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Communicating without barriers through technology

Issues Affecting Women Programme / Partner story

Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels

World Pulse, a tech platform that connects more than 70,000 women in 190 countries to help create social change around the world, has a common-sense approach to helping women connect and collaborate. It has created a safe digital refuge where women unite to tell their stories, share resources, start businesses, run for office, and launch movements. Google Translate is embedded into the site, helping the women to easily overcome the language barrier. While enabling this sense of community among women, World Pulse also offers digital skills trainings and its editorial desk crowdsources stories and solutions to provide awards to women who have successfully built online and offline movements for change.

As society increasingly relies on technology, women are at risk of being left behind, because compared to men, women have less access to the internet globally. (Source: To combat this, on International Women’s day, World Pulse launched #SheTransformsTech designed to give women all over the world the opportunity to share ideas, concepts, and potential initiatives that showcase how women are using technology to transform society.

“With #SheTransformsTech, we can speed up women’s global progress and kickstart a surge of women’s collective power activated through technology and grassroots advocacy in communities across the world,” said Jensine Larsen, founder and CEO of World Pulse.

In response to the pandemic, World Pulse also launched #ConnectWomenHealTheWorld to showcase how women are collaborating across borders to find solutions and create impact globally. The campaign features a collection of stories, including:

  • launching an app that responds to the rise of gender-based violence during lockdown;
  • a collaboration that feeds 400 hungry Nigerian families; and
  • crowdsourcing, which has led to food and health solutions.

All in all, its efforts are working towards a future where every girl and women believes in the power of her voice and uses it to build a world where all life thrives. Watch the #SheTranformsTech campaign video here and learn more about its work on its website. You can also read more about World Pulse’s use of Google Translate hereon Google Stories.

The World Pulse grant falls under Oak’s Issues Affecting Women Programme. Through the work of our partners in this programme, our goal is to build a world where women are safe, free and have an equal chance to thrive. Read more about the programme strategy here.