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Celebrating 60 years of dance

Partner story

Photo: © Dance Trust Zimbabwe

To mark six decades of its work, Dance Trust Zimbabwe has been partnering with international organisations to showcase the impact dance and the Trust has made on Zimbabwe’s Harare community.

Not only has the Trust provided the community with exciting, international opportunities, but it has opened doors for many aspiring artists, dancers and choreographers to launch into international careers.

Leah Nelson is a Zimbabwe-born dancer who, through her connection to the Dance Trust of Zimbabwe, won a scholarship to study performing arts in the United States. She is happy to see that increasing numbers of children in Zimbabwe are learning about ballet.

“The quality of their work is just phenomenal. I am also really happy to see several male dancers venturing into classical dance and taking it seriously – something which was rare to see when I started pursuing a career in dance.”

– Leah Nelson, Dance Trust of Zimbabwe alumnus

This grant falls under Oak’s Zimbabwe Programme strategy, which works with local organisations involved in caring and providing for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Zimbabwean society.

For more information about the work of Oak grantees in Zimbabwe, read pages 78-80 of our 2017 Annual Report.

Source: Oak Foundation Annual Report 2017