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Building student success in Switzerland

Special Interest Programme / Partner story

Photo provided by Oak Hill School

Oak Hill is a not-for-profit programme providing learning instruction for students with dyslexia and/or attention deficit disorders. Its unique half-day programme is taught in English, providing students with three 50-minute lessons in reading, writing and mathematics.   

In 2006, Oak Hill opened its doors to assist families in the Geneva/Vaud area of Switzerland. Now, after 15 successful years the Oak Hill team are celebrating their special anniversary!

“We are delighted to have reached our 15th year serving children who learn differently!” says Patricia Spencer, headteacher at Oak Hill School.  “Our programme really works – which is why our students and parents are so positive and encouraging about the work we do. 2021-2022 marks a special milestone for us and we look forward to supporting those with dyslexia and ADHD in the region for many years to come. Happy birthday Oak Hill!”

Oak Hill uses research-based and multi-sensory teaching methodology developed by the Hill Learning Center in North Carolina. The programme optimises student-to-teacher interaction and promotes each students’ self-esteem, engagement, and achievement. Individualised tasks and small class sizes (classroom ratio of one teacher to four students) gradually transform students into confident, resilient, and independent learners.

Since opening, Oak Hill has grown from strength to strength, earning an excellent reputation among educational psychologists/professionals in Switzerland and internationally. It also works closely with other international schools in the area, offering advice and training to fellow teachers/educators and parents.

Oak Foundation provides core support to Oak Hill through our Special Interest Programme, which reflects the Trustees’ interests in making innovative grants, including supporting special education.

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