“Despite some hopeful early evidence, personalised learning approaches are not yet delivering on the promise of moving all students toward reaching their full potential,” says Stacy Parker -Fisher, director of Oak Foundation’s Learning Differences Programme. “And if designers fail to consider...

Learning Differences

As a new fifth-grade teacher, Mary Ann Wolf had a young boy named Riley in her classroom. Despite being bright, Riley could not read. He was unable to piece letter sounds together to make a word in reading class.

“When a student struggles, the question is not what’s wrong with the student...
Learning Differences

“For the majority of my life, I hid my learning disability,” said Becca O’Hea, a college senior at East Carolina University (ECU). In middle and high school, Becca’s parents advocated for her so that she received special education services and other assistance at school. Despite this support,...

Learning Differences