Capturing Hate

A new report called "Capturing Hate", from the WITNESS Media Lab analyses a collection of eyewitness videos demonstrating violent acts against transgender people in public places in the United States.

Of 329 videos posted there were more than 89 million views, over 600,000 shares and more than 554,000 likes. They include videos of: a transwoman being beaten into a seizure at a Maryland McDonalds; two transwomen being assaulted, and one stripped naked, on an Atlanta train; and a gay man in drag being beaten in a Washington, D.C. pizzeria as bystanders cheer on the assailants.

These videos are being shared on “shock” sites like, World Star Hip Hop and Fly Height, as well as YouTube, Facebook, Vine and Twitter. The videos were created not with the intention of exposing or prosecuting abuse, but rather for entertainment. This is despite the fact that their portrayal of the mistreatment of transgender people ranges from disrespect to murder.

In addition, they are shocking because of the homophobic, transphobic and racist remarks that dominate the viewers’ comments. “The hate comments on these videos are just horrifying,” said Kylar Broadus from the Trans People of Color Coalition. “These comments are not just targeted at people in the videos, they are targeted at all trans-people and all gender non-conforming people.”

This report can make a huge difference in the fight for transgender rights. Check out this video and find out more about what WITNESS does here.