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Why do we support capacity building and organisational development? Organisations can face a range of internal and external challenges that can undermine their effectiveness. External factors such as availability of funding or restrictions on civil society groups require specific, targeted efforts often beyond the scope of a single organisation. On the other hand, internal factors such as leadership, strategic vision and clarity, management systems or processes can often be addressed through capacity building and organisational development. Resolving these issues enhances an organisation’s chances of success.

Oak’s capacity building and organisational development support enables grantees to have the greatest possible impact by improving their leadership and management skills and developing a more robust structure. Stronger organisations achieve better social justice outcomes and are more sustainable, resilient and effective. We hope to enable organisations to better address issues of global, social and environmental concern, particularly those that have the greatest impact on the most disadvantaged. We also help Oak strengthen its own staff’s ability to support capacity building and organisational development.

How do we define capacity building and organisational development?
Building stronger organisations can take place either through specific activities that develop skills and strengthen how an institution functions (capacity building) or by improving an organisation’s overall effectiveness (organisational development). While capacity building addresses specific problems, organisational development helps organisational evolution.

Organisations that are effective in achieving their goals have a few things in common:

  • Strong leadership
  • Clear strategies
  • Sound financial systems
  • Robust fundraising plans

Watch our video

Adriana Crăciun is a Senior Adviser for Organisational Development & Capacity Building at Oak Foundation. In this video she talks about her role and the work that we do.

How to get involved

Oak partners and grantees interested in capacity building and organisational development should contact their responsible Programme Officer directly. If you are not a grantee, please to visit the page Our Grant Making for more information.