Hope and Homes for Children: Combating Institutionalisation

For some of us thinking back to our childhoods, many of our favourite and long lasting memories come from simple family life. The way our parents woke us in the mornings and packed us off to school, welcomed us home, or even the chatter around the dinner table. There are an estimated 8 million children living in institutions around the world, robbed of this chance to grow up surrounded by love and family.

Vasile and his brothers and sisters pictured here, love playing together in their simple but safe house. They may not have a lot of toys, but they always have fun being together. When Oak partner, Hope and Homes for Children met Vasile and his family, both his parents were unemployed and struggling to provide for their children. The kids were at risk of being separated and placed into institutional care. As well as providing them with food, clothing, bedding, furniture and a stove to keep their house warm, Hope and Homes for Children helped Vasile’s parents to access the support and benefits to which they are entitled. This means that, although life remains challenging, Vasile and his brothers and sisters are still together, growing up as part of a loving family.

Hope and Homes for Children works with children, families, communities, professionals and governments across Central and Eastern Europe and Africa to ensure that institutionalisation is a thing of the past, and that no child has to grow up deprived of the love and care of a family. It transforms the lives of children trapped in institutions and prevents the separation of children from their parents when families are at risk of breakdown.

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