Using communication for change with AMWCY

Children all over the world have hopes and dreams for the future, but sadly for many, these dreams can be difficult to attain.

The African Movement of Working Children and Youth (AMWCY) was founded in 1994 in the Ivory Coast by children and youth. The movement has since grown rapidly and is now mainly run by young people under the age of 18 in 27 African countries. These children either haven’t had the opportunity to go to school or have had to leave early for diverse reasons. AMWCY gives them the opportunity to contribute to the development of their countries, by helping educate others about issues such as child marriage and mobility and child abuse. They work by reaching out to street children to inform them of possibilities open to them. “I received vital information that I really needed thanks to AMWCY,” said one girl from Guinea. “I’m studying now thanks to AMWCY,” said a young boy from the Ivory Coast.

Enda Youth in Action is the supporting structure of the development of AMWCY and together they’ve produced cartoons related to child issues.These cartoons are aimed directly at children, in the hope that they will be inspired to fight for their entitlements. In addition they are helping to build feelings of solidarity and hope among young people in Africa.

Check them out on the Abuse of Child Rights here and on Child Marriage here.

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