Funding the oceans

Oceans are one of the largest life support systems in the world.  Human life cannot exist without the oxygen the oceans produce. Many communities around the world rely on oceans for their livelihoods., an online knowledge hub part-funded by Oak Foundation, was launched to protect the oceans, the life it supports and the livelihoods that depend on it.

According to, the ocean covers 71 per cent of the earth's surface, but has received less than one per cent of all philanthropic funding since 2009. has been designed to track, inform and inspire ocean conservation philanthropy. It is a resource to help funders and non-governmental organisations work towards the protection of the oceans. It provides a map of the funding landscape to help actors in the field understand where their help is needed and how they can collaborate. It also provides an online community were peers can discuss emerging threats and share their experiences.

On 18 April the Foundation Center and Marine Watch International will give a webinar presentation of A demo of the funding map, resource centre, and online community will be given, followed by time for questions and answers. Find out more here.


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