What does Caucus for Children’s Rights do?

Some 50 per cent of the Tanzanian population are children. Three out of four of these children have suffered from violence.1 The Caucus for Children’s Rights in Tanzania (CCR) aims to change that. Its vision is to protect children by creating a culture of action, attention and accountability. The CCR promotes positive social action by encouraging individuals, officials and organisations to come together, learn about child protection, engage in dialogue and thus contribute meaningfully to the community. The CCR has been an Oak grantee with the Child Abuse Programme since 2010.

The CCR began as an informal coalition of likeminded organisations in 2004 and since then has grown to be one of the largest child protection organisations in Tanzania. The CCR has a wide range of roles and responsibilities within the community, including undertaking research, advocacy, creating awareness, changing perceptions and offering solutions. Some of its initiatives include sharing stories through social media channels of everyday heroes who take action to protect children, creating a community theatre, working with city officials to create child protection systems in Arusha, training child protection workers, providing a space for professionals to network and learn and informing the government and the public about the importance of advocating for children.


[1] Caucus for Children’s Rights, About, 2016.

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