Helping the homeless in Denmark

At any one time there is an average of 6,000 homeless people in Denmark, of whom many suffer from mental illness. A partner with Oak Foundation Denmark since 2004, Projekt Udenfor provides support to people living on the streets of Copenhagen.

Projekt Udenfor has several street-based projects. Its main project is the Mobile Café which delivers hot meals, coffee, clothes and sleeping bags to the homeless of Copenhagen. Projekt Udenfor staff engage in regular dialogue with the homeless population, which helps nurture a true understanding of their situation and responds quickly when there is an urgent need on the streets.

As part of its communications outreach work, Projekt Udenfor offers training to high school and university students on working with the homeless. Projekt Udenfor also contributes to the social ‘homelessness debate’ through media channels such as films and runs a free monthly information meeting that is open to the public. Other projects currently being piloted by Projekt Udenfor include Projekt Locker Room, which provides safe storage for homeless people to store their belongings, Youth Project which aims to improve the conditions for young homeless persons and Transit Programme which provides basic needs to vulnerable homeless foreigners.

To find out more about Projekt Udenfor, visit its website.

@ Rachel McKee/Oak Foundation