La Garenne

If you venture through the hills of Vaud, Switzerland, admiring the stunning views over Lake Geneva, you will soon stumble across a hidden gem. La Garenne, in the village of Le Vaud, is home to about 40 local species of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects. La Garenne has four main objectives: to rescue and provide treatment for wild animals that have been wounded; to protect and to reintroduce endangered species to the wild; to educate people, including school children in the area on the local environment; and to allow the general public to experience Swiss wildlife firsthand.

La Garenne has been an Oak grantee with the Special Interest Programme since 2014. Oak’s support helped La Garenne relocate to a new animal park five times the size of its previous location. On its opening weekend in March 2016, the animal park saw 4,000 visitors pass through its gates.

Take a look at this video featuring Oscar Gillard, one of La Garenne’s animal keepers, as he talks about the unique features of this wonderful animal park.

To find out more information, including information on how to visit the animal park, visit this website: