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Tim Parritt joined Oak’s International Human Rights Programme as Programme Officer in 2009. He covers the portfolio areas of detention/due process in migration and counter-terrorism contexts, human rights defenders and closing civic space, strategic communications and Myanmar.


Previously his main experience in the human rights field was with Amnesty International (AI), where he worked for 12 years as Deputy Director of the Asia Pacific Programme overseeing work on South Asia, and as Researcher covering Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. In 2008 he was deployed as a long-term observer with OSCE and EU election missions in the US and Bangladesh. He subsequently joined the International Commission of Jurists' regional office in Bangkok helping analyse Thailand's internal security laws.


Prior to joining AI, Tim worked in the corporate sector as a Senior Research Analyst in a political risk consultancy advising multinationals investing in Asia Pacific. He holds a degree in Modern History from Oxford University and a Masters with distinction in International Human Rights Law from Essex University.



Location: London, United Kingdom





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