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On occasion, Oak provides grants to organisations or a group of organisations outside the budget of our programmes. These are often large grants. Below is a list of all recent Special Initiative grants with links to more information.


Digital Promise Global (DPG) — USD 10,000,000 over five years

In 2017, Oak provided a grant to DPG to accelerate the Learner Positioning System (LPS) initiative with the goal of improving student agency and teacher instruction. DPG is a US-based not-for-profit organisation committed to educational innovations which improve opportunities to learn. The LPS initiative will develop research-based models for understanding learning across content areas and for individual learners. DPG will partner with technology developers, educators and policy leaders to use these models to shape the design and delivery of educational products and systems to support the full range of variability in learners.


Visit the Digital Promise Global’s website for more information.



The Voices Project

In 2017, Oak provided a grant to The Voices Project to support the UK-based 'The Syria Campaign' in its work to elevate Syria’s heroes and build global support behind them. The Syria Campaign works remotely to create a bridge between those trapped inside Syria facing violence on all sides and the international community.  Believing in freedom, democracy and peace, it works to raise awareness of civil society groups in media and popular culture. By doing so it hopes to encourage the sense that there is a Syria worth protecting. This will also help ensure that the people’s voices are heard in political discussions on Syria’s future.


Visit The Voices Project website for more information.



Climate Justice Resilience Fund – USD 20 million over six years

In 2016 Oak provided a USD 20,000 grant to create the Climate Justice Resilience Fund. While the changing climate will ultimately impact everyone, some people are on the climate change “front lines,” already contending with climate risks to their families and livelihoods. The goal of this grant is to support these front-line communities, and to learn from their leadership in developing climate resilience solutions. The fund takes a human-centred approach that respects people’s rights and addresses the inequities associated with climate change – in other words, a climate justice approach.


The Climate Justice Resilience Fund (CJRF) supports women, youth, and indigenous people to adapt and build resilience to a changing climate, and to build movements to advocate on behalf of their communities. It supports grassroots, community-led initiatives to help those on the front lines of climate change reduce risk, manage shocks, rebound, and continue on the path to sustainable development. The Fund also seeks to ensure that these communities’ insights into climate resilience inform national- and global-level action, and are shared broadly. The CJRF works in East Africa, the Bay of Bengal, and the Arctic on four key climate justice issues: food security, water access, sustainable livelihoods, and climate-related migration.


The Climate Justice Resilience Fund is a project of New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity registered in the United States. The CJRF welcomes additional funding partners with aligned interests, and is developing a partnership strategy to increase the size of the fund and its impact.


If you would like more info about the Climate Justice Resilience Fund please visit their website.



Climate justice grant-making – USD 5 million

In 2015 Oak Foundation provided five special initiative grants to organisations that build on the values, approaches and mission of the Foundation’s different programme areas in addressing climate change. The main goal of these grants was to advance the urgent call for climate mitigation as part of the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 21) to the UNFCC, which took place in Paris at the beginning of December 2015. The organisations that received grants include: Center for International Environment Law, Internews USA, Tebtebba – Indigenous   Peoples’ International Center for Policy Research and Education and Women’s Environment & Development Organization.



ClimateWorks Foundation – USD 75 million over five years

In 2014 Oak made a substantial investment of USD 75 million over five years in the ClimateWorks Foundation. This contribution reflects Oak’s wish to reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally and to protect our climate through the development of responsible global and local governance mechanisms, which will have important ramifications socially, as well as environmentally.


ClimateWorks supports climate action in the sectors and regions where the largest amounts of carbon reductions can be achieved. It aims to influence change in: power generation; transportation; energy efficiency; forest and land use; and non-CO2 climate pollutants such as methane and black carbon.


Climate change is a global problem that requires a coordinated response; acting in concert with other foundations committed to reversing climate change will multiply efforts. ClimateWorks is unique in its ability to provide a powerful platform for funder collaboration. ClimateWorks enables funders to discuss strategies, compare perspectives, learn from one another and engage new foundations in the process – ultimately increasing the effectiveness of our actions.


Visit the ClimateWorks’ website for more information.





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