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Welcome to our grant database which includes all current grants. You can search by oganisation name, programme, or country. The database uses horizontal scrolling/swipe functionality when used on smaller devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

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Purpose: To provide core support to the Global Strategic Communications Council (GSCC). The vision of GSCC is a world with a safe and stable climate for current and future generations. GSCC works to fostering fact-based public discourse and works to build broad support for just, inclusive, and equitable solutions to the climate crisis.
Purpose: To provide core support to the UK-based Ellen MacArthur Foundation for its global work to set the world on an irreversible path towards a circular economy for plastics by 2025. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation works to prevent climate change by curbing emissions and supporting global leadership on climate solutions.
Purpose: To support Our Common Home in its first two years of work to tackle polarisation in Brazil and to depolarise public perceptions on the food and agriculture transition in Europe. More in Common's mission is to understand the forces driving us apart, to find common ground, and help to bring people together to tackle our shared challenges.
Purpose: To provide support to the Plastic Solutions Fund (PSF), an international funders collaborative working to turn the tide on plastic pollution. PSF has a vision of a world where only truly necessary and non-toxic plastic products and packaging are produced, and even those are reused, repaired, and recycled. PSF promotes innovative collaboration among individuals and institutions, supports results-oriented grant-making, and provides a trusted platform for new philanthropic investment in pursuit of this vision.
Purpose: To support global efforts to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels while accelerating the transition to a cleaner, fairer, and safer future for us all. OCI is a research, communications, and advocacy organisation focused on facilitating the ongoing transition to clean energy.
Purpose: To support the Urban Movement Innovation Fund (UMIF) to resource and strengthen the youth climate movements. UMIF supports climate movements and strengthens the movement infrastructure for maximum movement impact.
Purpose: To provide core support to Union of Justice, a European, independent organisation led by people of colour dedicated to racial and climate justice. This grant will support the organisation during its start-up phase, including for planning, administrative, fundraising, and communications teams, to ensure its future sustainability and expansion.
Purpose: To promote transition finance mechanisms and tools to achieve clean and equitable energy transformation.Give2Asia is an international not-for-profit organization that connects corporates, foundations, and individuals with charitable projects and social enterprises across Asia.
Purpose: To improve the livelihoods of people in rural low-income households in China, and enhance energy security through innovative and climate-sound renewable solutions. The Energy Foundation in China aims to achieve prosperity and a safe climate through sustainable energy.
Purpose: To foster system-wide change in China through strengthened public and corporate accountability. Give2Asia is an international not-for-profit organisation that connects corporations, foundations, and individuals with charitable projects and social enterprises across Asia.
Purpose: To help encourage the fair and clean development of rural counties in China, and support inclusive green transition in two counties in Shanxi. NRDC helps safeguard the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the places we treasure. It has been leading its green transition Strategy in Shanxi Province since 2017.
Purpose: To deploy clean energy at scale in rural China and promote an equitable, just energy transition. RMI is an independent, nonprofit organization of experts working to transform the global energy system to secure a clean, prosperous, zero-carbon future for all.
Purpose: To support the development of a robust ecosystem of electric mobility in India. ISEF works towards building a resilient and sustainable global energy future by supporting design and implementation of policies across sectors.
Purpose: To provide core support to Engajamundo, a youth-led organisation in Brazil which promotes youth participation across socio-environmental issues. Engajamundo was created by young people who believe they are a key part of the solution to face the greatest social and environmental challenges of Brazil and the world.
Purpose: To help strengthen community-led conservation efforts in Latin America. This will be achieved in part by helping increase the use of locally managed marine areas in the region in efforts to ensure food security and climate adaptation among coastal communities and fisherfolk. AIDA uses the law and science to protect the environment and communities suffering from environmental harm, primarily in Latin America.
Purpose: To accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to clean power investments worldwide. The Carbon Tracker Initiative is an independent financial think tank that carries out in-depth analysis on the impact of the energy transition on capital markets, and the potential investment in high-cost, carbon-intensive fossil fuels.
Purpose: To support ocean protection, environmental justice, and capacity building for environmental defenders in the Global South. Environmental Justice Foundation campaigns for fisheries transparency and greater protection for marine biodiversity and coastal communities. It does this by combining investigations, grassroots partnerships, and high-level advocacy.
Purpose: To support and grow a community of biodiversity grant-makers that have complementary and collaborative goals. Biodiversity Funders Group envisions a just, healthy, and sustainable future for all life on Earth supported by an effective philanthropic sector.
Purpose: To support Greenpeace to investigate unsustainable fishing in Asia and the US, and address human rights abuses being carried out by distant water fishing fleets. This will be achieved by helping strengthen workers prone to human rights violations in the industry, and through research, investigation, litigation, and joint-public campaign work. Greenpeace works to ensure the earth nurtures life in all its diversity.
Purpose: To design and deliver services that support marine tenure security for small-holders, Indigenous Peoples, and coastal communities. Improved tenure security and agency will support human rights, the right to food, equitable flows of marine goods and services, and more effective environmental stewardship. The Meridian Institute provides guidance for the inclusive and effective delivery of this objective, and other actions that address our world's complex challenges.
Purpose: To empower grassroots small-scale fishing (SSF) organisations to develop local and international advocacy campaigns. Movilizatorio will provide support to the SSF network. It is hoped that this will lead to better governance of small-scale fisheries.
Purpose: To provide support to the Energy Transition Fund to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to clean power investments worldwide.
Purpose: To ban factory farming in Switzerland, and raise the minimum welfare standards to those currently required in organic farming. The activities of Sentience Politics include political campaigns, such as ballot initiatives for sustainable food, fundamental rights for primates, and a ban on factory farming.
Purpose: To help establish a community-owned and run conservation area in the Ombonde Peoples Park in northwest Namibia. IRDNC is supporting the communities to achieve this by hiring local people for management positions to run the conservation area.
Purpose: To help support the agency of historically marginalised constituencies in South Africa to shape natural heritage practices, policies, and laws. This will be achieved by: promoting practices that safeguard natural heritage; empowering affected communities; and defining a new balance between nature and people. Rhizome Insights will work to deliver a secure information ecosystem, investigative support, and informed analysis in order to support the environmental not-for-profit sector in South Africa.
Purpose: To support bipartisan political collaboration in southern Africa, the US, and the UK to help advance conservation governance and resource allocation. The ICCF works with the leadership of the bipartisan US Congressional International Conservation Caucus to educate policymakers on issues that increase the effectiveness of government support for international conservation projects.
Purpose: To provide support to Mozambique Wildlife Association, a local organisation that works to manage and protect wildlife in Mozambique.
Purpose: To support the partnership of AFEF and the India Climate Collaborative to help achieve India’s net-zero emissions target in a way that is inclusive, equitable, and just for all. AFEF is a not-for-profit organisation that invests in programmes that provide solutions to deep-rooted social inequalities, and builds the capacities of grassroots organisations in India that work towards that goal.
Purpose: To support the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust in Southern Africa to ensure that natural ecosystems across Southern African are managed well and sustained. The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust provides epidemiology and forensics lab work in support of the KAZA Transfrontier Conservation Area. This is an area nearly twice as large as the United Kingdom that has a great diversity of ecosystems and landscapes, that lies in the Kavango and Zambezi river basins where Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe converge.
Purpose: To provide core support to the Wildlife Justice Commission, which will continue its efforts to investigate wildlife trafficking syndicates globally and improve conservation efforts. The Wildlife Justice Commission is an international foundation set up in 2015, and with headquarters in the Hague, the Netherlands.
Purpose: To support China's policy changes to reduce plastic and implement circular economy models. This will be achieved through support to Give2Asia’s sub-grantees in China, which will work on separate, yet mutually reinforcing, components of the Plastics Free China strategy.
Purpose: To support the Global Recovery Collective to promote a green, fair, and healthy recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic globally. This grant will also support the Global Citizens´ Assembly on climate change ahead of the UN climate conference (COP26). The Global Recovery Collective is a campaign of the Climate Emergency Collaboration Group, a fiscally sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.
Purpose: To support global greenhouse gas reductions and China’s climate mitigation ambition through the application of climate finance tools. New Energy Nexus’ mission is to accelerate clean energy development by providing technical expertise and social innovation.
Purpose: To encourage supermarkets and food companies to actively commit to and promote fair working conditions and women’s rights in their global seafood supply chains. This will be achieved by helping to build more transparency and accountability in labour practices in Southeast Asia. The entire supply chain, from migrant workers on fishing vessels to the women involved in handling the fish once they’ve been caught will be supported. Oxfam's goal is to bring about a kind of change that will allow people to participate and enjoy the rightful benefits of Asia’s economic growth sustainably.
Purpose: To support Oceans 5 to secure practical and affordable solutions from governments to stop overfishing, establish protected areas, and constrain offshore oil and gas development. Oceans 5 is an international funders’ regranting platform that supports measurable, policy-oriented projects from coalitions of organisations, of which many are in regions underserved by marine philanthropy.
Purpose: To help transform global tuna supply chains so they contribute more to sustainable development. IPNLF promotes the sustainable and equitable management of the world’s tuna fisheries while also recognising the importance of safeguarding the livelihoods they support.
Purpose: To provide support to Oceans North Kalaallit Nunaat – the first conservation organisation created and developed by native Greenlandic people in Greenland. The organisation seeks to: promote and actively work towards sustainable fisheries; advance the final protection of Pikialasorsuaq – an Inuit-led conservation area; and build Greenlandic capacity for ocean conservation and sustainable development.
Purpose: To support civil society to establish a Healthy Food Healthy Planet initiative for healthy, sustainable, and just food environments in Europe. ClimateWorks works to help contribute to the emissions reductions necessary to limit global warming to well below 2°C and to prevent damage that will be caused by more extreme global warming.
Purpose: To provide core support to Eating Better, which works to encourage the consumption of more plants and ‘less and better’ quality meat in the UK. Eating Better UK aims to halve meat and dairy consumption in the UK by 2030, and to create a fairer, healthier, and more sustainable food system, which is better for us, for nature, and for the planet.
Purpose: To provide core support to AEEE. AEEE contributes to meeting India’s goals on energy security, clean energy, and climate change.
Purpose: To support the Fund for Climate and Energy in India to facilitate transition towards domestic climate goals. ISEF works towards building a resilient and sustainable global energy future by informing design and implementation of policies across sectors.
Purpose: To support Réseau Action Climat in its work to scale up activities of its network to foster the transition towards healthy and sustainable food systems. The Climate Action Network France brings together associations involved in the fight against climate change and for an ecological, united and fair transition.
Purpose: To respond to youth homelessness in the United States, with a particular focus on Black youth and the LGBTQI community. This will be done by placing power in the hands of youth through direct cash transfers. Point Source Youth is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to ending youth homelessness in 50 cities and towns across the United States in 10 years.
Purpose: To provide support to volunteer attorneys giving legal representation to low-income people in Philadelphia, the US. Philadelphia VIP leverages community resources to provide quality, volunteer legal services, and ensure access to justice for low-income Philadelphians.
Purpose: To help ensure that homeless families and single people in the UK spend as little time in temporary accommodation as possible. This will be achieved by empowering those with lived experience to drive the agenda, produce research evidence, and pilot innovative solutions to advocate for systemic change. Justlife works to reduce and improve the use of temporary accommodation, working in partnership with those they support.
Purpose: To support Legacy West Midlands to develop housing for people experiencing homelessness. Legacy West Midlands is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) at the heart of the Handsworth & Lozells community in Birmingham, UK. It offers a range of services in response to need and aspiration.
Purpose: To support Just for Kids Law, in London, the UK, to build on the strengths of young people to advocate for improved housing and homelessness services. Young people will be supported to prevent homelessness, and together with legal representation, to challenge public organisations to provide services. In addition, a regranting initiative will target grassroots organisations to support the project. Just for Kids Law provides holistic support to young people, amplifies their voices within a rights framework, and prevents homelessness.
Purpose: To strengthen the support, connections, and influence of Londoners living in temporary accommodation with the goal of ensuring stays in temporary accommodation are as short, safe, and healthy as possible. Such accommodation is often overcrowded and in a poor state of repair, and the people living there can be isolated. The project will build the capacity of not-for-profit organisations and strengthen advocacy initiatives with people who have lived experience. Trust for London is a charitable grant-making foundation that aims to reduce poverty and inequality in London.
Purpose: To provide core support to the NFHA to carry out advocacy, grassroots organising, and public education to create equitable housing policies in the United States. This will be achieved by eliminating the technology bias, closing racial, wealth, and homeownership gaps, and countering existing racist policies that perpetuate housing instability. NFHA works to eliminate housing discrimination and to ensure equal housing opportunity for all people through leadership, education, outreach, membership services, public policy initiatives, community development, advocacy, and enforcement.
Purpose: To increase the supply of high-quality, climate friendly, social housing in Belfast, Northern Ireland in the areas of greatest need by developing under-utilised public land. It is hoped that this can be replicated across the region. PPR supports marginalised people to assert their rights in practical ways, and make real social and economic change in their communities.
Purpose: To enable SOSCH to expand its community-led housing model across the wider south of Scotland region. SOSCH works to help people on local incomes find suitable housing and to enhance the resilience and sustainability of communities.
Purpose: To support African Communities Together to build on its successful efforts to organise African immigrant tenants in Northern Virginia. This grant will also support tenant organising in New York and Philadelphia. African Communities Together will advance safe housing, and work to challenge displacement through organising and leadership development, policy advocacy, and research.
Purpose: To examine success rates for families in the US seeking rental housing with a Housing Choice Voucher to identify areas for improvement. The Housing Choice Voucher programme is federally funded and provides rental assistance to 2.3 million households every year. It is aimed at those on the lowest incomes. The New York University Furman Center was established in 1995 and advances research on housing, neighbourhoods, and urban policy.
Purpose: To support migrant women in the UK who are at risk of homelessness or in unsafe accommodation to gain access to and maintain suitable housing. Hibiscus Initiatives provides services in the community (e.g., at women's prisons and Immigration Removal Centres) in the UK.
Purpose: To produce a documentary film about the solutions to homelessness, followed by a social impact campaign across US. The Massachusetts Housing & Shelter Alliance is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to ending homelessness in Massachusetts.
Purpose: To develop a collaborative network that will organise, advocate for, and provide legal expertise to people facing housing inequality in Greater Manchester and across the UK. The Greater Manchester Law Centre is working to develop and build structures that strengthen the power and connectivity of communities most affected by housing inequality. This will enable communities to use collective and legal action to demand their housing rights and influence housing policy through campaigning, based on their own lived experience.
Purpose: To help develop the infrastructure of the newly formed Philadelphia Community Land Trust (CLT) in Philadelphia, the US. CLTs are democratic, not-for-profit organisations that own and develop land for the benefit of the community. This helps ensure permanent affordability as neighbourhoods change. Heritage Community Development Corporation, a community-based not-for-profit organisation, is the fiscal sponsor for this planning grant. Heritage CDC works to raise the quality of life and housing in Philadelphia through community problem solving, planning and programming, policy advocacy, urban forestry education and expansion.
Purpose: To support low-income tenants in securing safe, healthy, and affordable housing in the neighbourhoods of their choice in the United States. The Public Interest Law Center will use litigation, organising, advocacy, and community education to support people.
Purpose: To establish a volunteer programme in Philadelphia, US to enable PLSE to help speed up the process of pardons for people leaving prisons to have a better chance at life. For more than 200,000 low-income Philadelphians, criminal records are being used mistakenly to deprive them of jobs, housing, credit, and other opportunities for which they are qualified. PLSE works to provide the full range of legal aid for people struggling with poverty, abuse, and discrimination.
Purpose: To build the capacity of tenant organising efforts across the US and to allow HouseUS to grow its campaign work to support policy change that favours tenants at the federal level. The Amalgamated Charitable Foundation is the fiscal sponsor of HouseUS. Its mission is to redefine philanthropy by empowering activism, harnessing generosity, and leveraging technology.
Purpose: To provide core support to Advice for Renters, which gives housing prevention advice and supports people to gain better access to health services and welfare benefits. Advice for Renters is a small not-for-profit organisation that supports people in housing difficulty and campaigns for better housing conditions.
Purpose: To help prevent homelessness among LGBTQI youth in the UK. Funding will enable akt to continue providing support while developing programmes to meet new strategic priorities over the next five years. Programmes focus on providing more pathways into safe housing for young LGBTQI people, with a focus on reaching the most marginalised and influencing societal change.
Purpose: To support WCRP to win more resources and better policies for affordable housing, and build the leadership and power of women in Philadelphia. WCRP develops affordable housing, provides supportive services, and advocates for policy change in Philadelphia, the US.
Purpose: To support New York City public housing residents as they navigate and advocate for their housing rights and long-term viability of public housing in New York City. This support is particularly needed as the New York City Housing Authority is actively proposing moving away from its ownership structure and traditional public housing funding streams. TakeRoot Justice provides legal, participatory research, and policy support to strengthen the work of grassroots and community-based groups in New York City.
Purpose: To house 700 families, including 1,000 students, in the next five years in Boston, the US. This will be done through a homelessness prevention project building on a current partnership with Boston public schools, three non-profit partners and two other city agencies, initially expanded to 20 schools and more schools in the later years. Higher Ground engages communities, organisations, and individuals to promote life-long community empowerment, leading to measurable results.
Purpose: To provide core support to CAAAV, which works to build grassroots community power across diverse poor and working-class Asian immigrant communities in New York City. CAAAV works to develop the leadership of working-class Asian immigrants to make a significant intervention in the gentrification of NYC, by building the power of communities in Chinatown and Astoria.
Purpose: To provide tenancy rights services for people living in the private rented sector in the UK. This will be achieved by: publishing national evidence to expose the extent of illegal evictions and landlord criminality; and campaigning for renter protection and improvements to regulatory enforcement. Cambridge House is social justice organisation that was founded in 1889.
Purpose: To build a growing movement for comprehensive immigration reform in the UK so that migrants' rights are protected and respected, including the right to access safe housing. This will be achieved by scaling up JCWI's nationwide and regional advocacy and campaigning efforts.
Purpose: To provide core support to increase fundraising efforts, strengthen strategic partnerships, and improve internal systems, policies, and efficiency. Lewisham Refugee and Migrants Network exists to empower people and families who are homeless, destitute, or have No Recourse to Public Funds in the United Kingdom.
Purpose: To secure justice in the New York City's housing courts, protect affordable housing, and prevent displacement. The Right to Counsel NYC Coalition is a broad-based coalition made up of tenants, organisers, advocates, legal services organisations, and more.
Purpose: To support diverse communities in the Greater Govan area in Glasgow, Scotland, as well as refugees and people seeking asylum throughout the city. Govan Community Project is a community-based organisation working in south-west Glasgow. Its mission is to achieve social justice by working in solidarity with people seeking asylum and refugees, to build community and support people to flourish.
Purpose: To support the Ethnic Minorities and Youth Support Team in Wales to develop housing-focused initiatives to address race inequality. This will be through case-work support to communities impacted by racial injustice, focusing on homelessness prevention and housing rights, and linking this to housing advocacy and influencing work. The Ethnic Minorities and Youth Support Team supports and empowers people and families of all ages, including refugees and asylum-seekers, to improve community cohesion.
Purpose: To support Roma migrants at risk of or experiencing homelessness in the UK to access and maintain sustainable housing. The Roma Support Group also works to influence public policy, strategies, and practice in response to Roma housing needs. Roma Support Group, the first Roma-led charity in the UK, was established in 1998 by Roma asylum seekers and they aim to empower the Roma community to realise their rights.
Purpose: To support NACCOM's policy, campaigns, and community research programme, which is led by volunteers with lived experience of asylum, immigration control, and destitution. NACCOM will help improve representation and support for members and people with lived experience of homelessness in both policy and practice. NACCOM is a UK membership organisation that exists to prevent or relieve poverty and homelessness among refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants with no recourse to public funds and to advance the education of the public in general on the subject of asylum.
Purpose: To provide core support to Positive Action in Housing to strengthen its capacity to support children, women, and men from refugee and migrant communities in Scotland. Positive Action in Housing is an independent, anti-racist, homelessness and human rights charity that believes in a society where everyone has the right to live safe and dignified lives, free from poverty, homelessness, or inequality.
Purpose: To provide core support to the Museum of Homelessness in London, the UK. The Museum campaigns for change and works to influence policymakers and the homelessness field to improve policy and practice. It works to fight injustice and tackle inequality by changing perceptions on homelessness through unforgettable, high quality artistic events, exhibitions, and content.
Purpose: To bring about individual, community, and systemic change by developing Union Chapel's homelessness, community, and social justice programmes in London, the UK. The Union Chapel project was founded in 1991. It functions as a pioneering arts venue and supports the local community in championing social justice issues.
Purpose: To help advance housing policy and advocacy work in Philadelphia, to identify and address barriers to success for small BIPOC Community Development Corporations, and diversify income sources. The Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations provides advocacy, policy development, and technical assistance to foster strong communities by enhancing people’s skills and advocating for resources and policies to create a just and inclusive Philadelphia.
Purpose: To provide support to MHAction which has built multi-racial, predominantly women-led leadership teams in mobile home parks in rural areas and small cities across the United States. MHAction is a membership organisation of seniors and families that engages local, state and national elected officials to enact policies that protect and strengthen the affordability of manufactured home communities.
Purpose: To provide support to the Frontline Network, which enables workers that have direct contact with homeless people access training and support to enhance their effectiveness and wellbeing. The network also focuses on advocacy throughout the UK, to reduce homelessness and develop innovative new projects. The project is coordinated by the Vicar’s Relief Fund, which provides small grants to organisations that support people to access or secure their housing.
Purpose: To provide core funding to Advocacy Institute, which works to strengthen New York’s social justice ecosystem by supporting advocates to win transformative legislative reforms. AI works with underrepresented groups throughout New York City & State, such as communities of colour, immigrants, low-income people and members of the LGBTQI community, and provides them with tools to fight for policy change more effectively. AI also supports social justice organisations to build the advocacy skills, knowledge, and power they need to shape government policy for a more just and equitable New York.
Purpose: To improve the refuge experience and increase the long term housing pathways for Black and minoritised women. The grant is to the OYA Consortium is a UK membership organisation comprised of groups ‘by and for’ Black and minoritised women working to end violence against women and girls. The grant is held on their behalf by IMKAAN.
Purpose: To support the Housing and Homelessness Programme’s UK-based grantee partners to build organisation-wide strategies based on frameworks that consider people’s lived experiences of homelessness to bring about social change. The Sheila McKechnie Foundation collaborates with the community to explore change, deepen understanding, generate insights, and create tools to help others.
Purpose: To work collaboratively with partners in Massachusetts to advocate for more racially and economically just housing policies. This grant will also increase the capacity of Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center (MassBudget) to provide housing-specific research and analysis of the state budget. MassBudget produces non-partisan research to improve the lives of those on lower incomes and strengthen Massachusetts’s economy. It focuses on government transparency and ensuring engagement with historically disenfranchised communities.
Purpose: To support Citizens Housing and Planning Association to encourage legislation and funding that increases affordable housing opportunities across Massachusetts. The grant will also provide support for fundraising activities. The Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association is a membership organisation, which advocates for affordable housing and community development facilities across the state of Massachusetts.
Purpose: To build a collaborative pooled fund to address the intersection between racial justice and migration, popular culture, and social change in the UK. With a strong emphasis on learning, the fund will develop a comprehensive evidence base showing how the power of popular culture can help drive social change, and work to strengthen and expand field capacities. Comic Relief is a charity based in the UK, with a vision of a just world, free from poverty.
Purpose: To support the Prague Civil Society Centre's flexible grant-making and capacity building programmes. The Centre will build a vibrant and strong network of civic groups working on a broad range of issues. The Centre offers flexible funding to civil society groups and independent media to help them innovate, reach out to new communities, and boost their sustainability.
Purpose: To conduct a capacity-building programme to strengthen the international human rights movement worldwide. The programme will work with up to 50 partners annually to address issues of: sustainability; internal management; governance; solidarity; and innovative activism. The Fund for Global Human Rights identifies and invests in the world's most innovative and effective human rights activists, organisations, and movements.
Purpose: To ensure the Rohingya are at the forefront of the diplomatic and policy responses to address the root causes of the crisis in Myanmar and set out a pathway for sustainable solutions. These include: Rohingya inclusion within post-military coup democratic processes and institutions; progress towards justice and accountability; and credibly addressing the Rohingya refugee situation. Independent Diplomat is a not-for-profit advisory group in the world of diplomacy.
Purpose: To hold perpetrators of serious human rights abuses to account through conventional or innovative legal means with the aim of deterring future abuse. This will be done by providing justice and redress to those affected, and developing the international legal framework against impunity. Based in Berlin, the ECCHR works with partners around the world on international crimes and accountability and business and human rights, as well as on human rights violations at the European external borders, and runs a training programme for young lawyers.
Purpose: To pursue accountability for crimes committed during the Syrian conflict. This will be achieved by: enabling victims to participate in accountability processes; conducting research and public advocacy; and engaging with stakeholders on the transitional process in Syria. The Syrian Centre for Legal Studies and research is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that is concerned with the dissemination and establishment of principles of the Syrian people and the rebuilding of the legal structure of the Syrian state.
Purpose: To improve respect for human rights in Bulgaria. The BHC was established in 1992 as an independent not-for-profit organisation for the protection of human rights.
Purpose: To provide legal advice, information, and representation to people held in immigration detention in the UK. BID is an independent charity that provides a free bail service to detainees, including representation, legal advice, advocacy, and policy work.
Purpose: To encourage positive attitudes towards human rights through strategic communications in Brazil. This will be done by producing narratives that people can relate to and helping to increase mobilisation in defence of fundamental rights in Brazil. The Brazil Fund for Human Rights works to promote respect for human rights in Brazil by building innovative and sustainable mechanisms to channel resources to strengthen civil society organisations.
Purpose: To support the UK migration and refugee sector on communications. The IMiX communications hub works to build sustainable capacity in the sector to improve the quality and volume of media coverage. It does this with the aim of reframing the debate on migration in the UK to enable a more welcoming environment for people who make the country their home.
Purpose: To provide core support to the European Network on Statelessness (ENS), which works to address protection gaps for stateless migrants in Europe, including to prevent arbitrary detention. ENS works to strengthen the often unheard voices of stateless persons, and to advocate for their human rights. It conducts and support legal and policy development, awareness raising and capacity building.
Purpose: To expose human rights violations in migration contexts in Europe. Lighthouse Reports is a not-for-profit based in Europe that leads complex transnational investigations blending traditional journalistic methods such as freedom of information requests with emerging techniques including opensource intelligence and specialisms such as data science.
Purpose: To seek equal justice for all in India by ensuring the full respect for constitutional due process guarantees in the design and operation of the criminal justice system. Project 39A, based at the National Law University, undertakes rigorous empirical research on critical aspects of the criminal justice system, through which it engages with stakeholders on instituting reforms.
Purpose: To enable the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM) to support and strengthen civil society organisations active on migration and integration issues at the European level. Through grant-making, capacity-building, and convening, EPIM seeks to: uphold European commitments to human rights and social justice, ensuring the dignity of all people in the EU; promote principled, pragmatic approaches to EU-level and national policies, including in relation to the use of immigration detention; and influence EU policies and their national implementation.
Purpose: To advocate for diplomatic and financial efforts by the US to stand against inequalities and discrimination impacting LGBTQI communities abroad. Community Initiatives is a US-based not-for-profit organisation. Community Initiatives acts as a thought-partner and provides professional services to not-for-profit start-ups, established initiatives, networks, and collaborations. We sponsor projects for the benefit of communities in service to social change.
Purpose: To increase the number of funders and the amount of funding available across sectors to support LGBTQI issues globally. This grant will also support building the knowledge, skills and capacity of LGBTQI funders, and enhance their effectiveness as grant-makers. Global Philanthropy Project is a fiscally sponsored program of Community Initiatives, a dedicated fiscal sponsor that provides infrastructure for not-for-profit leaders.
Purpose: To protect and promote human rights in the Americas through the effective use of the Inter-American Human Rights System. The Center for Justice and International Law was established in 1991 by a group of prominent Latin American human rights defenders seeking to improve the regional human rights situation through the use of international law.
Purpose: To achieve positive, sustainable change for LGBT+ communities around the world. This will be achieved through online campaigns, grassroots giving programmes, member-generated petitions, peer-to-peer fundraising, and training opportunities for frontline activists.
Purpose: To mobilise citizens in Brazil into civic action and develop methodologies and technologies for large-scale solidarity and social impact. Our Cities (Nossas in Brazilian) is an activist network that safeguards democratic values and institutions by engaging communities around common goals.
Purpose: To ensure that survivors of terror receive adequate mental health and material support. In addition, Survivors Against Terror works to tackle media intrusion into the lives of survivors and to influence public discourse on terrorism through the inclusion of survivor testimony.
Purpose: To support the Indian constitutional mandate of equality, non-discrimination, dignity, and a life free of violence in the public and private sphere. Jagori which means ‘awaken, women’ works to build a just and inclusive society, and is based in Delhi, India.
Purpose: To provide core support to WITNESS Inc, which works to support vulnerable communities to use video and technology to protect and defend human rights. This grant will also support WITNESS to promote systems change in the technology sector by incorporating human rights imperatives with respect to mis and disinformation, media manipulation, and security concerns for vulnerable groups. It will also support the modernising of WITNESS’ organisational infrastructure to support an increasingly distributed team and global network of activists.
Purpose: To help reduce immigration detention in the US through support for Detention Watch Network’s collective advocacy, grassroots organising, and strategic communications. This will be done by: calling for the reform or closure of specific detention centres; exposing human rights abuses and lack of government accountability; promoting an end to mandatory detention and the elimination of national and local detention quotas; and encouraging non-punitive alternatives. DWN comprises a coalition of over 100 member organisations in 33 states.
Purpose: To advance the Migration Observatory´s work to support migration and asylum sector organisations and policy debates by providing authoritative, independent research on the impacts of the UK Government´s policy approaches. This project will monitor emerging data and evidence in the aftermath of the Nationality and Borders Act 2022. The Migration Observatory informs debates on international migration and public policy, and seeks to provide impartial, independent, authoritative, evidence-based analysis of data on migration and migrants in the UK.
Purpose: To manage a LGBTQI fund in Brazil to support civil society organisations working to build a more inclusive and just society. Based in São Paulo, Fundo Positivo is a re-granting organisation that funds and supports frontline not-for-profit organisations working on public health and diversity across Brazil.
Purpose: To support AIC in its efforts to create a more fair and just immigration system in the US that opens its doors to those in need of protection, and enables the energy and skills that immigrants bring. AIC’s network of volunteer lawyers, interpreters, advocates, and other supporters are working to defend immigrants in the US. AIC will also work towards efforts that reduce immigration detention and increase the use of alternatives to detention at the federal level.
Purpose: To enforce and promote human rights and combat inequalities to build a fair, free, and democratic society from a Global South perspective. Conectas seeks to address injustices and propose solutions that have a positive impact on people’s lives, particularly the most vulnerable in society.
Purpose: To support the internationalisation of Rights and Security International’s operations, enabling it to deliver on its new global strategy. RSI works to counteract limits on freedom of speech, assembly, association, and access to information among other things. RSI is a London-based not-for-profit organisation that works to promote a rights-based approach to national security.
Purpose: To support the early identification of victims of trafficking in the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland, and ensure support and protection of victims of trafficking in the Canton of Ticino is strengthened. This will be achieved through the development of a comprehensive and right-based framework. Antenna MayDay was founded in 1996 in order to provide migrants with precarious residence status or sans-papiers in Ticino with better access to medical care and to advise them on questions of social law.
Purpose: To provide core funding to Disability Rights Fund to expand its grant-making to women-led disability rights organisations. DRF is a grant-making collaborative between donors and the global disability rights community that supports organisations of persons with disabilities to advocate for equal rights and full participation in society.
Purpose: To provide core funding to enhance the grant-making capacity of ELAS+ in Brazil. This grant will also support ELAS+ as an intermediary to channel resources to six women's rights partners. ELAS+ works to promote and empower the leading role of women in Brazilian society by mobilising and investing financial resources in their initiatives.
Purpose: To advocate for gender equality and equal rights between women and men with emphasis on supporting refugee and migrant women who are victims of gender-based violence in Switzerland. Brava is a Swiss women's rights organisation based in Bern, which was founded in 2003. It supports migrant and asylum-seeking women in Switzerland who experience gender-based violence, with a specific focus on domestic violence.
Purpose: To provide core support to FreeFrom to create pathways to financial security and long-term safety for survivors of economic abuse in the US. Based in Los Angeles, FreeFrom uses innovative technology, social enterprise, advocacy, and capacity building to end economic abuse. Its work supports survivor agency in generating resources to build their wealth.
Purpose: To provide core and capacity-building support to the UK-based IMI to create inclusive, safer places for marginalised Muslims and their families. IMI is committed to a rights-based Islam that challenges all forms of oppression, demonstrating that a mosque is made up of a community, not bound by a building.
Purpose: To support feminists in the UK to take action on the issues that matter to them. This grant will enable Love and Power to pilot ways of building diverse, multi-issue grassroots feminist movements. Love and Power is a new organisation that is building a grassroots movement with a mass membership, that trains, supports, connects, and organises.
Purpose: To support the Movement Support Fund to provide funding that can be mobilised quickly and be responsive to time-bound, unanticipated, or non-traditional opportunities. Tides Foundation is a philanthropic partner and not-for-profit organisation dedicated to building a world of shared prosperity and social justice. Based in San Francisco, it makes grants to charitable organisations.
Purpose: To support MélanineSuisse to organise two editions of the Black Helvetia Festival and to present its collective exhibition Black Helvetia, in Switzerland, in 2022 and 2023. The grant will also support MélanineSuisse’s institutional development. MélanineSuisse is a feminist organisation led by black and afro-descendant women based in Neuchâtel that promotes in particular the image of black and afro-descendant women in all spheres of society and works towards increasing racial justice in Switzerland. It does this by raising the profiles and amplifying the voices of Afro-descendant women, and promoting diversity and intersectional movement building.
Purpose: To enable Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA), based in the UK, to raise awareness of economic abuse and build the capacity of those who come into contact with victims and survivors to respond. SEA's vision is a world in which women and girls achieve economic equality and are able to live their lives free of abuse and exploitation.
Purpose: To invest in and expand women’s funds and grassroots organisations globally. This grant will enable Women Win to become the intermediary of nine women’s funds partners globally and enable the scaling up and continued championing of innovative funding strategies that channel resources to local women’s rights activists, organisations, and movements. Women Win supports a global network of organisations through three main initiatives focused on girls’ rights: sport, women’s economic resilience, and the democratisation of philanthropy.
Purpose: To support garment factory workers in Central America to improve their rights, including to: receive proper wages; ensure their health and safety; exercise their associational rights; and experience a life free from violence, discrimination, gender-based violence, and harassment. WRC is an independent labour rights monitoring organisation that investigates working conditions in factories around the globe.
Purpose: To provide core support to FIZ’s anti-trafficking programme. This grant aims to: support victims of trafficking with legal and psychological counselling and shelter; train law enforcement and social services staff; advocate to improve the legal framework; ensure publicly financed support services; and build coalitions with other Swiss, European, and International anti-trafficking organisations.
Purpose: To support HIP to administer the IAWP’s portfolio of grants working on migration, exploitation, trafficking, and violence against women in Mexico. In addition to managing due diligence and reporting on these grants, HIP will provide capacity building and networking support. HIP's mission is to strengthen Latinx leadership, influence, and equity by leveraging philanthropic resources with an unwavering vision for social justice and shared prosperity across the Americas.
Purpose: To provide core support to MADRE to enable it to continue to support community-based women’s groups worldwide facing war, disaster, and injustice. MADRE will meet urgent needs in communities and build lasting solutions to the crises women face. MADRE works to meet urgent needs in communities, enhance women's leadership, and build strong local institutions.
Purpose: To provide capacity-building support to the Issues Affecting Women Programme’s partners in Switzerland. This will help improve the effectiveness and impact of women’s rights organisations working to end violence against women and girls and strengthen cross-learnings and connections among partners. Swiss Philanthropy Foundation will facilitate grant-making and consultancy contracts so that women-led groups can strengthen their organisational capacities, especially in the areas of fundraising and communication.
Purpose: To provide core support to FCAM to enable it to strengthen feminist and women’s movements in Central America through grant-making and accompaniment. As IAWP’s intermediary partner, FCAM will also support the organisations, groups, and networks that are part of the IAWP portfolio in Guatemala through re-granting, capacity building, networking, and accompaniment. FCAM is the first and only feminist fund in Central America.
Purpose: To support the Thompson Policy Institute on Disability at Chapman University in California to improve and expand leadership development for current and future principals focused on equity, access, and inclusion for students with disabilities. Thompson Policy Institute is an independent centre within the University whose mission is to engage in technical assistance and research to improve the lives of people with disabilities and, in doing so, improve life for everyone.
Purpose: To support the Blue Engine in learning and research to demonstrate the impact of high-quality co-teaching on outcomes for students with learning differences. Based in New York, Blue Engine partners with school systems to maximise the potential inherent in every classroom, teacher, and student, so that every learner thrives, no matter their race, income level, or learning style.
Purpose: To support the Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity (BranchED) in its partnerships with elementary school educator preparation programmes that are working to integrate evidence-based reading instruction. BranchED is a US-based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening, growing, and amplifying the impact of educator preparation at minority serving institutions.
Purpose: To provide core support to Fana, which works to provide training to educators and clinical services to children with learning differences such as dyslexia, in Ethiopia. Fana is based in the capital Addis Ababa and provides services throughout the country.
Purpose: To provide support to City Year, which is working in partnership with Compass Academy and Johns Hopkins University on school designs that help students with learning differences who are furthest from opportunity. City Year aims to collaborate with local communities and students to accelerate engagement, relationships, support, learning, and development, while removing barriers and increasing access to resources and supports.
Purpose: To support Education Week, a national print and online publication for K-12 public education in the US, to continue its coverage of students with learning differences, with special attention to intersections with race, social-emotional health, and learning recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic.
Purpose: To fill critical gaps in knowledge about the intersection of mental health and learning differences in the US by advancing the evaluation and treatment of children affected by learning differences, and making engaging, evidence-based resources more accessible for children, young adults, parents, and teachers. Based in New York, the Child Mind Institute is dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders, by giving them the help they need to thrive.
Purpose: To support participatory research conducted alongside researchers at Georgia State University focused on the efficacy of a combined transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and educational intervention for young adults with persistent dyslexia who have not responded well to educational treatment alone. Early pilot studies suggest TMS may be effective at improving reading fluency and phonological decoding.
Purpose: To support the Friday Institute in developing and implementing tools or resources for US educators to meet the needs of students who learn differently. Based at NC State University, the Friday Institute addresses significant issues in K-12 education, focusing on systemic, evidence-based approaches. The Friday Institute works to build school and district capacity through research, planning, professional learning, and continuous improvement, to create personalised, flexible, technology-enhanced education systems.
Purpose: To support InnovateEDU and the Educating All Learners Alliance to build knowledge and understanding of what works best for diverse learners. Based in New York, InnovateEDU is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to eliminate the opportunity gap. It achieves this by accelerating innovation in learning models and tools that serve, inform, and enhance teaching and learning.
Purpose: To design and implement a US-based, youth-led participatory grant-making programme. This programme will support not-for-profit organisations focused on the intersection of learning differences and student leadership. It will convene stakeholders to build knowledge and understanding of what works best for diverse learners, and influence systems to embrace and adopt enabling conditions. IYF focuses on youth agency, economic opportunity, and systems change to equip and support young people everywhere to transform their lives and create the future they want.
Purpose: To support the Kingmakers of Oakland, a US- based not-for-profit organisation that works to improve the educational and life outcomes for Black and brown boys through programmes, research, training, and community mobilisation. This grant will support the development of a documentary series and aligned curriculum exploring and elevating the stories of young Black and brown students with learning differences.
Purpose: To support the National College Attainment Network, a US-based organisation that works to build, strengthen, and empower communities to close equity gaps for all students, particularly students historically underrepresented in higher education, including students of colour and students from low-income backgrounds. NCAN will work with organisations and colleges to better support students with learning differences as they transition from high school to post-secondary environments.
Purpose: To support New Leaders to update its leadership framework and related programming to deepen and elevate a focus on successfully serving students with learning differences in the US. Based in New York, New Leaders is a national not-for-profit organisation that works to develop equity-minded school leaders who ensure high academic achievement for all children.
Purpose: To support the Communities for Just Schools Fund, a project of New Venture Fund, which provides resources to community-led organisations working to transform schools. A donor collaborative, Communities for Just Schools Fund supports efforts primarily in the US to ensure positive and supportive school climates that affirm and foster the success of all students, including those with learning differences.
Purpose: To provide core support to increase and expand access to inclusive education globally. Teach For All is helping a network of partners shape a generation of locally rooted, globally informed leaders to drive innovative, broad-scale, systemic change to ensure that all children have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.
Purpose: To support the Luminos Fund, an international not-for-profit organisation, which provides transformative education programmes to children for whom mainstream education does not work. Its programme helps children catch up to grade level, reintegrate into local schools, and prepare for lifelong learning. This project will help establish a school-based programme in Ghana, with a focus on conducting research on learning differences in the Ghanaian context.
Purpose: To support the Trevor Noah Foundation, a South African-based not-for-profit organisation that develops and runs programming to provide underserved youth with access to quality educational experiences. This project will support the integration of learning differences content into their three flagship programmes for students, educators, and communities.
Purpose: To support the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and EdTogether to investigate how social emotional learning (SEL) and universal design for learning intersect. This will be done by elevating the experience of students with learning differences with SEL in the United States.
Purpose: To develop a community of practice for education policy and practice leaders to share insights from their organisations’ work. This will also provide opportunities for people to learn from each other. In addition it will inform the learning differences field about what works for students with learning differences who are furthest from opportunity. Based in New York, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors works to help donors create thoughtful, effective philanthropy throughout the world.
Purpose: To provide core support to Ed Trust to integrate a focus on students with learning differences across its work. Ed Trust will also highlight the connection between learning differences and equity within its research. Ed Trust is a US-based not-for-profit organisation that advocates for the high academic achievement of all students – particularly those of colour or from low-income backgrounds.
Purpose: To support the Center on Disability Studies at the University of Hawaii in developing resources to support the success of students with learning differences in higher education. The Center on Disability Studies will design, test, and disseminate innovative professional development for faculty and staff focused on improving the attitude, knowledge, and skills needed to effectively engage and support students with learning differences. These resources will be available in Hawaii, across the US, and internationally.
Purpose: To support the SWIFT Education Center to update and validate tools for schools, districts, and states across the US to evaluate how they consider and include students of colour with learning differences in their policies and practices. Based at the University of Kansas, SWIFT is a research and technical assistance centre that partners with education leaders to develop both the will and capacity to support excellent, inclusive education.
Purpose: To support the development and launch of Learning Ally's Whole Child Literacy™ Approach, an online platform, educator learning community, and family engagement resource to support children´s reading success. Based in New Jersey, Learning Ally provides audiobooks and resources for families and professional learning for educators across the US to enable struggling readers to become independent, engaged learners.
Purpose: To provide unrestricted project support to the Modern Classrooms Project as it works to deepen and expand the impact of its model for students with learning differences through educator scholarships, leadership opportunities for special education teachers, and an evaluation of the model’s impact on students with learning differences. The Modern Classrooms Project is a national not-for-profit organisation in the US that works to empower educators to build classrooms that respond to all students’ needs.
Purpose: To support the NACA Inspired Schools Network, a US-based organisation focused on transforming learning experiences for Indigenous students. This project will focus on integrating social emotional learning with Indigenous approaches to education across their academic curricula, with the goal of increasing Indigenous students’ agency, encouraging positive reflections on their identity, and nurturing a sense of belonging in their school communities.
Purpose: To support LiberatED, a US-based organisation focused on centering healing and justice in education, fiscally sponsored by the National Equity Project. This project will allow LiberatED to build organisational capacity and design an inclusive environment for students in the Youth Leaders Program. This programme is a ten-month fellowship that provides youth activists an opportunity to partner with LiberatED educators and researchers who are committed to creating culturally affirming school programming and evaluation.
Purpose: To help the Learning Differences Programme’s grantee partners build capacity through tailored support so that they are more likely to meet and sustain their initiatives and organisational goals. Catalyst:Ed will provide participating organisations with individualised, equity-centred support. Catalyst Education Inc works to empower leaders with the information and supports they need.
Purpose: To elevate students with learning differences in the Foundation for Excellence in Education’s work on early literacy in the US. This will be done by: researching gaps in teachers’ current knowledge; developing policy; implementing support; and introducing interactive web-based resources, such as policy solutions and case studies. Based in Florida, the Foundation for Excellence in Education is an education policy centre that supports US-state leaders to advance solutions that help students learn, get graduates ready for college and career, and increase educational opportunity.
Purpose: To provide core support to Hill Learning Center, a learning hub and half-day school for students with learning differences, based in Durham, North Carolina. Hill’s vision is that all students with learning differences and attention challenges receive the instruction and support they need – regardless of where they attend school or whether they have a formal diagnosis.
Purpose: To support the Path Forward initiative, a cohort-based programme for state leaders to embed science-based reading instruction into teachers’ preparation and licensure across the United States. Based in North Carolina, the Hunt Institute is a national education policy organisation that pursues research, partnerships, and events to inspire and inform policymakers about key issues in public education.
Purpose: To support the Thompson Policy Institute on Disability at Chapman University in California to improve and expand leadership development for current and future principals focused on equity, access, and inclusion for students with disabilities. Thompson Policy Institute is an independent centre within the University whose mission is to engage in technical assistance and research to improve the lives of people with disabilities and, in doing so, improve life for everyone.
Purpose: To provide core support to The Army of Survivors (TAOS), which works to bring awareness, accountability, and transparency to the issue of sexual violence against athletes in the US and beyond. This will be done by the development of resources, advocacy for inclusive and trauma-informed laws, and policies guided by survivors and, trauma-informed education to prevent abuse.
Purpose: To support schools in Mexico to be safe from sexual abuse and exploitation and to end impunity for crimes perpetrated against children. The project will also support institutional reform with the aim of preventing and protecting children from sexual abuse in Mexican schools. Oficina de Defensoria de los Derechos de la Infancia (ODI Mexico) is an organisation that protects child rights in Mexico.
Purpose: To ensure that children's rights are placed at the centre of digital policy processes in the European Union. In addition, this grant will support the scale-up of ECPAT's Project Beacon, which is working to eliminate the sexual exploitation of children worldwide. ECPAT International is working to coordinate research, advocacy, and action to end the sexual exploitation of children.
Purpose: To provide core support for Safe Sport International's (SSI) organisational development and performance, with a specific emphasis on refining programmatic work, strategic planning and long-term financial sustainability. SSI leads global collaborative effort by providing expert knowledge, advocacy, and capacity-building to end all forms of non-accidental violence (abuse and harassment) in sport.
Purpose: To provide unrestricted programme support to the international work of the Sport and Child Rights team of the UK Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF UK). The Sport team works to protect the rights of children playing sport, with a particular focus on child elite athletes, and children in and around mega-sporting events. UNICEF UK is one of 36 UNICEF national committees whose primary purpose is to raise funds for UNICEF's worldwide emergency and development work.
Purpose: To provide core support to Purpose to make the internet safer for children. Purpose builds and supports movements to advance the fight for an open, just, and habitable world. Established in 2009, Purpose is a mobilisation and storytelling organisation that creates campaigning labs and new initiatives to shift policies and change public narratives.
Purpose: To bring together governments, the private sector, civil society, and international organisations to develop policies and solutions that protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse online. WeProtect Global Alliance is a global movement of people and organisations that work together to transform the global response to child sexual exploitation and abuse online.
Purpose: To provide core support to Centre Dardedze as it works to prevent child sexual abuse in Latvia. Centre Dardedze works with children, caretakers, parents, and professionals. It provides psychosocial support to children and their families and carries out advocacy work at national and municipal levels.
Purpose: To support the Centre for Public Health in Greenland to conduct a study investigating how large and small communities in Greenland are working to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse. The Centre for Public Health in Greenland aims to strengthen mental health supports and services provided to youth in Greenland.
Purpose: To provide core support to No Means No Worldwide to implement and strengthen its programmes around the world through a network of local partners. NMNW is a global organisation, based in the United States, whose mission is to end sexual violence against women and children.
Purpose: To create a solutions hub, where advocates, activists, and frontline workers can access, debate, create, and use proven solutions to prevent child sexual abuse. Swiss Philanthropy Foundation will host a collaboration between Together for Girls, the Sexual Violence Research Initiative, WeProtect Global Alliance, and the University of Edinburgh. Together, they will come together to create and launch a demand-driven solutions hub that moves knowledge into practice.
Purpose: To provide core support to All Survivors Project, which works to eradicate conflict-related sexual violence internationally. This is achieved through research, advocacy, and action to prevent violence, and increased access to justice. It also provides health services for men and boys, including those with diverse sexual orientation and gender identity and/or expression.
Purpose: To increase capacity and cohesion in the field to end sexual violence against children through donor engagement and targeted support to key networks, nascent survivor advocacy groups, and allies. This project is managed by Ignite Philanthropy: Inspiring the End to Violence Against Girls and Boys, a collaboration among donors to end all violence against children. It is fiscally sponsored by New Venture Fund.
Purpose: To lay the foundations for an ambitious push to end sexual violence against children within a generation. This will be achieved by: 1) supporting field leaders to create a vision on how to end sexual violence against children; 2) increasing catalytic funding for transformation; and 3) formulating a strategy that matches the journey ahead. Panorama Global is a US-based social impact organisation designed to maximise impact by partnering with visionary leaders to co-develop solutions with audacious thinking and bold action.
Purpose: To provide core and project support through a Fund hosted by the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation to better integrate LGBTQI youth into the society in Switzerland, and to protect them from discrimination, violence and social exclusion. Swiss Philanthropy Foundation is Oak Foundation’s partner hosting foundation based in Geneva, Switzerland.
Purpose: To provide funding for the Children First Fund, which makes small grants to initiatives preventing and combating child sexual abuse. Tides Foundation is a philanthropic partner and not-for-profit organisation dedicated to building a world of shared prosperity and social justice.
Purpose: To support the `Out of the Shadows´ project, managed and coordinated by Ignite Philanthropy, which holds governments to account for laws, policies, mechanisms, and procedures in place to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse. The Out of the Shadows Index was developed in partnership with the Economist Impact that is also responsible for the implementation of the research.
Purpose: To fund a small-grants fund at Swiss Philanthropy Foundation that will support initiatives to combat child sexual abuse. Swiss Philanthropy Foundation is Oak Foundation’s partner hosting foundation and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.
Purpose: To provide core support to the Children’s Policy and Funding Initiative, which works to make children a higher priority globally in US foreign assistance and diplomacy. This is with the aim of helping end child sexual abuse, improving their care, and enhancing their rights and wellbeing. The initiative works with and regrants to influential organisations to scale up the current work. The initiative is incubated within the Tides Center, a funder intermediary and fiscal sponsor.
Purpose: To develop, deliver, and evaluate an evidence-based prevention campaign that will reduce the number of new ‘self-generated’ child sexual abuse images and videos on the internet. The campaign design will be informed by primary research incorporating perspectives of children/young people, perpetrators, parents/caregivers, and educators. The knowledge created will be used to influence and inform policy and practice for future prevention efforts. The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) is a technology-led, child protection organisation, that works to make the internet a safer place for children and adults across the world.
Purpose: To help advance national political priority for preventing and addressing child sexual violence across five countries by identifying political and other upstream factors that have shaped attention to the issue. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health works to keep millions around the world safe from illness, violence, and injury, by pioneering new research, deploying knowledge, and educating tomorrow’s public health leaders.
Purpose: To support the National Institute for Medical Research in Tanzania to conduct a trial that explores the uptake and efficacy of an intervention to prevent age-disparate transactional sex in Mwanza, North-western Tanzania. This National Institute will also provide learnings on the interventions’ sustainability, replicability, and transferability of this work. The National Institute for Medical Research Tanzania works to carry out, promote, monitor, control, coordinate, and evaluate health research in Tanzania.
Purpose: To create multimedia video content and digital campaigns designed to shift male caregivers´ attitudes toward play, model behaviour that breaks down stereotypical male and female roles, and foster positive parenting practices in South Africa. This is part of the “Takalani Sesame: Transforming Gender Norms and Advancing Child Wellbeing through Innovative Male Caregiver Engagement Initiative”. Sesame Workshop is the not-for-profit organisation behind Sesame Street that works to help children grow smarter, stronger, and kinder.
Purpose: To conduct an external evaluation of Heartline’s Fathers Matter programme to assess its implementation and impact. A robust evaluation will give Heartlines feedback on how to maximise its impact and help garner evidence on media-based interventions to improve male engagement in caregiving. Stellenbosch University’s Institute for Life Course Health Research provides evidence on what works to improve outcomes for parents, children, adolescents, and adults in the South African setting, as well as other low-resource communities.
Purpose: To conduct research and strengthen community programmes worldwide that promote: men’s engagement in equitable distribution of care; and environments that support boys and young men to live diverse, equitable and healthy masculinities. Equimundo: Center for Masculinities and Social Justice (formerly Promundo-US) was founded in 2011 with a focus on gender equality and the creation of a world free from violence by engaging men and boys in partnership with women, girls, and people of all gender identities.
Purpose: To work with video game developers and the gaming community to incorporate healthier messages about masculinity and identity in future content. This work is based on recommendations from the research study, “The Double-Edged Sword of Online Gaming: An Analysis of Masculinity in Video Games and the Gaming Community.” The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media is a US not-for-profit research organisation that researches gender representation in media and advocates for the equal representation of women.
Purpose: To strengthen and collaborate with community-based organisations and institutions in South Africa to help involve fathers in their children’s lives. Heartlines aims to improve knowledge, awareness, skills, and norms with respect to men's presence in the lives of children in South Africa.
Purpose: To support the Ending Online Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of Children (OSEAC) Coalition’s efforts, led by ChildFund International, to influence the introduction and passage of US government policies and increased funding to prevent and respond to online sexual exploitation and abuse of children. This will be done by building political will, and putting youth and survivors' voices, at the centre of this advocacy work. ChildFund International focuses on child protection because violence, exploitation, abuse, and neglect can reverse developmental gains in an instant.
Purpose: To provide core support to LAW for its work to strengthen access to justice for child victims of conflict-related sexual violence in conflict-affected and fragile regions in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. LAW builds the capacity of justice actors and institutions to respond to survivors’ needs.
Purpose: To develop an evidence-based tool to assess the impact of the Barnahus model in Tarragona, Spain, in supporting the rights of child victims of sexual violence. The new methodology will provide indicators to lead effective changes in law and practice aimed at preventing child re-victimisation. The tool will be effective both at country and international levels. The project will be implemented by Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona – a leading European university in research, development and innovation.
Purpose: To support the expansion and evaluation of the R.E.A.L Friends Don’t campaign, which seeks to prevent the sexual exploitation of children. The McCain Institute, part of Arizona State University, will also strengthen its diversity, equity and inclusion principles and practices.
Purpose: To provide unrestricted programme support to scale Defence for Children International Nederlands - ECPAT Nederland’s work against online child sexual abuse. Defence for Children International Nederland – ECPAT Nederland is an international not-for-profit organisation that stands up for children’s rights.
Purpose: To provide educators with tools that teach children healthy lifestyle habits while building their core content knowledge as they walk, listen, and learn. The Walking Classroom (TWC), a program of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, is a national program that strengthens the physical, mental and academic health of students. Kids take a brisk 20-minute walk while listening to podcasts that are pre-loaded onto audio devices. TWC will donate 3,600 audio devices over three years.
Purpose: To provide core support to Arundel Castle Cricket Foundation, in West Sussex, the UK. This will enable the Foundation to continue its work to improve personal, social, educational, and health outcomes for children and young people impacted by disadvantage, inequality, or disability who are living in areas of inner-city London and West Sussex.
Purpose: To support two donor collaboratives at Borealis Philanthropy that aim to build local community power in the US. The two collaboratives are: the Communities Transforming Policing Fund (CTPF); and the Black-Led Movement Fund (BLMF). CTPF supports local organising and policy advocacy focused on increasing transparency and accountability in the criminal justice system and shifting power and resources to impacted communities. BLMF strengthens the capacity of grassroots, intersectional, Black-led movement organisations so that they can better shape policy agendas, create viable alternatives to harmful institutions, and build local community power.
Purpose: To provide core support to CFSY for its efforts to ban life without parole and other extreme sentences for the children in the US. Through partnership with advocacy organisations, businesses, and other stakeholders, the CFSY supports survivors of youth violence, those incarcerated as children who are still serving or have been released, and their respective families and communities.
Purpose: To support the Billion Oyster Project to restore one billion oysters to New York Harbour and connect one million New Yorkers to its efforts by 2035. Because oysters are filter feeders, they naturally filter water, with a number of beneficial effects for the ecosystem. The Billion Oyster Project is a New York City-based not-for-profit organisation that works in collaboration with New York City communities.
Purpose: To provide families in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and surrounding areas with a positive and healthy environment for youth development through soccer in the community. Funds will help Triangle United Soccer to develop a youth recreation facility located at a convenient location. This project will help the organisation to continue allocating club resources to serve financially disadvantaged families and provide services in economically challenged parts of the community.
Purpose: To provide support to the Omega Resilience Awards project, which will invest in people and institutions working to respond to environmental, social, technological, and economic/financial threats to our planet. Commonweal is a not-for-profit institute dedicated to protecting the earth.
Purpose: To support the Agroecology Fund to setup a regional agroecology fund in East Africa. Agroecology is an intersectional solution to food security, climate change, human rights, and biodiversity. The Global Greengrants Fund is a charitable foundation that makes small grants to grassroots environmental causes around the world.
Purpose: To provide support to First Descents, based in the US, which provides life-changing outdoor adventures to young adults impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions. With this grant, First Descents will expand equitable access to psychosocial support to young adult patients, caregivers, and healthcare workers.
Purpose: To support pioneering research at the Lausanne University Hospital in Switzerland to develop a new immunotherapy to cure people with solid tumors, such as breast cancer. The Lausanne University Hospital is one of the five Swiss university hospitals in Switzerland.
Purpose: To provide core support to Helpforce, which partners with healthcare organisations in the UK to transform how they deliver their volunteer services. Helpforce partners with health and care organisations to transform how they deliver volunteer services.
Purpose: To provide support to Baobab Foundation, a pro-Black collective fund that works to distribute funds to Black and global majority people of colour-led community organisations and groups in the UK. The fund will be distributed across the UK, prioritising groups at the margins. It will embed a participatory, community-led approach.
Purpose: To empower women to pursue living-wage jobs in the construction trades in North Carolina in the United States, and provide repairs and renovations that enable older adults to stay in their homes as they age. Hope Renovations seeks to close the gender gap in the construction industry, helping to relieve the skilled workforce shortage, while helping older adults age in place.
Purpose: To advance racial justice and equity in the outdoor and environmental movement, especially in North and South Carolina. Justice Outside allocates resources to organisations rooted in communities of colour through unrestricted and trust-based grant-making, grantee-driven capacity building, and network strengthening.
Purpose: To provide a daily school meal to more than 26,530 children in Goromonzi district, Zimbabwe for five years. Mary's Meals aims to provide chronically hungry children with one meal every school day, encouraging education that can lift them out of poverty in later life.
Purpose: To help combat the detention, separation, and violation of the rights of immigrant children and families in the US. Four Freedoms Fund will support a cohort of organisations that are committed to working together to end child detention and family separation. It will also work to change the narrative around migration and the US border. Four Freedoms Fund is a national funder collaborative that was launched by NEO Philanthropy in 2003. FFF strengthens the capacity of the immigrant justice movement to ensure all immigrants, regardless of immigration status, have dignity, power to shape change, and agency to determine the quality of their life, community, and future. Based in NYC, NEO Philanthropy is a funder intermediary with 30 years of experience helping not-for-profit organisations build movements for justice, equity, and dignity.
Purpose: To provide core support to PoetsIN to strengthen its organisational capacity and financial sustainability, and expand the delivery of its programmes. PoetsIN supports people struggling with mental health problems by providing them with the tools to reduce and manage the symptoms of mental illness. Their programmes use creative writing and mentoring to strengthen mental wellbeing, and reduce anxiety, depression, and self-harm.
Purpose: To support Uplift Foundation to establish a home visitation programme, using the community-based rehabilitation approach, for children with disabilities and their families in Kyrgyzstan. Uplift works to prevent child abandonment by developing and implementing specific early intervention and parental support programmes for vulnerable families, dramatically reducing the number of social orphans in Kyrgyzstan.
Purpose: To provide core support to Pennies as it continues to grow and expand its social impact across the charity sector in the UK. This grant also hopes to help Pennies achieve financial self-sustainability by the end of the grant period in 2026. Pennies leads the micro-donation movement in the UK.
Purpose: To provide core support to Rangelands Regeneration in the Beitbridge District of Zimbabwe to develop a land use model that regenerates land and preserves biodiversity, secures wildlife habitat, and addresses rural poverty. Rangelands Regeneration works to restore ecosystems and partner with people who depend on them to improve their livelihoods. It works to contribute to strong, healthy communities by building resilient ecosystems, creating sustainable economic opportunities and re-establishing wildlife migration corridors.
Purpose: To support the establishment of Watershed, an independent investigative journalism unit examining issues affecting water in the UK. The investigation will cover issues affecting water in five thematic areas: climate change, pollution, resource, policy, and wildlife. Watershed will use investigative journalism techniques, data analysis, water sampling and relationships with affected communities to create robust, in-depth, and compelling reports.
Purpose: To provide high quality, safe, stable, and affordable housing for communities, with access to jobs, education, healthcare, and community amenities in Durham, North Carolina. This will be achieved through the creation of 183 affordable rental housing units across two developments. Ashton Place will provide 51 apartments for households headed by people aged 55 and above. Hardee Street Apartments will provide 132 apartments for families.
Purpose: To provide core support to British contemporary dance company, Shobana Jeyasingh Dance (SJD). SJD brings the unique contemporary dance works of Shobana Jeyasingh to audiences nationally and internationally. In addition, SJD's learning programme works to deepen engagement among people with contemporary dance and, in doing so, to promote social change. Many of the company's projects focus on young people who are economically disadvantaged and who do not have good access to the arts.
Purpose: To enable The Five Foundation to scale its global advocacy work to end female genital mutilation (FGM) worldwide. The Five Foundation is the strongest global partnership working to end FGM, with nearly 100 partners, mostly frontline groups.
Purpose: To provide core support to The City Report, Inc, to help it continue to expand its capacity to produce free-to-read, robust reporting on issues of importance to New Yorkers. The City Report, Inc. is a not-for-profit digital news platform whose mission is to produce free to read, local reporting that serves the people of New York City.
Purpose: To provide core support to the Women Veterans Network (WoVeN), a unique social network of women Veterans, to foster connections and build relationships in local communities and across the US. In addition to providing community, WoVeN strives to empower women Veterans with information, education, and resources to improve their quality of life, reduce isolation, and foster wellbeing.
Purpose: To support research and clinical work at the University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom, to improve diagnoses and treatments for multiple sclerosis and other neuroinflammatory diseases. The University of Oxford is one of the top-ranked institutions in the world for research and teaching.
Purpose: To provide core support to The Trussell Trust, based in the UK, which works to change how society responds to and views poverty. The Trussell Trust works to change how local and national policies are structured, and how people receive support. This is with the aim of: ensuring that people do not need to live on handouts; helping those unable to afford the essentials; and ultimately ending the need for food banks.
Purpose: To help break the cycle of homelessness in Winchester, the UK, by enabling people to rebuild their lives through independent living. The Winchester Beacon provides emergency and transitional accommodation, along with counselling and other support.
Purpose: To provide core support to Winchester Youth Counselling, based in Winchester, the UK. Winchester Youth Counselling provides free open-ended counselling and therapies to young people aged 11-25 in the district of Winchester to improve their mental health and wellbeing, as well as free support for parents and carers.
Purpose: To support American Prairie’s work to purchase, assemble and collaboratively manage 3.2 million acres for wildlife and public access to restore a functioning shortgrass prairie ecosystem. American Prairie is conserving the disappearing shortgrass prairie ecosystem by piecing together 3.2 million acres of Montana's Northern Plains.
Purpose: To provide core support to Association Savoir Patient (ASAP), based in Switzerland, to improve care and quality of life for cancer patients. This will be done by providing direct support to patients and by promoting and integrating patients’ experience and knowledge into healthcare, research, and education. ASAP was founded in 2003 to improve care for breast cancer patients, and it has recently expanded support to people suffering from all types of cancer.
Purpose: To provide core support to Partners for a New Economy (P4NE), an international donors’ collaborative fund. P4NE works to generate and employ new partnerships and systems-level interventions to transform how our environment and economy are valued. Swiss Philanthropy Foundation is Oak Foundation’s partner hosting foundation based in Geneva, Switzerland.
Purpose: To strengthen the capacity of grassroots organisations in the US to implement programmes that advance access to healthy, local food, and engagement in local food systems. The Conservation Fund’s resourceful communities programme seeks to increase food security and sovereignty for community members who wish to access, grow, and distribute safe, affordable, and locally-grown healthy food.
Purpose: To deliver programmes and services in New York City for women and families who have histories of homelessness or justice-involvement and to provide capital funding to expand the Women’s Justice programme. Providence House seeks to end the cycle of homelessness, abuse, and return to incarceration, by creating long-lasting change in the lives of women and families.
Purpose: To provide core support to the Royal College of Music, enabling it to widen access to music education, support talent, and promote musical innovation. The Royal College of Music is one of the world’s great conservatoires. Its mission is to provide the highest standard of music education and professional training to talented musicians from around the world.
Purpose: To create a collaborative fund that promotes the involvement of communities in grant-making and project implementation in French-speaking Switzerland. A group of young people will be trained on the grant-making process and will award public benefit grants for projects to support young people in the region. By giving young people access to the grant-making process, this fund will ensure that their voices are taken into consideration and that the most vulnerable young people in the region will get the support they need. Swiss Philanthropy Foundation is Oak Foundation´s partner hosting foundation and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.
Purpose: To provide core support to KAVI to strengthen the organisation’s capacity to provide programmes for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) youth and young adults residing in lower income, underserved communities in Brooklyn, New York. KAVI works to prevent and eliminate interpersonal violence from the lives of young people through education, advocacy, leadership, community mobilisation, racial equity, and social justice.
Purpose: To defend the rights of migrant children in the US federal immigration custody and improve the immigration system. The National Center for Youth Law advocates for children’s rights at the local, state, and national levels, working at the intersections of all youth-serving systems, including immigration, child welfare, juvenile justice, education, and health.
Purpose: To provide support to Nest, a US-based nonprofit that is working to build a new handworker economy to increase global workforce inclusivity, improve women’s wellbeing beyond factories, and preserve important cultural traditions around the world. This grant will support Nest to launch its ‘Inclusive Work Initiative & Coalition’, which aims to dramatically expand support for female creative entrepreneurs worldwide.
Purpose: To reduce the racial wealth gap in Orange County and Durham County in North Carolina, the US, by helping members secure affordable housing. This will be done by: deepening and expanding the Community Empowerment Fund’s innovative housing access tools; and ensuring that decisions are made by those with lived experience. The Community Empowerment Fund provides services to individuals experiencing financial insecurity or homelessness in North Carolina.
Purpose: To pilot a comprehensive Economic Mobility initiative in Central Harlem, New York, and scale in up to 10 cities across the US through cradle-to-career partnerships in its first three years. Harlem Children´s Zone strives to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty by working to build community, strengthen families, and ensure children succeed from birth through college to career.
Purpose: To provide core support to Beaver Trust to recover Britain’s waterways and landscapes through the rapid and widespread re-establishment of beaver wetlands across river catchments. Beavers offer a practical, low-cost solution for long-term restoration and create naturally wild areas of habitat where wildlife thrives, and freshwater quality is improved. Beaver Trust works to educate and inform people about the benefits of wetlands created by beavers.
Purpose: To provide core support to Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA), supporting its investment in research activities to find treatments and a cure for Friedreich’s ataxia, a rare inherited disease. FARA is a not-for-profit advocacy organisation based in the United States that works globally to promote clinical research into Friedreich’s ataxia, conduct seminars and conferences for the research community, and collaborate with other key stakeholders.
Purpose: To support refugees and other disadvantaged youth by offering them scholarships to attend Ecolint in Switzerland, where they will be given a high quality, multi-faceted education. The scholarships will have a direct and sustainable impact on the lives of the refugees themselves and also their families, their fellow students, the wider community, and society as a whole.
Purpose: To support British Asian Trust's work to reduce vulnerabilities among children, young people, and their families in the tea-growing districts of North Bengal, and enable access to better educational, skilling, and life chances. This is achieved by improving their economic conditions, encouraging responsive public services, and reducing gender and social inequities. The British Asian Trust works to tackle widespread poverty in South Asia and enable access to better opportunities.
Purpose: To support CORD to enhance forest conservation and forest-based livelihoods by boosting forest governance through 400 Village Assemblies (Gram Sahbas) in seven districts of Jharkhand. CORD envisions a society founded on justice and peace, devoid of all forms of disparity, where all people enjoy equal rights and opportunities and receive their rightful share in available resources. CORD was established in 1981 with the commitment to serve the poor, especially the tribes in southern Karnataka State in India.
Purpose: To strengthen livelihoods and enhance the economic and social wellbeing of 2,500 households in closed and sick tea gardens in West Bengal. KABIL works to strengthen the collective livelihoods of women, and establish new livelihoods, with an emphasis on linking women to markets, with access to formal credit. KABIL collaborates with government agencies, corporate entities, not-for-profit organisations, and community-based organisations with knowledge on how to promote rural prosperity.
Purpose: To support islandic communities in Sundarbans to access preventative, protective, and promotive health care facilitated by a trained cadre of community health workers. Liver Foundation West Bengal is a not-for-profit organisation based in Kolkata that works to train and mentor the workforce, and help them gain access to the formal public health service delivery.
Purpose: To provide skill development education for the youth of the tea garden areas in West Bengal. This will enable them to access formal gainful employment pathways through employment/ entrepreneurship. Pratham Education Foundation provides training and mentorship to youth. It is an innovative learning organisation created to improve the quality of education in India.
Purpose: To support communities to participate in local self-governments in four tribal districts of Jharkhand, India. Samvad works towards a society where relations between communities and nature are balanced in a way that preserves Indigenous social values and creates sustainable livelihoods for people.
Purpose: To support the Centre for People’s Forestry to enable Indigenous communities from forest villages in two districts of West Bengal, India, to practice agro-ecology, and access state entitlements. The Centre for People's Forestry will build the capacity of community-based institutions to access services and entitlements.
Purpose: To support Sign of Hope’s efforts to enable Indigenous communities in the Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve to build innovative community-led solutions to address their needs. Headquartered in Constance, Germany, Sign of Hope supports human rights, humanitarian aid, and developmental actions in 11 countries.
Purpose: To support FXB International to protect children and young adults from trafficking and sexual abuse in the Santhal Parganas region of Jharkhand. This will be done by enabling communities, service providers, and elected and traditional leaders to prioritise actions that prevent and respond to risks. FXB International is a not-for-profit organisation that works to break the cycle of poverty.
Purpose: To provide core support to Movimento dos Pimpadores to improve the livelihood of waste collectors in Brazil and structure a national network of ambassadors for waste pickers across the country. Movimento de Pimpadores is a civil society organisation that uses art, technology, and innovation to support waste pickers, improving their work conditions, income, and visibility.
Purpose: To strengthen the political and legal conditions for tenure security and the reduction of land conflict in urban areas in the northeast of Brazil. IBDU is a membership-based organisation of urban lawyers engaged in building secure, equitable cities.
Purpose: To conduct communications campaigns focused on gun control measures and public security reform in Brazilian cities with high violence rates. Instituto Fogo Cruzado is an open-source data lab that tracks and publicises data on gun violence in key Brazilian cities.
Purpose: To defend free, independent journalism in Brazil, advocate for a safer environment for the press, and protect journalists at risk. Founded in 2015, Reporters Without Borders Latin America has the mission to protect and train journalists, advocate for press freedom, and denounce its violations.
Purpose: To foster evidence-based and human rights-based practices in the field of drug policy across the northeast of Brazil. Escola Livre de Redução de Danos (which translates as the Free School of Harm Reduction) is an organisation based in the state of Pernambuco. It aims to strengthen the human rights and citizenship of those directly affected by the impact of the ‘war on drugs’ in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Purpose: To support democracy in Brazil. Quid is a communication and mobilisation organisation working for social causes. It contributes to the promotion of ethics, peace, citizenship, human rights, democracy and other universal values.
Purpose: To strengthen the capacities of policymakers and civil society organisations to counter digital manipulation. The Communications School at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro works to raise awareness around the role of communications in improving social justice in Brazil.
Purpose: To foster independent, reliable, and investigative information on the social, economic, environmental, and political impacts of the agribusiness model in Brazil. De Olho nos Ruralistas is an organisation that works as both an independent news outlet and an observatory focused on land conflict and socio-environmental degradation in the country.
Purpose: To support the right to land and water of traditional peoples (quilombolas and comunidades de fundo e fecho de pasto) and youth and rural women in the midwest of Bahia, in the northeast of the country. Comissão Pastoral da Terra is a national organisation dedicated to supporting rural communities and grassroots movements to develop sustainable forms of agricultural production.
Purpose: To ensure the safety of all children by creating a supportive, stimulating, and conducive environment that allows for holistic development. The project will continue to build the capacity of community structures to safeguard children by strengthening child protection committees in villages, in collaboration with the Department of Social Development. MASO is one of the main service organisations in Zimbabwe involved in HIV/AIDS programme activities.
Purpose: To improve the quality of life for orphaned children in households affected by HIV/AIDS and from farming communities in Mashonaland Central and Mashonaland West provinces of Zimbabwe. FOST started in 1997 as a response to the increase in orphaned children on farms in Zimbabwe largely due to the devastating impact of HIV and AIDS. It is a registered not-for-profit organisation that facilitates support for orphans and vulnerable children in farm communities in Zimbabwe.
Purpose: To strengthen the capacity of community home-based carers, health professionals, and religious leaders to deliver palliative care services in Bulawayo, Chitungwiza, Marondera, and Mutare in Zimbabwe. Island Hospice will also continue strengthening life skills and community-based psychosocial support for young carers in Marondera, a city in Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe, located about 72 km east of Harare.
Purpose: To improve the quality of life for adolescents and young people and promote child safeguarding for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS in the high-density suburbs of Harare. Mashambanzou Care Trust holds a vision of an HIV-free generation and provides information on HIV to the communities to help prevent the spread of HIV and sexually-transmitted infections.
Purpose: To distribute medical equipment to charities, hospitals, and people in Zimbabwe. Established in 2000, Harare Dawn Rotary Club is driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and a strong foundation of support.
Purpose: To provide support to children suffering from cancer and their caregivers by providing a tranquil, clean, and healthy environment where they can recuperate during their treatment period. It is hoped that this will facilitate lower morbidity rates of paediatric cancer patients in Zimbabwe.
Purpose: To transform the lives of students and their communities by providing them with an education that will grant them easier access to international higher education. Education Matters opened its doors in February 2016 as a not-for-profit trust registered in Zimbabwe. Its United Student Achievers Program aims to produce highly skilled and widely educated leaders to build tomorrow’s Zimbabwe.
Purpose: To protect and promote the rights of children in Zimbabwe so that they realise their full potential within families and communities. The Simukai Child Protection Program is a registered charity established in 2000 as a community response to help orphans and vulnerable children.
Purpose: To support the shelter in Ulfborg, Jutland, by reaching out to and including people with social, psychological, and physical challenges.
Purpose: To increase the capacity of the Værested for Hjemløse shelter through the hiring of an additional social worker.
Purpose: To improve the wellbeing of children claiming asylum by providing them and their families with effective legal and psycho-social support.
Purpose: To support the ECF's “target true zero” campaign, focussed on pushing for high ambition delivery and accountability of net zero pledges in Europe and internationally. The ECF is an independent philanthropic initiative working to help tackle the climate crisis by fostering the development of a net zero emissions society at the national, European and global level.
Purpose: To support the Karolinska Institute in Sweden to develop and test a scalable, non-stigmatising and low-cost clinical intervention for refugees and survivors of rape across Europe suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. This intervention will be drawn from advanced psychological research on mental health and will be delivered through an app.
Purpose: To provide core support to NCSECS for its research, advocacy, technical support and communications work to improve access and educational quality for students with disabilities. NCSECS is a US-based not-for-profit organisation committed to ensuring that students with disabilities, particularly those in under-resourced communities, have the quality educational opportunities and choices they need to thrive and learn.
Purpose: To support ongoing reporting about the teaching of reading in US classrooms, and intersections with learning differences and racial equity. Based in Minnesota, American Public Media is a national producer and distributor of public radio programmes across the United States. APM Reports works to raise awareness, inspire debate, and prompt positive change via non-partisan, independent investigative and documentary journalism.
Purpose: To deliver a major knowledge and capacity-building programme in order to help eliminate racial discrimination, disparities, and injustices in the homelessness and housing field in the UK. This will be done by expanding the tools available to tackle this enduring social problem. The Institute for Social Policy, Housing, Equalities Research (I-SPHERE) at Heriot-Watt University is among the UK’s top social, housing, poverty and equalities policy research centres.
Purpose: To provide a robust safety net for human rights defenders, civic activists, and journalists at risk, using tools such as emergency relocation, individual and group rehabilitation sessions and advocacy work. Based in the Czech Republic, People in Need is a large not-for-profit organisation and one of the global leaders in providing comprehensive support to human rights defenders.
Purpose: To develop the Aselo platform, an open source, customisable, cloud-based contact centre that will allow children to reach counselors through phone, SMS, webchat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. The grant will also fund capacity for Child Helpline International to improve and better connect its data, learning, evaluation, and advocacy work.
Purpose: To provide core support to Maggie Keswick Jencks Cancer Caring Centres Trust (Maggie's) to offer people with cancer and their families practical, emotional, and social support in Maggie’s Centres. Maggie's is a not-for-profit organisation providing free cancer support and information in centres across the UK and online.
Purpose: To support young adults in North Carolina with mental health and/or substance abuse issues, and their caregivers. Josh’s Hope Foundation provides therapeutic support, vocational training, job preparedness, and life skills. It helps young people to identify potential employers and housing opportunities and assists them in the transition to successful independent living.
Purpose: To provide support to Inquest Charitable Trust to continue its work to support Grenfell Tower survivors and the bereaved. This will be done through public inquiry, legal aid for bereaved families, a national oversight mechanism that ensures inquiry recommendations are implemented, and the adoption of the "Public Authority Accountability Bill".
Purpose: To strengthen Indigenous organisations and pro-Indigenous coalitions in Brazil and support the full implementation of their territorial and cultural rights.
Purpose: To provide core support to the European Environment and Health Initiative to improve EU policies on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) by strengthening civil society engagement. Despite widespread use of EDCs and evidence of them being health hazards, the EU has not yet properly regulated these substances. This grant aims to encourage EU decision-makers to adopt an inclusive and protective approach for regulating EDCs.
Purpose: To provide core funding to the UK-based EVAW, a coalition of specialist women’s support services, researchers, activists, survivors and not-for-profit organisations working to end violence against women and girls in all its forms.
Purpose: To provide grants and capacity building to women's groups across Scotland. In addition, Women's Fund for Scotland actively develops partnerships and advocates for more and better resources to ensure women's groups have longterm, sustainable support.
Purpose: To continue to be part of the Neighborhoods First Fund, a funder collaborative administered by the New York Foundation. The Fund promotes equitable, inclusive, and accountable development in New York City, with a particular focus on neighbourhoods with high immigrant, and low wealth communities.
Purpose: To provide support and recognition to children of deployed National Guard and Reserve service members and wounded veterans from all branches of service in the US. Our Military Kids provides grants for athletic, fine arts and tutoring programmes to keep the children of military families engaged in activities of their choice. This helps to relieve the stress of separation from the military parent by providing a positive distraction, minimising emotional destabilisation, building self-esteem and enabling academic achievement.
Purpose: To provide core support to Safe Horizon's Streetwork Project in New York. Safe Horizon works to provide support, prevent violence, and promote justice for victims of crime and abuse, as well as for their families and communities. A cornerstone of this mission is the Streetwork Project, which seeks to empower homeless young people in New York City through: comprehensive, trauma-informed services; the development of innovative, replicable programme models to meet their needs; and systems-level advocacy to increase awareness and supportive resources for vulnerable youth.
Purpose: To create a women’s hub which will provide services to women in North Staffordshire, the United Kingdom, including accommodation, outreach, recovery support, employment, skills, and training. Based in Stoke on Trent, Brighter Futures supports adults with complex needs as they take steps to leading an accomplished and fulfilled life.
Purpose: To build the capacity of organisations working with deaf and disabled people in London, the United Kingdom, to uphold their housing rights and entitlements. Inclusion London works to promote the equality and inclusion of deaf and disabled people.
Purpose: To provide support to LOKK, the Danish national organisation of women’s shelters. LOKK has recently developed a strategy for its work, recruited a professional board and a new director, and developed procedures and structures for its work.
Purpose: To support New Philanthropy Capital to maximise the impact of the not-for-profit sector in the UK. This will be done by building the sector’s capacity to access, analyse, and use digital data to improve the effectiveness of their work.
Purpose: To support Caring in Bristol, the UK, to develop initiatives to prevent homelessness for people experiencing debt and tenancy related housing problems, working with CHAS Housing Advice Service. The project will target young people and the most economically deprived areas of Bristol. Caring in Bristol provides a range of homeless advice, outreach and emergency services.
Purpose: To provide core support to Numun Fund for re-granting and strengthening it internally. Numun Fund is a feminist organisation working to ensure strategic investments in technology infrastructure for feminist activism and movement building. It sees technology as a transformative component of social change.
Purpose: To support Cymorth Cymru to establish a project in Wales, the UK, that amplifies the voices of people with lived experience of homelessness, in order to influence policy at local and national levels. The project will also provide training to enable people to engage decision-makers and respond to the media, along with producing a good practice report. Cymorth Cymru campaigns for organisations providing homelessness, community support, and social care services in Wales.
Purpose: To contribute to reducing and preventing homelessness in Northern Ireland by supporting projects that address root causes and amplify the voices of homeless people and those at risk of homelessness. Community Foundation NI focuses on supporting smaller, community-led organisations. Since it began in 1979, it has given many community-led groups their first charitable grant to address needs in local communities.
Purpose: To prevent torture and ill-treatment by strengthening legal frameworks that control the trade in torture technologies. This will be done through: increasing knowledge among governments and other policy-makers; and enhancing the ability of torture-prevention bodies and civil society to monitor, document, and report on torture and the technology used.
Purpose: To reduce homelessness in Northern Ireland by supporting projects that address violence against women. Community Foundation NI focuses on supporting smaller, community-led organisations. Since it began in 1979, it has given many small groups their first charitable grant to address needs in local communities.
Purpose: To strengthen community organisations that will organise a powerful base of grassroots community members to advance the Homes Guarantee, US national housing plan. People’s Action Institute is a multiracial national organisation and affiliate network working to advance racial, gender, and economic justice through community organising campaigns that improve people’s lives and address the root causes. People's Action builds the power of working people, in rural, suburban, and urban areas to win change through issue campaigns and elections.
Purpose: To provide core support to Fearless Collective to increase its capacity to use public art and storytelling to reclaim spaces with communities in the Global South who have been historically misrepresented or underrepresented. The South Asia based collective uses online campaigning, multimedia storytelling, and public art projects to engage in participative dialogue with women and marginalised communities around the world.
Purpose: To support PeerForward to build capacity to engage students of colour with learning differences as peer leaders. The aim of this grant is to increase post-secondary enrollment of students of colour in high schools across the United States. PeerForward’s mission is to unleash the power of positive peer influence to transform the lives of youth living in low-income communities by connecting them to college and careers.
Purpose: To provide core support to Grantmakers for Girls of Color (G4GC) in its mission to amplify and resource the transformational work that girls and non-binary youth of colour are leading to dismantle systems of oppression in the US. G4GC is committed to participatory processes that: build collective power in the philanthropic sector; increase the amount, diversity, and quality of funding directed to girls of colour and their movements; and support efforts to dismantle conditions and practices that often impede or undermine girls of colour in their access to opportunity and liberation.
Purpose: To seek improvements in legislation in the EU and nationally across Europe in policy, practice and public attitudes in relation to undocumented migrants. As a network with a rights-based approach, PICUM brings forward evidence and expertise on the challenges facing undocumented migrants across Europe, working to ensure access to rights irrespective of migration status and to end harmful enforcement practices. Issues addressed include promotion of Alternatives to Detention, non-detention of children and expansion of pathways to status regularity.
Purpose: To build the capacity of NEFOS, the Danish national organisation supporting bereaved people following a committed or attempted suicide of a friend or family member.
Purpose: To provide research and analysis through a racial lens that contributes to a national housing campaign in the US. ACRE is a campaign hub for organisations working at the intersection of racial justice and financial institutions, providing research and communications infrastructure and strategic support.
Purpose: To provide core support to the Free Yezidi Foundation, which delivers holistic care to Yezidi women and children survivors of ISIS violence in Iraq. In addition, Free Yezidi Foundation works to: secure justice for Yezidi survivors in national courts and tribunals; advocate for justice for Yezidi survivors and liberation of women and children still held by ISIS; and raise awareness and advocate for ethical, sustainable, community- and women-led responses for Yezidi survivors. Free Yezidi Foundation is a civil society organisation operating in Iraq.
Purpose: To identify housing activists in the UK who want to develop strategies to stabilise rents. This will be done by identifying, convening, upskilling, and aligning housing activists to help them work more effectively, with a focus on rent stabilisation. NEON provides training and support to build the power of movements for social and economic justice.
Purpose: To help strengthen the Migrant Resilient Collaborative in India, which aims to protect migrant workers by regulating placements and work conditions and providing them with full access to safety nets and entitlements.
Purpose: To provide support for Springboard Collaborative’s Family-Educator Learning Accelerator initiative. This will: help empower families with data about their child’s reading progress; enable earlier identification of language-based learning disabilities; and expand to serve more families and students. Based in Philadelphia, Springboard is a national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to closing the literacy gap by closing the gap between home and school.
Purpose: To improve the protection and safeguarding of adolescent boys and youth, including those with diverse gender identities and sexual orientations, displaced by conflict and crises. The Women's Refugee Commission advocates for gender equality across humanitarian response to ensure equal access and opportunity for all, increase dignity and wellbeing, and promote long-term self-reliance.
Purpose: To build strong, stable and secure military families in the US, so they can thrive in the communities they have worked to protect. The critical financial assistance provided helps stabilise families experiencing short-term financial challenges such as rent- or mortgage-arrears, etc. This frontline, short-term measure is designed to provide immediate relief. When a family is stabilised, they are better able to take advantage of supportive services that promote long-term sustainability and positive quality of life changes.
Purpose: To support Equal Opportunity Schools in building capacity and systems to ensure students of colour with learning differences have equitable opportunities to succeed in advanced academic pathways. This grant will also help Equal Opportunity Schools ensure that schools have the data, tools, and coaching necessary to support the success of students of colour. Equal Opportunity Schools works to ensure that students of colour and low-income students have equitable access to America's most academic high school programmes, and that they succeed at the highest levels.
Purpose: To support Hawaii Community Foundation to address economic impacts from Covid-19 through the Hawaii Island Strong Fund. The project will support actions to build a diverse and healthy economy, increase access to quality mental and behavioral healthcare, and encourage resident engagement and participation. In addition, this grant will support the Marine 30x30 Initiative, which focuses on effectively managing 30 percent of Hawai‘i’s nearshore waters by 2030.
Purpose: To provide core support to Access Now, which works to defend and extend the digital rights of users at risk around the world. This grant will support its civic activism work, including through: a 24-hour helpline for digital activists at risk; and research, policy, and advocacy on internet governance. Access Now fights for human rights in the digital age through: direct technical support; policy engagement; global advocacy; grassroots grant-making; legal interventions; and convenings.
Purpose: To provide support for the development, launch and scale of the All Means All principal leadership programme. Set up with support from Cambiar Education, All Means All is a new principal development programme designed to provide school leaders across the United States with training and coaching to achieve outstanding results for students with learning differences and other disabilities. Cambiar Education is a not-for-profit organisation focused on student success and equity.
Purpose: To provide support to New Schools Venture Fund in its work to support students with learning differences who experience additional adversity as they recover from the effects of Covid-19 in the United States. New Schools Venture Fund is a US-based not-for-profit organisation which works to reimagine public education through powerful ideas, passionate educators and visionary innovators so that all children — especially those in underserved communities — have the opportunity to succeed.
Purpose: To provide grant-making and institutional development support to eight former Joint Brazil Programme grantee partners over the course of four years (2020-2024). This will enable partner organisations to further develop their effectiveness and sustainability. Casa Socio-Environmental Fund works to amplify the actions of civil society organisations that deal with environmental and social sustainability challenges as part of the process of: eradicating poverty; strengthening democracy; and advancing justice, dignity, and quality of life in South America.
Purpose: To provide core support to end hunger and poverty through Neighbors Together’s community café in Brooklyn, New York City. Neighbors Together provides food, support, and opportunities to participate in organising campaigns and advocacy efforts that seek to transform public policies that support communities.
Purpose: To support the CHRI’s efforts to improve access to justice in India. This will be done with a focus on improving compliance with legal and procedural rights, and by improving detention oversight mechanisms, with a view to reducing arbitrary and prolonged pre-trial detention. CHRI was established in 1987 to promote awareness of human rights by the Commonwealth and its member states. It is based in New Delhi, India with offices in Ghana and the United Kingdom.
Purpose: To support the National Center for Learning Disabilities in achieving its mission of improving the lives of the one in five children and adults across the US with learning and attention issues. This will be done by empowering parents and young adults, transforming schools and advocating for equal rights and opportunities.
Purpose: To strengthen people in Western North Carolina economically, so that they can overcome crises, afford basic needs, improve money management skills, and make sound financial choices rooted in their values. The work of OnTrack Financial Education & Counseling advances economic self-sufficiency by empowering people with knowledge and providing practical tools. This supports people on their journey towards financial and housing goals.
Purpose: To support KIND's work to protect the rights and wellbeing of unaccompanied and separated migrant children from Central America and Mexico. KIND’s vision is a world where children’s rights and wellbeing are protected as they migrate alone in search of safety.
Purpose: To tackle the accumulation of problem household debt in the UK. Jubilee Debt Campaign is a UK charity working to end poverty caused by unjust debt through education, research, and campaigning.
Purpose: To provide core support to Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity enabling it to provide social palliative care for families in the UK. Rainbow Trust provides tailored, practical, and emotional support for families caring for a child with a terminal or life-threatening illness.
Purpose: To support the work of the Business and Human Rights Programme in its efforts to ensure that Australian companies respect human rights wherever they operate and are held accountable if they fail to do so. The Human Rights Law Centre is a leading civil society organisation in Australia that works to support people and communities to eliminate inequality and injustice and build a fairer, more compassionate Australia.
Purpose: To support Australian Wildlife Conservancy to restore endangered wildlife in the Newhaven and Mt Zero-Taravale wildlife sanctuaries in Australia. Australian Wildlife Conservancy is the largest private owner and manager of land for conservation in Australia, protecting endangered wildlife across more than 6.5 million hectares in iconic regions such as the Kimberley, Cape York, Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre and the Top End.
Purpose: To provide support to Modrehjaelpen (Mothers’ Aid) in Denmark, which works to help single parents, pregnant women, and families in vulnerable situations. Mothers’ Aid operates according to the principle of helping individuals to help themselves. Mothers’ Aid also works continuously on legislative initiatives to improve living conditions for families and pregnant women.
Purpose: To build a strong cohort of organisations to secure justice and accountability for the Syrian conflict. This grant will also work to: reduce ongoing civilian harm in the course of the conflict; and secure a public record of the conflict. The Syria Campaign (a project of The Voices Project) is an advocacy organisation founded in 2014, which works to create a bridge between those inside Syria and the international community.
Purpose: To promote and protect the fundamental rights of people facing criminal charges around the world. Fair Trials works to ensure that internationally-recognised standards of justice are respected by: helping people to understand and exercise their fair trial rights; coordinating and supporting a global network of people working in criminal justice; and fighting the underlying causes of injustice through research, policy, and campaigning.
Purpose: To provide unrestricted programme support to the UK-based Centre for Women's Justice to tackle psychological violence/coercive control. The Centre brings together specialist lawyers and experts in the field of violence against women and girls to ensure access to justice for victims and to challenge legal failings. In addition, it will connect an international network to create a reliable, authoritative evidence base and create good practice.
Purpose: To provide core support to the National Centre for Creative Health (NCCH), based in the UK, for its efforts to improve health and wellbeing through art and creativity. NCCH works to help foster the conditions for arts and creativity to be made integral to health and social care and wider systems.The organisation also works to advance good practice and research, inform policy, and promote collaboration.
Purpose: To provide core support to Shine Cancer Support, based in the UK, for its work to support the delivery of programmes and resources that improve the lives of young adults living with cancer. This grant will also strengthen the organisation's infrastructure by implementing a business development plan and fundraising strategy. Shine is a national organisation supporting adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s with cancer at any stage through a mix of expert information and peer support.
Purpose: To connect communities and inspire individuals through a world-class outdoor exhibition programme called The Line, London’s first dedicated public art walk. The Line offers a journey through a dynamic urban landscape where everyone can explore art, nature and heritage for free.
Purpose: To conduct open-source investigations into international crimes through the Investigations Lab and to provide hands-on training in forensic digital investigations. This grant will also place students with partner human rights organisations in order to share their expertise and build the field, and help develop ethical standards for the conduct of open-source investigations. The Regents of the University of California is the governing board of the University of California (UC), a state university system in the US state of California.
Purpose: To continue building a learning and action network among North Carolina-based not-for-profit organisations to advance education policy and practice improvements for students with learning differences who are furthest from opportunity. Based in Durham, North Carolina, MDC works to design, test, and scale strategies that work to bring equity and opportunity across the southern United States.
Purpose: To provide core support for Transcend’s work to create and expand learning environments that enable all students, especially the most marginalised, to learn in ways that nurture their growth. Transcend’s work also seeks to honour and acknowledge students’ individual identities and prepare them with the academic and life skills they need to thrive. Transcend is a national not-for-profit organisation based in the US that supports research and development in education to accelerate innovation in school design.
Purpose: To improve early credit completion of Durham Tech students based in North Carolina, the US, and reduce inequities by race and gender. By implementing a Success Coach model that adopts best practices, the Durham Technical Community College Foundation will improve the services and supports provided to individuals identified as at-risk of not completing a first college-level course successfully. The outcomes from this pilot project will inform potential plans to scale this work college-wide.
Purpose: To support Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, and to build capacity in cancer research in Nigeria by providing training and mentoring opportunities. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is among the largest, most successful and comprehensive cancer centres in the US.
Purpose: To preserve, enhance, and memorialise open-source evidence of human rights violations in Syria for advocacy, reporting, and accountability purposes. This grant will also support the expansion of digital tools in order to enable human rights defenders, journalists, and activists to archive evidence for future accountability and transitional justice purposes.
Purpose: To institutionalise a fellowship programme of university-level courses in community organising and related subjects. This grant will also enable the university to offer courses to community leaders. Topics covered will include those that strengthen the work of community organisations.
Purpose: To provide project support to Alder Graduate School of Education to prepare excellent teachers in culturally responsive, research-based literacy practices for all learners, especially those with learning differences. Alder is a not-for-profit graduate school of education based in California that supports traditionally underserved candidates to earn a Master’s degree and teaching credentials through a proven teacher residency model.
Purpose: To support the Endangered Wildlife Trust's Carnivore Conservation Programme to reintroduce large carnivores, including wild dogs and cheetahs, into protected areas in Mozambique. The Endangered Wildlife Trust is dedicated to conserving threatened species and ecosystems in east and southern Africa to the benefit of all people.
Purpose: To support The Courtauld’s Transforming the Future of Young People and Galleries Programme, which offers students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds in the UK greater access to art, art history, and expertise available from this leading academic institution. The project aims to transform the way art history is taught to young people and to offer opportunities for personal, educational and career development that might not otherwise be accessible to them.
Purpose: To support the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice in pursuit of its mission to advance LGBTQI human rights around the globe.
Purpose: To provide core support for Inc, an organisation working to empower Zimbabweans from low-income communities with technology education and employment opportunities. Inc helps Zimbabweans increase their earning potential and contribute to the country's technological and economic development.
Purpose: To provide technology solutions that enable human rights organisations to grow globally, in particular by increasing income from paid services and products. In addition this grant will support human rights organisations to: preserve evidence of human rights violations; organise libraries of human rights law; and build collective memories in the pursuit of transitional justice. HURIDOCS is a not-for-profit organisation that supports human rights groups to mobilise information for justice and accountability.
Purpose: To research, document, and advocate for strategies aimed at reducing violence in Brazil.
Purpose: To elevate structural solutions to the underlying injustice of the housing system in the US, amplify a new housing narrative, stop evictions, and extend tenant protections. In addition, this grant will lay the groundwork for a more just housing system that treats housing as a public good and elevates racially just systems change. Policy Link is a national US research and action institute advancing racial and economic equity.
Purpose: To provide core support to the Conservation Collective which aims to protect the environment, restore nature, and safeguard against climate change. The Conservation Collective comprises a global network of locally focused environmental foundations that works to facilitate funding for the most effective grassroots environmental initiatives.
Purpose: To support the Education and Society Program to advance a richer vision of student success that reflects students? academic achievement and their social and emotional development. This will be done through a lense that recognises agency, belonging, and identity as drivers of equity. The Education and Society Program is an initiative of the Aspen Institute, an education and policy studies organisation based in Washington, DC that works to foster leadership and provide a non-partisan venue for addressing critical issues.
Purpose: To support research that will inform education and policy leaders about students' experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic, in particular students with learning differences and other disabilities. This research project will also analyse implications for recovery and restitution. Based in the US Seattle WA, CRPE is a research centre affiliated with Arizona State University the University of Washington - Bothell.
Purpose: To provide core support to SELF to develop educators’ skills in meeting the needs of students with disabilities. Based in New Orleans, SELF was founded in 2015 to provide professional development training and coaching to help general and special education teachers create high-impact programmes for students with learning differences.
Purpose: To support Urban Culture and Heritage Initiative Trust (UCHI) to develop the Mbare Art Space, a vibrant community-oriented art studio centre in Zimbabwe. The Art Space is a hub for emerging contemporary artists in Zimbabwe that aims to benefit the local community.
Purpose: To support WestEd’s research and technical assistance assistance work with schools, districts, and states to study, document, and support strong systems for identification and intervention for students with learning variability. This is especially relevant as schools return after more than a year of interrupted schooling during the Covid-19 pandemic. Based in California, WestEd is a non-partisan, not-for-profit research, development, and service agency that works with education leaders to promote excellence, achieve equity, and improve learning for children and youth.
Purpose: To support students with learning disabilities to enrol in and graduate from East Carolina University (ECU). Project STEPP's mission is to provide students with learning disabilities with access and comprehensive support throughout the university experience as they aspire to achieve a college education and demonstrate the potential for postsecondary success. By partnering with these students, their families, and a variety of educational communities, the STEPP Program fosters a network of opportunities and resources to empower and support students from admission to graduation from ECU.
Purpose: To help build and strengthen the ability of civil society to advocate for better implementation of judgements of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). The European Implementation Network acts as a platform for civil society advocacy to promote ECtHR implementation and to support more robust structures that facilitate implementation both nationally and at the Council of Europe.
Purpose: To provide support to the Jharkhand Anti-Trafficking Network to help it become an effective and recognised resource agency by preventing the trafficking of women and children and promoting safe migration of adult women in 13 districts of Jharkhand.
Purpose: To provide core support to Level Up to campaign for gender justice in the UK. Level Up is a feminist community centering the voices and liberation of people experiencing gender injustice, women, gender non-conforming, and trans people. It uses digital tools to target, campaign for, and raise awareness, using cultural moments and in long-term, trusting coalitions with experts.
Purpose: To begin to transform New York City’s homelessness systems in order to prevent and end homelessness. FJC works with donors and not-for-profit organisations to offer donor-advised funds, creative investment ideas, fiscal sponsorships, and unparalleled personal service.
Purpose: To support Bard Early College to improve access to and preparation for higher education among students with learning differences. Bard Early College is a multi-campus network of public high schools in the United States in which post-secondary pathways are embedded within the curriculum.
Purpose: To raise awareness and provide guidance on brain injuries by educating sports journalists and launching a helpline. The Concussion Legacy Foundation's mission is to support athletes, Veterans, and all affected by concussions.
Purpose: To build a safer environment for human rights defenders in Asia, Africa, and Latin America by enhancing security where they are most at risk. Protection International (PI) implements comprehensive protection programmes, tailored to specific contexts, encompassing complementary strategies of capacity building, advocacy, research, publications, and media tools. PI seeks to empower local defenders, increasing their capacity to manage their own protection and security.
Purpose: To provide core support to DASH Arts to strengthen the organisation's infrastructure, improve sustainability, and expand its artistic programme. Based in the UK, Dash Arts collaborates with artists from around the world to create artistic programmes which provide audiences with new and different ways of understanding the world, cultures, and performance styles.
Purpose: To enrich HIAS Pennsylvania’s community engagement team to increase its capacity to serve, expanding the reach of advocacy and individual support through increased use of volunteers. HIAS Pennsylvania supports low-income immigrants of all backgrounds as they build new lives in our community. Through immigration legal services and an array of social services, we work to address their needs, defend their rights, and advocate for their equitable inclusion in American society.
Purpose: To align and improve financial reports in not-for-profit organisations around the world, in order to increase accountability and transparency. In addition this grant will support Humentum UK to reduce the administrative burden of financial reporting and auditing across the not-for-profit sector. With staff based across the United States, United Kingdom, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and India, Humentum UK works with humanitarian and development organisations to improve how they operate and to make them more equitable, accountable, and resilient.
Purpose: To provide core support to Marie Curie in the United Kingdom. Marie Curie is the leading end-of-life charity in the UK. It provides frontline nursing, hospice care, and information and support on all aspects of dying, death, and bereavement.
Purpose: To support TNTP to work with school districts to provide high-quality and equitable experiences and outcomes for students with learning differences from historically-marginalised groups. Based in New York, TNTP’s mission is to end the injustice of educational inequality by providing excellent teachers to the students who need them most and by advancing policies and practices that ensure effective teaching in every classroom.
Purpose: To provide core support for the Colorado Plateau Foundation based in the US. This grant will provide grant-making and programming to build Native-led organisational and community capacity to protect water, protect sacred places and endangered landscapes, promote food security, and preserve Native languages.
Purpose: To support Re:wild in its mission to confront and reverse the biodiversity crisis and the resulting environmental degradation. This grant will also support the organisation to restore the healthy functioning of ecosystems, and to promote the wellbeing of local communities.
Purpose: To support USCRI to expand its mental health and legal representation programme in North Carolina to the Washington, D.C. area. This support aims to promote the long-term stability and success of unaccompanied children in North Carolina and the Washington D.C. area. In addition the support will help: empower sponsor families to navigate difficult transitions; provide vulnerable young newcomers with immigration-related legal services; and increase community awareness through trainings and technical assistance. USCRI works to protect the rights of and address the needs of persons in forced or voluntary migration worldwide, and supports their transition to a dignified life.
Purpose: To support the expansion of openDemocracy’s Tracking the Backlash project, which aims to build an international consortium of investigative journalists working together across borders to expose, challenge, and reverse the transnational backlash against women’s and LGBTQI rights. The project also aims to build a more inclusive media ecosystem internationally by bringing the voices of women and LGBTQI people to the forefront globally, and investing in their journalism, investigative skills and capacities.
Purpose: To expand and strengthen a coalition of grassroots organisations that advocate for expanded protections for vulnerable tenants across New York State. New York Communities Organizing Fund, Inc. engages low- and moderate-income New Yorkers to help themselves through public education, advocacy, research, and direct services. It works to improve the economic security and wellbeing of low-income and people of colour communities throughout New York.
Purpose: To spur the momentum for care reform and family-based alternative care in India by strengthening the capacity of child protection actors. HHC will work in close partnership with CINI in Jharkhand and UNICEF at the state and national levels.
Purpose: To strengthen the power of renters in London by establishing a new branch of the London Renters Union (LRU) in the city. LRU will develop a diverse set of new leaders and will work to ensure that the union becomes an embedded part of the local community. It aims to empower marginalised groups, so that the voices of those most affected by the housing crisis in the UK are strengthened. LRU is a UK-based, member-led, campaigning union working to transform the housing system.
Purpose: To provide core support to MMW, which works to connect women and girls beyond the reach of traditional media in Sierra Leone. This grant aims to share information and inspiration that enables women and girls to be healthy, live safely, and fully enjoy their rights. MMW is a feminist organisation that began in 2013 as an idea developed by Sierra Leonean female journalists, who wanted to use media to amplify the visibility, appeal and reach of women’s rights agendas and the role of women’s movements in advancing democracy and justice.
Purpose: To advance the rights of refugees and other people in need of protection in the Asia-Pacific region through capacity-strengthening, joint-advocacy, and knowledge sharing. APRRN is a network of over 350 civil society organisations covering 29 countries. It works collectively to exert influence as a regional stakeholder in relevant policy dialogues. It also builds the capacity of national members and engages in advocacy to address asylum practice, immigration detention, statelessness, ill-treatment and other issues undermining the rights of refugees and vulnerable migrants.
Purpose: To provide core support to the NWI to enable it to strengthen and support women's rights organisations around the world. NWI uses the prestige of the Nobel Peace Laureates to increase visibility of women’s organisations. NWI also builds the capacity of women and civil society organisations and connects them across movements to strengthen the power and impact of their advocacy.
Purpose: To contribute to an improved understanding of, and response to, human trafficking and women's labour migration from a rights-based perspective. GAATW is an alliance of more than 80 member organisations working worldwide.
Purpose: To address social and health challenges facing young women through education and service-based learning by connecting girls from different countries and backgrounds through international exchanges, soccer leagues, and events. Goals for Girls uses soccer as a tool to teach young women life skills and leadership and empowers them to be agents of change in their own lives and in their communities.
Purpose: To contribute to improving the quality of life of migrants in Geneva, Switzerland by providing information about the health and social services that they are entitled to access. L'EPER's project Permanences Volantes, which works to improve the lives of migrants living in precarious situations in Geneva, offers services that are complementary to those provided by institutions. It does this through discussions, information sessions, drop-in advice sessions and cultural and physical activities.
Purpose: To strengthen Face To Face’s housing stability initiative in Philadelphia, which aims to strengthen the legal service to assist low-income clients with safe and secure housing. Face to Face is a multi-service organisation that supports more than 2,500 low-income and homeless people each year.
Purpose: To support the Sage Fund’s efforts to strengthen human rights accountability for economic actors globally. Hosted by New Venture Fund, the Sage Fund works to address critical gaps in protection created by the global economy by spurring innovation, building knowledge, skills and capacity, and creating greater leverage with the human rights movement.
Purpose: To support the Queensland Ballet Company’s Jette Parker Young Artist Program, a year-long apprenticeship programme offering young talented dancers a career pathway and building the next generation of internationally sought-after dancers. Queensland Ballet Company is a dance company in Queensland, Australia, connecting people and dance through performance, training, education, and community engagement activities.
Purpose: To provide grant management and value-added services to the grantee partner exit portfolio of the former Joint India Programme through the re-granting organisation Child Rights and You – America (CRY AM).
Purpose: To support the International Detention Coalition to build movements that influence law, policy, and practices to end immigration detention and implement rights-based alternatives to detention. IDC advocates for the human rights of people impacted by and at risk of detention globally. It works towards a world where immigration detention no longer exists and those who migrate can live with rights and dignity.
Purpose: To foster stronger and more strategic communications practices across the European and Central Asian LGBTQI movement. Based in Belgium, ILGA Europe works to promote the interests of LGBTQI people at the European level.
Purpose: To end homelessness and destitution among people with no recourse to public funds in Scotland. Homeless Network Scotland leads Fair Way Scotland, which is a collective of not-for-profit and academic sector organisations working to end homelessness through the development of an integrated service response model and policy change.
Purpose: To support Ex Cathedra, a leading UK choir, to deliver Singing Medicine – a programme which aims to improve the wellbeing of children at Birmingham Children’s Hospital through positive and inclusive interactive songs and singing games.
Purpose: To provide core support to Pancreatic Cancer UK, supporting its investments in research and its work on data and intelligence to drive policy changes and improve treatment and care for patients with pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic Cancer UK is a charity in the UK fighting against pancreatic cancer by investing in research, supporting patients and advocating for change.
Purpose: To provide core support to the RTTC which works across the US through its member organisations. Its efforts aim to: halt the displacement of low-income people, people of colour, and LGBTQI communities; and protect and expand affordable housing in tandem with a broader movement to build democratic, just, and sustainable cities.
Purpose: To improve the health outcomes for young women and adolescents in the districts of Jharkhand and West Bengal.
Purpose: To support Nazdeek in its efforts to improve access to justice for tea plantation worker communities in Assam and West Bengal.
Purpose: To improve knowledge of contemporary Africa through K-5 education in North Carolina. The African Studies Center (ASC) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill believes that an effective way to reduce misinformation about Africa is through elementary education. ASC will support digital learning about contemporary Africa using technology in kindergarten to fifth grade. Educators and students will expand their knowledge of modern Africa and draw important global connections between North Carolina and African contexts.
Purpose: To provide core support to Foundation for Change. Foundation for Change tackles social exclusion and enables people from disadvantaged backgrounds who have experienced significant difficulties with drugs or alcohol to participate fully in society.
Purpose: To work to ensure and defend human rights, highlighting findings, and working in close collaboration to strengthen organisations and communities advocating for change. Fortify Rights seeks to achieve human rights-based solutions, influence decision-makers and support local responses to end abuses.
Purpose: To defend the rule of law, the right to asylum, and a fair criminal justice system in Hungary. Based in Budapest, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee uses legal assistance, litigation, advocacy, and outreach to reach its goals.
Purpose: To support UHAB to assess 268 co-ops in need of repair, which provide low-income residents with long-term, secure housing in New York City. UHAB will provide residents with skills, knowledge and options about what works best for them, and will prioritise resident engagement and buy-in. It will enable them to do repairs and maintenance, deal with debts, and improve building and resident management. UHAB is a not-for-profit organisation that was formed in 1973 in response to widespread building abandonment and urban disinvestment in New York City.
Purpose: To protect and uphold the rights of children working in domestic servitude in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by challenging abuses against child domestic workers and creating ethical living and working conditions for them. This will be achieved by: positively influencing and reshaping the attitudes and behaviours of key stakeholders such as employers and employers' children; and strengthening community, government, and law enforcement bodies’ capacities and systems.
Purpose: To provide core support to the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) to help it eliminate abusive financial practices that disproportionately impact low- and moderate- income families and people of colour in the United States. Through research, public education, policy development and coalition-building, CRL enables low-income families to retain assets. This is vital to closing America’s widening wealth gap.
Purpose: To empower and equip first-generation college students in Durham Public Schools, their families, and educators to become the leaders that will transform the city. Student U is a community organisation that uses the power of education, advocacy, and leadership to build a just and equitable Durham. It works through three elements: a whole-families approach to college access and success programming; sharing best practices in education; and supporting student- and family-led advocacy in the city.
Purpose: To develop a hotline in Greenland that aims to help young people and adults process their grief. The hotline will extend the existing help already available to support children in the country. When children, adolescents, and adults are unable to process their grief, it can contribute to many mental and social problems. The hotline aims to break down taboos surrounding both grief and suicides in Greenland.
Purpose: To prevent destitution for homeless asylum seekers by expanding Hope Projects’ legal services to ensure all claimants have accurate information to proceed efficiently. Working with a network of partner charities across Birmingham, Coventry and the Black Country, Hope Projects provides housing, financial support and legal advice and representation.
Purpose: To provide core support to Kalayaan to work with migrant domestic workers in the UK, especially victims of labour exploitation or trafficking. As well as providing direct support services, Kalayaan will be campaigning to improve the legal and policy framework. Kalayaan is based in London and is the only advice organisation in the UK that works specifically with migrant domestic workers, the majority of whom are female.
Purpose: To provide the PLP in the UK with an unrestricted core grant to support it to improve access to legal remedies for those whose access to justice is restricted by poverty or other forms of disadvantage. PLP advocates at a local and national level, alongside training not-for-profit organisations and other stakeholders, to increase their capacity to represent excluded individuals, groups, and communities.
Purpose: To eradicate laws that criminalise consensual same-sex sexual relations and effect related legal change to end the systemic persecution and marginalisation of LGBTQI people. Based in London, the Human Dignity Trust provides legal, communications, and security assistance to lawyers, activists and governments who are working to challenge or reform the criminalisation of LGBTQI people and enact protective laws.
Purpose: To help ensure safe workplaces that are free of sexual harassment for women workers from the unorganised sector in West Bengal and the tea gardens of North Bengal.
Purpose: To strengthen the capacity of grassroots Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller organisations to challenge poor practice in local development plan processes in the United Kingdom. This grant also aims to help stimulate the supply of affordable, socially provided sites. This will be achieved by supporting housing associations to develop new sites in partnership with Gypsies and Travellers. Friends, Families and Travellers (FFT) is the only UK national traveller-led charity working on behalf of all Gypsies, Roma, and Travellers.
Purpose: To provide support to women leaving prison in Pennsylvania, the US. Why Not Prosper is a grassroots not-for-profit organisation, founded by a formerly incarcerated woman for other formerly incarcerated women. Why Not Prosper is committed to providing programmes and services that support women in their re-entry efforts from prison to community.
Purpose: To protect and promote women’s rights and gender equality in Plovdiv and more widely across Bulgaria, by providing rights-based services to women victims of violence. This support includes counselling, legal representation, and strategic litigation.
Purpose: To provide core support to WILPF to strengthen the capacity of frontline women’s organisations to mobilise for peace, equality, justice, and human security. In doing so, women’s organisations will influence laws and policies to better protect women and their communities from violent conflict. WILPF is an international not-for-profit anti-war organisation that brings women together to oppose conflict, violence, and global militarisation.
Purpose: To provide core support to NAEH, which is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation that uses research and data to find solutions for homelessness in the US. NAEH has links with most homelessness organisations in the US. It provides technical assistance and carries out research that is used across the sector.
Purpose: To provide core support to GSS, a youth and family development agency that operates over 90 programmes serving 30,500 children, youth, and family members in New York City. Advocates of social and racial justice, GSS partners with communities so that all children, youth, and families can succeed and thrive.
Purpose: To end family homelessness in Durham County by helping families. This will be done by: securing and maintaining housing; improving overall wellbeing so that people are self-sufficient; lessening the trauma homeless children and adults experience; and enhancing school readiness for young children. The Durham Collaborative to End Family Homelessness brings together four organisations to work more effectively to address the housing needs of families in crisis.
Purpose: To provide support for the supportive housing sector in New York and to ensure good quality implementation of state and city supportive housing commitments and to improve housing opportunities for people experiencing homelessness, while working to improve racial equity internally and sector wide. SHNNY is a membership organisation representing over 220 supportive housing providers across New York State, in the United States.
Purpose: To support Rural Development Institute to facilitate conditions in Jharkhand, India for women to earn and experience equal land rights.
Purpose: To strengthen independent journalism in the northeast of Brazil and its coverage of violence, human rights, and socio-environmental rights.
Purpose: To produce evidence-based research on targeted digital threats against civil society and other developments adversely impacting civic activism, and build local capacity to recognise and respond to these threats. Based at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, Citizen Lab focuses on research, development, and high-level strategic policy and legal engagement at the intersection of information and communication technologies, human rights, and global security.
Purpose: To provide support to Sandwell African Caribbean Mental Health Foundation in the UK, which delivers a range of mental health services in particular to Black people recovering from severe and enduring mental ill health. The organisation provides a range of culturally responsive mental health services to Black people who are using mainstream psychiatric services.
Purpose: To deter torture, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other severe human rights abuses around the world through litigation, legal advocacy, and outreach in pursuit of truth, justice and redress for victims and survivors. The Center for Justice and Accountability is a leading anti-impunity organisation employing innovative survivor-centred legal strategies to support domestic accountability movements and to hold war crimes perpetrators accountable.
Purpose: To end sexual violence against children by 2030 by catalysing a global movement of survivors and allies to advocate for transformative change. The grant also includes core support to strengthen Together for Girls’ (TfG) leadership role in the field of sexual violence against children. TfG is a public-private partnership that works to break cycles of violence with special attention to sexual violence against girls.
Purpose: To protect fundamental guarantees with respect to social protest, privacy rights, religious freedom, and civic activism. The grant will also assist in strengthening members’ tech, litigation and fundraising capacity through a series of consultancies and peer-to-peer exchanges. INCLO is a network of 15 independent, national human rights organizations from different countries in the North and South that work together to promote fundamental rights and freedoms.
Purpose: To support three philanthropic initiatives – Ariadne, Migration Exchange, and the Funder's Initiative for Civic Space – hosted by Global Dialogue. This will: enable European social change and human rights funders to make better informed decisions about their grant-making; help funders collaborate more effectively; and strengthen and support change within the philanthropic sector. Global Dialogue is a platform for philanthropic partnership that enables independent funders to work together to realise ambitious goals and create lasting change.
Purpose: To support the music director position at the Yehudi Menuhin School for five years. This grant is a contribution to the school’s new fundraising programme, whereby donors can sponsor or permanently endow specific faculty positions. The Yehudi Menuhin School provides a specialist education to boys and girls aged 8 to 19 years with an exceptional talent for music. Selection for a place at the school is determined on a “needs-blind” basis, based solely on musical potential.
Purpose: To provide core support to GJC to use legal arguments and advocacy strategies to dismantle discriminatory legal and political structures that prevent equality and human rights for all. In particular, GJC will focus on protecting sexual and reproductive rights and demanding justice for sexual and gender-based violence.
Purpose: To provide core support to Medical Justice, based in London, which focuses on ending medical mistreatment of immigration detainees. In addition, Medical Justice facilitates their access to appropriate healthcare and deploys research, policy analysis, and litigation to campaign for an end to immigration detention.
Purpose: To strengthen OMCT's communications and network capacity, and increase the effectiveness, visibility, and reach of its advocacy in the fight against torture. OMCT is a Geneva-based international network that aims to uphold the prohibition of torture by mobilising national and international support for the prevention of torture and the protection of victims of torture.
Purpose: To provide core support for Detention Action’s efforts to reform immigration detention at an individual and policy level. DA works with individuals to enable them to defend their rights, providing support and casework to detained migrants. It campaigns, lobbies, and litigates for fundamental reform of the UK detention and asylum systems.
Purpose: To provide core support to Education NC for its ongoing reporting on students with learning differences in North Carolina. Education NC is a not-for-profit organisation that works to expand educational opportunities for all students in North Carolina by providing residents and policy-makers with non-partisan data, research, news, information, and analysis about major issues facing the state’s public schools.
Purpose: To increase the provision of decent, accessible, affordable homes for extremely low-income households in the US, including those experiencing homelessness. The NLIHC is a national membership organisation that educates, organises, and advocates for affordable housing for the lowest-income households and homeless people in America.
Purpose: To challenge the use of immigration detention and quasi-detention for vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees. Based in London, the Helen Bamber Foundation provides specialist integrated support to survivors of human rights abuses.
Purpose: To support Cambiar Education, a US-based education design and innovation studio dedicated to developing new ways that K-12 public schools and education entrepreneurs can expand education opportunities for students. This project will engage students with learning differences in developing their own ideas for serving other students with learning differences. Students will be awarded micro-grants to implement their innovative solutions.
Purpose: To provide core support to NSF to strengthen grassroots organising led by communities of colour in New York City and the Hudson Valley. NSF has been providing grants and support to new and small groups for over 40 years using a participatory grant-making model.
Purpose: To uncover the truth about grave violations of human rights in Turkey, strengthen collective memory of those violations, and support survivors and other actors in their pursuit of justice. Based in Istanbul, the Centre works to support civil society. This is done by developing and sharing methodologies, tools, and policy recommendations with the aim of achieving better documentation and securing accountability and public recognition of past and ongoing crimes.
Purpose: To support the work of Imkaan, a membership organisation of Black and minoritised women's services addressing violence against women and girls in the UK. The grant has two purposes. One will support Imkaan to meet its core strategic aims for this sector's sustainability and eventual growth. The other is to support the building of Project Tallawah as the first UK community-focused fund by and for Black and minoritised women.
Purpose: To provide support to Homes for Families, which works to amplify the voices of homeless families in Boston and highlight systemic barriers and gaps in services. The project will focus on specific issues, including the impact of Covid-19 on homeless families and children. Homes for Families is a coalition of families and shelter providers, working across Massachusetts to prevent family homelessness and improve family shelters.
Purpose: To ensure that that all students, including those who have faced adversity from traumatic events, including racism and marginalisation due to disabilities, succeed at their highest levels in school and in life. This will be achieved through support to Massachusetts Advocates for Children, by expanding its Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative (TLPI).
Purpose: To prevent and end homelessness, and increase housing affordability and quality in Pennsylvania, US. The Housing Alliance is a state-wide coalition working to provide leadership and a common voice for policies, practices, and resources to ensure that all Pennsylvanians, especially those with low incomes, have access to safe, decent, and affordable homes.
Purpose: To support the Family Planning Association of India’s expansion into socially and geographically excluded communities in North and South West Bengal.
Purpose: To empower communities in Birmingham to fight homelessness in their city. Shelter exists to defend the right to a safe home. Each year, through advice and support services, it helps people struggling with bad housing or homelessness.
Purpose: To develop and implement opportunities for youth, adults, and veterans with physical disabilities to play individual, team, and recreational sports. Bridge II Sports develops a culture of empowerment that fosters respect for all abilities and has a life-changing impact on participants.
Purpose: To provide core support to Greater Boston Legal Services in its work providing legal aid to individuals and families in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, to help them meet their basic needs. GBLS provides legal advocacy at a systemic level, as well as direct support to clients, enabling people to access emergency shelter and secure affordable housing, gain protection from domestic violence, and access welfare benefits, recover earned wages that have been withheld by employers, and more.
Purpose: To provide core support for Fair Havens Hospice in the UK to ensure people within Southend, Castle Point, and Rochford affected by a complex or incurable condition receives the hospice care they need. Fair Havens provides respite, symptom control and end-of-life care to adults with palliative care needs in both the hospice and the community. The charity also supports families through tailored wellbeing and bereavement care.
Purpose: To provide support to UpTogether’s ‘Trust and Invest Collaborative’, a partnership that will evaluate the impact of cash payments on people with low incomes in the United States. This will help influence poverty related advocacy in Massachusetts and across the US. The project will also fund a Black Community Leaders and Activists Fund, developed with grassroots organisations. UpTogether works to eliminate poverty across the US by investing in low-income families.
Purpose: To provide core support to Prospera International Network of Women's Funds to increase its capacity to strengthen the field of women’s funds to transform the lives and communities of women and girls across the world. In addition this grant will help the organisation support founders of women's funds to retire in a cohort where they can support each other and create different pipelines for support within the network.
Purpose: To provide core support to CPAG in its work to prevent child and family poverty in the UK. CPAG works to ensure the just provision of welfare benefits and to expand support for and capacity building of frontline organisations. The grant will also contribute to its fundraising and infrastructure. CPAG campaigns and advocates in support of families and children living on a low income.
Purpose: To help ensure people in Northern Ireland have a decent, safe, and affordable place to live. This will be done by: providing advice, advocacy, and court representation services, training and information on housing and homelessness issues; and seeking to positively influence the development of housing and homelessness policy. Housing Rights is a charity promoting the rights of people who are homeless or in housing need.
Purpose: To provide core support to Generation Rent to help ensure people in the UK have access to secure, good quality, and affordable homes in the private rented sector. Generation Rent works to empower tenants in the private rented sector to be aware of their rights, and have a stronger democratic voice. It also works to ensure landlords are aware of their responsibilities, and prevent homelessness and poverty for tenants.
Purpose: To increase positive outcomes for residents of a homeless shelter through the development of improved monitoring and evaluation systems. SFTS is a night shelter that was founded in 2007 and is open every night of the year. Over the last five years SFTS has cared for 1,281 individuals, provided 75,000 bed spaces, helped 761 people to find accommodation and supported 367 people to find employment or sustain work.
Purpose: To provide core support to the Refugee and Migrant Centre (RMC) to support asylum seekers, migrants, and refugees in the West Midlands, the United Kingdom. This grant will help RMC to support these people in need to overcome crisis and disadvantage and become equal citizens.
Purpose: To hold predatory landlords accountable for discriminatory practices in the US, and to fight poverty, challenge systems that perpetuate injustice, and change lives through advocacy and legal representation. Founded in 1966 by the Philadelphia Bar Association, CLS is a not-for-profit organisation that is governed by a board of lawyers and community representatives.
Purpose: To create a collaborative university/public school tutoring initiative to support the academic attainments of struggling students who attend the 12 elementary schools in Alamance County, North Carolina. Considering school disruptions due to Covid-19, academic struggles have deepened among all students, especially among students of colour and students from low-income households.
Purpose: To provide core support to Tai Pawb in Wales, a social justice and equality-focused advocacy and capacity-building organisation. It will support the development of refugee-focused projects and deepen engagement with those directly impacted by homelessness and social exclusion, together with developing their fundraising capacity.
Purpose: To support small, women-led organisations that work with women and girls and trans/gender nonconforming individuals recently leaving jail with their housing needs in Philadelphia, the US. Gender Justice will also help advance the policy agenda of the Incarcerated Women’s Working Group, which was recently reformed to better support women and girls trans/gender nonconforming individuals leaving jail.
Purpose: To enable frontline organisations and public bodies to better identify and address migrants’ needs and support sustainable pathways out of destitution and homelessness. Praxis provides expert support to migrants and refugees in the UK. Every year it helps 2,000 people through immigration advice, housing and peer support groups.
Purpose: To support tenure security and territorial governance initiatives of Indigenous Peoples in the Amazon region, and to strengthen their organisational capacity to meet demand. The International Land and Forest Tenure Facility is the first and only international financial mechanism exclusively focused on partnering with Indigenous Peoples and local communities to secure their land and forest rights across the developing world.
Purpose: To create Sophia Point, Guyana’s first accessible wildlife and rainforest research centre. The centre will enable the study of vital rainforests and their biodiversity and will provide a site to train and educate Guyana’s next generation of leaders.
Purpose: To support City Life/Vida Urbana in Boston to support tenant organisers to create and preserve affordable housing for working-class residents of colour, through training and advocacy and building tenant and working class power. City Life/Vida Urbana is a bilingual Spanish/English community organisation that fights for racial, social, and economic justice and gender equality.
Purpose: To provide World Pulse with core support to increase its capacity to use the power of technology to grow women’s leadership across the globe. World Pulse is a safe digital place where women unite to courageously tell their stories, share resources, start businesses, run for office, and launch movements.
Purpose: To provide core support to undertake research examining the impact of the performative arts on health and wellbeing. The Centre aims to make a leading contribution to critical scholarship, research, and practice in the field of arts and health.
Purpose: To provide core support to the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) at Goldsmiths, University of London. The CCA hosts world-class exhibitions by international artists and provides a space for established and emergent practices. The institution responds to a diverse range of audiences, through community engagement, educational projects, publications, and an online journal.
Purpose: To provide core support to Women’s Link Worldwide to advance its mission of using the power of law to promote social change that advances the human rights of women and girls. Women’s Link Worldwide takes the law beyond the courtroom by: strengthening the human rights infrastructure; shaping public debate; and contributing to social movements that transform society and guarantee women’s and girls’ rights. Women’s Link Worldwide uses legal, communications, and mobilisation strategies to work across three themes: sexual and reproductive rights; violence; and discrimination.
Purpose: To increase the voice of communities and tenants to fight for social housing at local levels in the UK. This will be done by developing advocacy strategies and providing small grant funding to support community organisations and housing activists. NEF is UK think-tank and advocacy organisation that promotes social, economic, and environmental justice.
Purpose: To provide core support to Win-Win Strategies (WWS), hosted by Women Win, to increase its capacity to build relationships between the corporate sector and women’s funds. WWS works to: foster cross-sector dialogue; develop the capacity of women’s funds to collaborate effectively with the corporate sector; and champion holistic, rights-based approaches to women’s economic empowerment.
Purpose: To support the newly established Kent and Medway Medical School in increasing the supply of doctors in Kent’s coastal areas, which faces a high demand for health support in the face of population growth.
Purpose: To provide core support to the Urgent Action Fund for Latin America and the Spanish Speaking Caribbean, which works to ensure the wellbeing and security of women and gender non-conforming people's rights defenders. The project will be developed with the Urgent Action Sister Funds Consortium, in Africa, Asia and Pacific, Latin America, the Caribbean, the US, the Balkans, and the Caucasus.
Purpose: To provide support to Good Shepherd International Foundation and its partners in more than 35 countries to improve the lives of vulnerable children, girls, and women. This is achieved through a focus on poverty eradication through women economic empowerment, prevention of human trafficking, protection of the rights of migrants, elimination of child labour, protection of the rights of girls and women victims of violence and exploitation. Good Shepherd International Foundation does this through: capacity building; resource mobilisation; promotion of good practices in service provision; and organisational learning and strengthening.
Purpose: To provide core support to BSWN, based in Bristol, the United Kingdom, to advocate for initiatives relating to racial equity, specifically around housing and homelessness. BSWN empowers Black and Minoritised communities, businesses and organisations to flourish, while challenging systemic barriers and forging a true path for themselves.
Purpose: To encourage a greater yield and increased food security in Africa by scaling up myAgro’s innovative financial tool, which helps small-scale farmers save for major, up-front purchases like fertiliser and seeds. By expanding coverage in Mali and Senegal, and building the foundation in two additional West African countries, myAgro will reach one million farmers (of which 70 per cent are women).
Purpose: To support the operation of Good Shepherd Services’ homelessness reduction programme in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, UK. The grant will enable peer mentors and navigators to establish relationships and provide one-to-one consulting to those with a history of homelessness. The project will contribute to safer and more stable housing and provide new career prospects for the participants.
Purpose: To provide support to the Camden Community Law Centre to increase the capacity of the Public Interest Law Centre team in the United Kingdom to prevent homelessness, support migrants and asylum seekers, and improve access to public services in London and across the UK. In addition, this grant will support young Public Law solicitors and develop the team’s fundraising, governance, and communications capacity.
Purpose: To provide support to the Ubele Initiative, which works to help create inclusive community wealth building in the United Kingdom. The Ubele Initiative is a civil society organisation based in London, which works across the country and Europe, mostly with Black and Minority Ethnic communities. Ubele is a Swahili word meaning ‘The Future’. The Ubele Initiative is an African Diaspora-led intergenerational social enterprise founded in 2014. It works to build more sustainable communities across the UK through social action, community enterprise development, and leadership initiatives.
Purpose: To break cycles of violence in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras through community-based mental health support. Glasswing uses a collaborative approach that equips individuals and institutions with the knowledge to understand the impact of trauma on wellbeing and the skills to mitigate the consequences.
Purpose: To identify and nurture outstanding young professional singers, conductors, répétiteurs and directors, through the Jette Parker Young Artists Programme, to ensure that the supply of talent in opera is maintained at the highest level.
Purpose: To provide Pine Street Inn, based in Boston, with a grant for an endowment fund, that will provide a permanent income stream towards the funding of their supported housing. Pine Street Inn also provides emergency shelter for adult men and women who are homeless, as well as street outreach services and work training support into employment, so that people can move on with their lives.
Purpose: To diversify economic opportunities and revenue sources while increasing employment for local communities in North Luangwa, Zambia. This will be done through the establishment of community-owned, self-catering tourist camps. The North Luangwa Conservation Programme is people orientated, supports biodiversity protection, and encourages coexistence between people, livestock, agriculture, and wildlife. It does this by creating multiple land use and income opportunities for communities living in wild landscapes thereby linking livelihoods with landscape.
Purpose: To provide core support for activities that strengthen civil societies in Zambia and Madagascar. This will be achieved through inclusive learning environments that support traditionally disadvantaged residents living in rural communities within conservation areas.
Purpose: To help support the development of sustainable use and livelihoods policy in South Africa and its passage into law, through engaging civil society and capacity building. Wilderness Foundation Africa believes that long-term conservation is the most efficient and effective way to sustain and protect all life on earth for the benefit of generations to come.
Purpose: To establish a methodology rooted in local realities for co-creating, disseminating, and communicating socio-ecological evidence that supports growing networks seeking to transform conservation.
Purpose: To establish national policies and legislative reforms in targeted countries in Asia to prohibit the commercial trade of wild birds and mammals for human consumption, and to assure effective counter-wildlife trafficking measures are in place. Wildlife Conservation Society is a global organisation with headquarters in New York City, which works to conserve more than two million square miles of wild places around the world.
Purpose: To protect landscapes and wildlife in Southeast Asia by implementing direct wildlife and habitat protection strategies across 2,000,000 hectares of habitat. Wildlife Asia will work with local organisations, communities, and authorities to achieve its goals. Wildlife Asia works with local not-for-profit organisations and communities to support their vision for a sustainable future.
Purpose: To ensure the survival of elephants and their habitats, and to develop and scale conflict mitigation approaches between humans and elephants. Elephants Alive works to develop “living landscapes”, which are resilient rural networks of people able to resist exploitation, while safeguarding wild spaces and wildlife.
Purpose: To stabilise efforts in southern Africa to combat illegal wildlife trade, encourage increased coordination between key countries, and consolidate support for core activities that span the region. Wildlife Crime Prevention works to reduce the illegal wildlife trade throughout the region of southern Africa.
Purpose: To provide core support to Citizens UK, whose mission is to build the capacity of people from disadvantaged areas to participate in public life. Citizens UK has pioneered community organising in the UK and, by developing leaders, seeks to hold decision-makers to account on the issues that matter to them.
Purpose: To strengthen families and to avoid placement of children into small and large institutions in Bulgaria, and to shift public resources and action towards strengthening families who are in crisis so that they are able to stay together. Working within the context of broader care reform, this grant will re-energise advocates, amplify the voices of parents and young people leaving care to drive change, and demonstrate and scale what works.
Purpose: To support the Central England Law Centre to prevent and reduce homelessness and poverty through specialist legal and social welfare expertise in Birmingham, the United Kingdom. This will be done by seeking to make change through strategic litigation and policy influencing to help the most vulnerable. The Central England Law Centre provides free specialist legal advice to those most in need. Using legal processes to fight social exclusion, it advocates for people, challenges unfair decisions, take cases to court and works in partnerships with other support services.
Purpose: To provide core support to Z2K, based in London, to develop its debt advice, welfare benefits and homelessness prevention services. Z2K will also expand its campaigning activities, which aim to improve the legal and benefits systems. Z2K is a not-for-profit organisation which provides legally-focused advice services (primarily in central London), with the overall aim of eradicating poverty and improving opportunities for people on low incomes.
Purpose: To provide core support to HomeStart in Boston, the United States, which offers homelessness prevention services and supports people to find stable housing. Founded in 1994, HomeStart works to end homelessness in Greater Boston by giving individuals and families the support they need to find and maintain housing.
Purpose: To provide core support to One25, which works with Bristol’s street sex workers through a person-centred approach. One25 reaches out to women trapped in, or vulnerable to, street sex work and supports them to break free and build new lives away from violence, poverty and addiction.
Purpose: To reduce the risk of sexual violence occurring against children in Unguja, Zanzibar. This will be done through community work that targets children, families/caretakers, schools, community, and local leaders. Pathfinder champions sexual and reproductive health and rights worldwide. It envisions a world where everyone leads a healthy sexual and reproductive life.
Purpose: To provide core support to The Lucy Faithfull Foundation to continue to prevent the sexual abuse of children. This will be done by providing direct support to child victims, families, and those perpetrating or at risk of doing so. The Lucy Faithfull Foundation is a UK-based child protection charity dedicated to reducing the risk of child abuse.
Purpose: To reduce child sexual abuse across 20 schools and neighbouring communities in three districts of Western Uganda. This will be done by implementing integrated and layered interventions that work to influence individual attitudes, relationships, and social norms that drive child sexual abuse.
Purpose: To improve life outcomes for African children and adolescents. This project will support the capacity development of policymakers and young researchers to advocate for programming that addresses multiple areas of child and adolescent development, including violence prevention. Policymakers and early career researchers will advocate for evidence-based cost-effective solutions for child and adolescent violence prevention which can be rolled out at scale. This advocacy work is embedded within the UKRI GCRF Accelerating Achievement for Africa's Adolescents Hub, co-hosted by the Universities of Cape Town and Oxford.
Purpose: To build evidence on child sexual abuse prevention measures in Uganda and Tanzania through technical and learning support to implementing partners. ICRW will provide technical and learning support to two of Prevent CSAP’s partners in Uganda and Tanzania to build learning and evidence on what works to prevent child sexual abuse, and communicate it widely.
Purpose: To support the Global Early Adolescent Study (GEAS) in its mission to reduce gender inequality among early adolescents and promote healthy transitions into adulthood, free from sexual violence. This grant will provide core support to the coordinating core at Johns Hopkins as well as support to develop and implement an advocacy strategy.
Purpose: To support ECF to continue its mission of protecting children from abuse and helping those who have experienced all forms of violence, including sexual abuse. This core support grant will also enable ECF to strengthen its organisational development.
Purpose: To provide core and project support to four early childhood development regional networks in Africa, Asia, and the Arab world to integrate a gender-transformative approach focused on positively engaging men in their children's lives. Swiss Philanthropy Foundation is Oak Foundation’s partner hosting foundation based in Geneva, Switzerland.
Purpose: To support the CDC in funding critical research gaps to strengthen the evidence base for preventing youth- or adult-perpetrated child sexual abuse. This grant will also increase the number and quality of evidence-based strategies available for use by federal, state, and local public health agencies, academic institutions, CDC grantees, youth-serving organisations and other CSA prevention providers. The CDC Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organisation created by US Congress to mobilise philanthropic and private-sector resources to support the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s critical health protection work.
Purpose: To identify and evaluate the most promising child sexual abuse perpetration prevention interventions. This will ensure maximum implementation impact through country level advocacy, communications, and scale. The Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse at Johns Hopkins University was established in 2012 and works to create change through efforts in research, education, communication, advocacy, and policy.
Purpose: To support the Global Parenting Initiative to provide access to free, evidence-based parenting support, so that parents are equipped with knowledge and tools to protect their children from sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. The initiative, led by the University of Oxford in the UK with the University of Cape Town in South Africa, the National Institute for Medical Research in Tanzania, and Makerere University in Uganda, will evaluate the impact of three parenting interventions in Uganda, Tanzania, and South Africa. It will also support the overall parenting initiative to innovate, accelerate uptake and scale, and advocate to institutionalise parenting programmes to prevent child sexual abuse.
Purpose: To provide core support to the Shackleton Foundation in the United Kingdom which exemplify the spirit of Ernest Shackleton’s leadership by giving seed funding to social entrepreneurs supporting socially disadvantaged young people. The Shackleton Foundation is a small charity founded in 2007 in memory of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton.
Purpose: To provide core support and to further the development of the Sacconi quartet, its annual festival in Folkestone, the United Kingdom, and associated charitable activities. The Sacconi quartet performs regularly at major venues in London and across Europe.
Purpose: To support the Carlos Acosta International Dance Foundation to achieve the five-year development plan for Acosta Danza, Carlos Acosta’s dance company. Acosta Danza aims to become a leading independent dance company that highlights the diversity and vibrancy of Cuban culture, unites classical and contemporary styles, and provides a platform for young, talented Cuban dancers.
Purpose: To provide core support to Harlem Children’s ZoneHCZ and its pipeline of programmes that offer education, social service and wellness services to over 12,000 children and their families in Central Harlem, New York the 97-block Zone each year. HCZ strives to break the cycle of poverty in Central Harlem by working at scale to build community, strengthen families, and ensure children succeed from birth through college graduation. HCZ’s strategy is a model for communities struggling with poverty and failing educational systems.
Purpose: To increase the reach of the Alliance Publishing Trust within the global philanthropic community. This grant will also support the Trust to provide independent, in-depth and trusted coverage of the issues, trends and developments in individual and institutional philanthropy around the world. Alliance aims to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among philanthropists, social investors and others working for social change worldwide in order to maximize the impact of funding for social development.
Purpose: To protect children from online child sexual abuse by scaling up the development and use of technology tools globally. These tools help identify victims, equip platforms to protect vulnerable children and support frontline responders working to stop online child sexual abuse. Thorn builds technology to end child sex trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children.
Purpose: To create positive social and environmental outcomes by carrying out research on distant water fishing vessels in the eastern Pacific, the western central Pacific Ocean, and the Gulf of Guinea. This information will support campaigns to help reduce illegal fishing and human rights abuses. Building upon a strong foundation of science, partnership and field demonstration, Conservation International helps societies responsibly and sustainably care for nature, our global biodiversity, and for the wellbeing of humanity.
Purpose: To strengthen local fishing communities in Senegal and protect artisanal fisheries from threats posed by distant water fleets. The organisation works to promote a healthy, productive, and resilient coastal and marine environment for the wellbeing of people and the conservation of biodiversity in West Africa.
Purpose: To provide core support to help address climate change, plastic pollution, and global biodiversity loss. CIEL seeks a world where the law reflects the interconnection between humans and the environment, respects the limits of the planet, protects the dignity and equality of each person, and encourages all of earth’s inhabitants to live in balance with each other.
Purpose: To support Oceano Azul to build momentum for the protection of oceans and elevate the issue on the global decision-making agenda. Oceano Azul Foundation is a Portuguese Foundation that works towards a healthy and productive ocean for the benefit of our planet.
Purpose: To strengthen a broad network of fishers, processors, and sellers in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. The Health of Mother Earth Foundation works with movements for the recovery of memory, dignity, and harmonious living with Mother Earth.
Purpose: To identify legal services households in New York experiencing rent fraud, and support them to win rent refunds and protect affordable rent levels. Housing Rights Initiative is a not-for-profit housing watchdog group that investigates real estate fraud and connects tenants to legal support.
Purpose: To provide core support to Community Voices Heard (CVH), a member-led organisation of low-income people, predominantly women, in the US. CVH seeks to improve the lives of low-income families and communities in New York City and State through building the power of low-income people by developing an organisation that members control and lead.
Purpose: To provide core support to RHLS, which works to improve the economic capacity of low-income people in Philadelphia, the US. It does this by providing legal services and technical assistance to community-based organisations that develop affordable housing. RHLS was formed in response to slum conditions in a large workforce housing project in the Philadelphia suburbs in 1973.
Purpose: To establish a housing loan fund to enable charities to purchase residential property for their clients and facilitate asset ownership in the not-for-profit sector.
Purpose: To provide core support to FFC, a women’s fund and women’s movement builder, based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. FFC provides technical assistance and funding to grassroots women's groups: contributing to strong, vibrant women's movements that promote and protect the rights of women and girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Purpose: To provide core support to Fondo Semillas, enabling it to strengthen the Mexican feminist movement by increasing the skills and resources available to women’s rights organisations. In addition to grant-making, Fondo Semillas also provides accompaniment and alliance building to strengthen feminist leaders and organisations. Fondo Semillas is the first women’s fund in the global south and the only fund of its kind in Mexico.
Purpose: To provide core support to FRIDA – The Young Feminist Fund to enable it to provide accessible and strategic funding for young feminist-led initiatives.
Purpose: To provide core support to WAR, who support survivors of rape and domestic violence across the UK to seek justice. WAR runs a range of services, including providing legal information, empowering victims of rape to advocate for themselves, and campaigning for justice and protection for all women and girls who have suffered sexual, domestic and / or racial violence.
Purpose: To provide core support to Eye to Eye, an organisation that empowers young adults with learning disabilities to mentor younger students with learning disabilities. The organisation facilitates peer mentoring, leadership development and local outreach. This support will enable Eye to Eye to evolve and refine its programme model and scale its initiatives. This includes expanding its mentoring programme to reach more than 4,500 students and extending outreach efforts to more than 165,000 individuals.
Purpose: To help identify the biggest vulnerabilities for online child sexual exploitation and work to change the culture around Big Tech. Online safety has become a core pillar of ParentsTogether’s advocacy work, given the growing harm children face on social media and other online platforms. ParentsTogether believes that parents can be an unstoppable force for good in creating the future that children deserve.
Purpose: To promote strong, data-informed, and victim-centred policies to prevent online child sexual abuse and hold technology companies accountable. In partnership with No Limit Generation, RAINN will also develop trauma-informed, video-based resources for caregivers of children who have experienced sexual abuse. RAINN is a US-based not-for-profit, anti-sexual assault organisation that works to prevent sexual assault, help survivors, and ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice through victim services, public education, public policy, and consulting services.
Purpose: To end impunity for sexual violence within religious institutions in Latin America by using accountability as a necessary means of prevention. CRIN uses research to raise critical rights issues pertaining to the protection of children in the international agenda, and as a basis for reform alongside global partners.
Purpose: To provide core support to CHILD USA so that it can help make US elite sport safe for children, based on the Game Over Commission recommendations. CHILD USA will accelerate the reform of Statute of Limitations in the US, and will work to strengthen the role of the insurance industry in the prevention of child sexual abuse. CHILD USA is a leading not-for-profit thinktank working to end child abuse and neglect in the US.
Purpose: To contribute to ending sexual violence against adolescent girls and improving the access of victims to justice in Tanzania, Bolivia, and the Latin American region. The mission of Equality Now is to achieve legal and systemic change that addresses violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world.
Purpose: To help reduce online child sexual abuse by influencing tech companies to create a safe online experience for young people. This will be done by supporting Fariplay's Designed with Kids in Mind campaign to spur tech company accountability by strengthening policies and improving the regulation of online services used by children and teens. Fairplay is building a world where kids can be kids, free from the false promises of marketers and the harmful manipulations of BigTech.
Purpose: To support the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children to ensure that social media and online messaging services protect children from online harms, including child sexual abuse. The NSPCC will achieve this by campaigning to secure a legally enforceable set of legislative and regulatory online protections. The NSPCC seeks to make the UK a global standard bearer for tech accountability on behalf of children.
Purpose: To provide core support that will allow A Breeze of Hope to provide comprehensive legal, social, and psychological support to children victims of child sexual abuse in Bolivia. The grant will also support A Breeze of Hope to advocate to end impunity of child sexual abuse in the country and in the region.
Purpose: To provide support to the Physicians for Human Rights, which works to prevent sexual violence in conflict zones and stop impunity for sexual abuse against children. PHR creates conditions where children and adults can: report sexual crimes; seek medical and psychological treatment; document evidence; and obtain access to justice and reparations without fear, stigma, shame, punishment, or retraumatisation.
Purpose: To support the Safe Online initiative of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children to build stronger systems, networks, and technology solutions to make the Internet safe for children. This will be done by supporting promising tech innovations to detect, prevent, and respond to online child sexual exploitation and abuse. In addition, generating data and insights will reveal emerging threats and what is working, and hopefully influence policies, regulations, budgets, and business practices.
Purpose: To strengthen the European Environmental Funders' Group (EEFG) by improving philanthropic knowledge, collaboration, strategy and impact in the field. The EEFG is a network of foundations across Europe active in the fields of environment, sustainable development and climate change. It provides a platform for learning, networking and identifying synergies to develop common activities.
Purpose: To bring justice to those most affected by climate change, and to put climate impacts at the centre of political agenda conversations to ensure governments respond to the climate emergency. CAN is a worldwide network of more than 1,300 not-for-profit organisations in more than 130 countries, working to promote government and individual action to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels.
Purpose: To support ASAP to provide free, high-quality legal representation and advice for asylum seekers appealing against a Home Office refusal or withdrawal of support. This grant aims to reduce destitution among asylum seekers at risk of homelessness in the UK, by challenging the asylum support system through policy influencing and strategic litigation. It also provides an early intervention model to build the skills of other organisations in appeals.
Purpose: To reduce Europe's dependency on oil by accelerating the uptake of electric vehicles and other clean transport solutions. T&E’s vision is a zero-emission mobility system that is affordable and has minimal impacts on people’s health, the climate, and environment.
Purpose: To support work towards a carbon-neutral Brazil. Instituto Clima e Sociedade supports projects that target climate change and which work to build a just and prosperous society.
Purpose: To support the Clean Cooling Collaborative to promote efficient, climate-friendly, and affordable cooling for all. The Clean Cooling Collaborative is a philanthropic initiative working to deliver climate-friendly cooling for everyone.
Purpose: To support ECF to accelerate the transition to clean power in Europe. The ECF was established in 2008 as a major philanthropic initiative to help Europe foster the development of a low-carbon society and play an even stronger international leadership role to mitigate climate change.
Purpose: To support the Commission on the Future of Mobility to ensure that future mobility is built around people, enabled by technology, and which re-centres transportation as a basic human right. The Commission on the Future of Mobility is a new coalition of leaders created to help shape sustainable and equitable policy solutions for the movement of policy and good around the world.
Purpose: To support financial and private sectors to move towards a clean, safe, and equitable energy system globally. CDP is a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states, and regions to manage their environmental impacts.
Purpose: To provide core support to the India Climate Collaborative and scale up its climate work in India. American Friends of EdelGive Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide solutions to deep-rooted social inequalities and build the capacities of credible grassroots organisations in India that work towards that goal.
Purpose: To support efforts to build a social movement that creates and maintains the conditions required to deliver and sustain a Green New Deal in the United Kingdom. Green New Deal UK calls for public policy to address climate change, and achieve other social aims, such as creating jobs and reducing economic inequality.
Purpose: To provide core support to GAIA for its global work to prevent plastic pollution crisis and toxic waste. This will be done by challenging false solutions such as chemical recycling and incineration. GAIA is a worldwide alliance of more than 800 grassroots groups, not-for-profit organisations, and individuals in over 90 countries whose vision is a just, toxic-free world without waste incineration.
Purpose: To support Indigenous-led conservation, governance, and stewardship as key avenues for promoting food security and community wellbeing on all three of Canada’s coasts, and particularly in the Arctic. Environment Funders Canada is Canada’s national network of philanthropic foundations and other organisations that support efforts to transition toward a more sustainable world.
Purpose: To provide core support to Global Fishing Watch for its work to share data publicly, and for free, to promote international cooperation and enable a new era of ocean governance where transparency is the norm.
Purpose: To support China and Vietnam to be global leaders in reducing plastic pollution.