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A safe haven for children in the heart of central London 

Special Interest Programme / Partner story

Image by wirestock on Freepik

Coram’s Fields is a children’s charity based in the heart of central London offering different services for various ages from newborn babies all the way up to the age of 19. 

Its unique and central attraction is a seven-and-a-half-acre playground and park open to children and young people living in or visiting the area, free of charge. As well as first-class sports facilities, Coram’s Fields offers after-school and holiday programmes; a sports development programme for children up to 16 years old; a youth centre for 13- to 19-year-olds; and an Early Years programme, which includes a nursery for children 2-5 years old; and a space for parents and carers to spend quality time with their children under five.  

“The wider community can come down and take advantage of this free of charge,” says Naz Deen, head of youth and sport at Coram’s Fields.  

Coram’s Fields’ teams are a great resource for local families living in the area, many of whom live in cramped accommodation with no gardens of their own or access to an outdoor play area. The park is free to the public and up to a thousand children come to play here daily during the summer.  

“I think Coram’s is an incredible, special place, just because it’s such a big support system to everyone that lives in the area”, says Deenah Ali, a youth worker from the children’s charity. “We really do believe that Coram’s Fields is a safe haven for children.”  

One of the ways that Coram’s Fields ensures a safe and secure space for children to come and play is by not allowing any adults to enter who are not accompanied by children. Watch this video to find out more about the great services offered by Coram’s Fields.  

This grant falls under Oak Foundation’s Special Interest Programme, which covers a wide range of fields, including environment, health, humanitarian relief, education, and the arts. You can find out more about the programme by clicking here, or you can learn more about Coram’s Fields and its history here.