Advancing Human Rights Report: Shedding light on global human rights funding

Having a good understanding of the context is key for successful grant-making.  To this end, Foundation Center and the International Human Rights Funders Group have embarked on an ambitious goal to build understanding of the current landscape of foundation support for human rights.

Some 20,300 grants given to 12,262 organisations worldwide in 2013 were analysed in the 2016 Advancing Human Rights: Update on Global Foundation Grant-making report.  It found that Oak Foundation was one of the top funders of human rights causes in 2013, including the top funder of human rights defenders and the fourth highest funder supporting the human rights of indigenous peoples.

The findings from this report, the most comprehensive view of the human rights funding landscape ever, have the potential to help funders make informed decisions about their grant-making and be more strategic in their work.  "This is an essential tool for any strategic grant-maker who wants to know where funding can make a difference,” says Adrian Arena, Director of Oak’s Human Rights Programme. “It provides a valuable aerial shot of the funding landscape in which Oak – through its various programmes – is a critical human rights donor in nearly all regions of the world."

The report reveals a 23 per cent increase in the total number of grant dollars from 2012-2013 and an increase by 6 per cent of the number of human rights related disbursements. Sweden and the United States are the top donors (14 per cent and 12 per cent respectively) while Afghanistan, Rwanda, Colombia and Indonesia are the top recipients. The populations benefiting from the largest share of funding are women and girls (21 per cent), children and youth (19 per cent) and migrants and refugees (11 per cent). Equality rights and freedom from discrimination were the issues that received the most funding at 15 per cent.

The latest data has been added to the interactive Advancing Human Rights website, which enables funders, activists, researchers, academics and others interested in human rights funding to explore giving by issue, population, strategy and region. A free copy of the report can also be downloaded from this website.

Oak Foundation is proud to support the Advancing Human Rights Initiative.

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