prosperity for all. A world with clean air for all, is a world in which everyone gets a better chance to flourish. Be sure to read its report here.  

This grant falls under our Environment Programme, which supports and assists initiatives that are critical to creating zero-carbon cities to improve air quality. Our partners work alongside local community groups to transform cities into places where innovation and nature can thrive. Read more about the programme strategy here.