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Child safeguarding self-audit moves online

Child Safeguarding / Policy

Every year, we ask our grantee partners who come into contact with or have access to children to undergo a child safeguarding self-audit process. This is because we believe that safeguarding children is ‘everybody’s business’, and all organisations and professionals working or in contact with children must demonstrate that their operations are ‘child safe’.

We have moved our self-auditing child safeguarding update procedure online. This is in order to facilitate an easier review and monitoring. We will no longer ask our partners to fill out a word document, but instead we will direct you to an online platform. This will enable us to both integrate safeguarding conversations throughout the lifetime of the grant relationship and extend safeguarding support to our partners.

The new online self-audit is hosted on the platform SurveyMonkey Apply. Going forward, please submit your self-audit on the platform as a part of your next application or progress report. You will find detailed instructions included in the guidelines on GMS. As this is a new initiative, all feedback is much appreciated: please don’t hesitate to reach out to Oak’s Child Safeguarding team or your designated programme officer.