What does Fondation Ensemble do?

Decades of environmental degradation, pollution, overpopulation and deforestation among other issues has led to resource depletion and other environmental problems. Although it will take decades of concentrated efforts from all corners of the globe to solve this, many can be resolved by creating sustainable farming practices and treating the earth with respect.

A French-based foundation, Fondation Ensemble focuses on sustainable agriculture, fishing, technologies and land and marine biodiversity conservation. As its name suggests, it believes that all living beings are interconnected together (ensemble), but that we must also all work together to address these challenges.

The Foundation strongly believes in sharing experience and knowledge and as such has a Board of Experts, made up of 34 volunteer professionals at its heart. The experts rigorously analyse potential partners, undertake regular field visits and provide extensive evaluations on the work of its partners. This approach has led to Fondation Ensemble investing USD 25 million across 265 programmes and five countries (Ecuador, Peru, Mozambique, Laos and Cambodia) since its inception in 2004.

Fondation Ensemble has been an Oak partner with the Environment Programme since 2013. “We have a lot in common with Fondation Ensemble when it comes to our world view and that’s very important for me – just as important as expertise,” says Leonardo Lacerda, Director of Oak’s Environment Programme.  “Because it’s not enough to dream of changing the world, you have to be able to make your dream come true. It is by enabling the creative and courageous individuals and organisations closer to the field that we can hope for and see practical changes in the world.”

Currently Oak is supporting Fondation Ensemble with its marine-related work in Mozambique. In 2015,  four organisations in Mozambique in the areas of sustainable fishing and biodiversity conservation benefitted from its support. “I thought it was an interesting approach to manage fishing activities so I became an active member,” says Assane Nassoro, a local institution member who participates in the ‘Our Sea, Our Life’ project in Quiwia, Mozambique.

Even in the short time that he has been a member he has seen improvements. “Since our marine reserve is operational, we observe our resources are coming back – even some other species that had already disappeared around here,” he says.
To find out more about Fondation Ensemble, visit its website where you will find detailed information about all its programmes and results.


© Jacqueline Délia Brémond