What does Reprieve do?

The death penalty, torture, drone strikes, secret prisons, Guantánamo Bay – these are just some of the human rights challenges that Reprieve tackles regularly. “Over the last 15 years, Reprieve has made the death penalty and abuses committed in the name of the so-called ‘war on terror’ a moral, financial and political nightmare for some of the world’s most powerful governments,” writes Ken Macdonald QC, chair of Reprieve. “Reprieve is a light in the darkness – we expose and challenge these injustices wherever they occur.”

An international organisation, Reprieve is currently working on behalf of 101 people facing the death penalty in 17 countries, and 8 men imprisoned in Guantánamo Bay. It is also leading the fight against US-led drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen.

Abdullah Hasan al-Zaher is one of Reprieve’s clients. In 2012 and at just 15 years old, Abdullah was arrested in Saudi Arabia for allegedly participating in protests. After being tortured into signing a confession, he is now facing death by beheading. Reprieve is working to save Abdullah’s life by building relationships with local lawyers, undertaking investigations, international advocacy, publicising cases through the media and raising awareness about the human rights implications of the death penalty.

Through this tireless work, the organisation has so far helped almost 400 people on death row either avoid execution or secure their release, and won the freedom of 77 men illegally detained without charge or trial from Guantánamo Bay, more than any other NGO or law firm.

For substantial and durable political change to occur and accountability to exist in the areas where
Reprieve works, public support is needed to encourage political powers to change.

Reprieve has been an Oak partner since 2007. To find out more, visit its website.