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Greenpeace campaign results in victory for the oceans

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Photo: © Anne Henshaw / Oak Foundation

Thai Union, a producer of seafood products based in Thailand, will reform its global supply chains in efforts to beneficially impact both the oceans and its staff. This decision follows two years of efforts by Greenpeace, which campaigned for this in a bid to curb and expose the human and environmental harm caused by the fishing industry.

“This marks huge progress for our oceans and marine life, and for the rights of people working in the seafood industry. If Thai Union implements these reforms, it will pressure other industry players to show the same level of ambition and drive much needed change. Now is the time for other companies to step up, and show similar leadership.”

– Greenpeace International Executive Director Bunny McDiarmid.

As a result of the campaign, Thai Union’s commitments include the following:

  • reduce the number of fish aggregating devices used globally in its supply chains by 50 per cent by 2020 (these manmade devices attract large shoals of fish, making them easier to round up in large quantities but responsible for dwindling fish stocks in the world’s oceans);
  • ensure independent observers are present at sea to inspect and report on potential labour abuse;
  • develop a comprehensive code of conduct for all vessels in its supply chains in order to ensure workers at sea are being treated humanely and fairly;
  • implement strong requirements to help reduce bycatch; and
  • move to full digital traceability, allowing people to track their tuna back to the vessel it was caught on and identify the fishing method used.

“We are happy to hear about this victory,” says Steve Campbell, Campaigns Leader for the Environment Programme, Oak Foundation. “Greenpeace have done a good job here and we hope that they continue to use such excellent strategy in the future.”

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