• 20% of students in juvenile justice systems have learning and attention issues; likewise, 20% of CEOs. The difference in life trajectory between these two populations is a direct result of the resources and supports available to help students maximize their potential.

  • Reimagine Learning’s 20 grantees have all developed plans of action to enhance their ability to serve learners with complex needs and challenges and, together, are serving over 5 million students in the U.S.




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Name: Mary Curran


Email: mcurran@newprofit.org



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“It took me until now – and I’m 22 years old – to understand that I have something to offer, that the differences in my brain don’t mean that I’m stupid or defective.  I finally understand that my unique brain is a gift and I can contribute to the world in unique and powerful ways.  I spent so many years feeling ashamed.  I don’t want other kids to have to walk the same path that I did.”

– Miki Katoni, member of the Reimagine Learning team

and Northeastern University student



What have you accomplished through your Oak-funded programme that you’re most proud to share with your colleagues?


Funding from Oak Foundation has enabled Reimagine Learning to conduct a systematic analysis of the impact of our various areas of work to date, which is allowing us to enhance our current work and to think critically and strategically about how to design future activities.



What’s the most interesting challenge your Oak-funded programme currently faces?


The head of America Forward – New Profit’s policy arm – frequently says: “Policy happens when preparation meets opportunity.”  Given the shifting political context in the U.S., we face an adaptive challenge in our policy work.  Clearly the need to better support students with learning differences will not disappear, however, we will need to adapt our activities to take advantage of those windows of opportunity and to proactively resist attempts to roll back progress made in the past few years.  A lesson learned for us is to ensure a sufficient balance of planned, “no regrets” work and allocation of time and resources for other, adaptive and opportunistic work that can drive meaningful change.



New Profit is a US-based non-profit venture philanthropy fund working with entrepreneurs, philanthropists and other partners to transform the way America educates its children, propels people toward social and financial stability, and creates healthy communities. New Profit established the Reimagine Learning Fund to support communities and schools to create teaching and learning environments that unleash creativity and potential in all students – including those with complex needs and challenges – so that they realize academic and life success.

Supporting engagement of a network of practitioners, funders, policymakers, and innovators to reimagine the future of learning



The vision for New Profit began with a question—what prevents social entrepreneurs from scaling their innovations at the same pace and quality as Coca-Cola? Vanessa Kirsch faced this paradox and turned it into a source of inspiration when she spent a year interviewing social entrepreneurs across twenty-two countries in 1995. In 1999, she launched New Profit to provide unrestricted, multi-year growth capital and strategic support to a small portfolio of innovative social entrepreneurs. Since this time, New Profit has supported more than 50 high-potential non-profit organisations across multiple issue areas. Through its Reimagine Learning Fund, New Profit is investing in high-potential organisations and collaborations between organisations to creating learning environments that better meet the diverse needs of all students, including students with learning differences. Reimagine Learning has convened a diverse network of over 450 individuals who are putting the needs of the most vulnerable students at the centre of the national dialogue about the future of learning in the U.S., reshaping federal and state policy, supporting district-level change efforts, and empowering young people, parents, and educators to drive transformative change.








With Oak’s support, New Profit is bolstering its cross-sector network of funders, social entrepreneurs, researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers focused on supporting students with the most complex learning needs, and driving policy change. As a significant convener of learning differences-focused leaders and policy makers, New Profit has realized that communication lapses between its convenings lead to a loss of urgency and focus. The Reimagine Learning Fund is harnessing Oak funding to strengthen regular communications with its network members (through its blog, social media, and email communications), build a website and resource hub that will promote connection among members, and increase its media presence to raise the profile of work completed by network members. It is also mobilizing its policy team to influence federal and state education policy in favour of students with learning differences, and to support the policy and advocacy capacity building of the Reimagine Learning grantees. Finally, Reimagine Learning is conducting an evaluation to build a comprehensive picture of its impact across all of its areas of work.




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