What does the Helen Bamber Foundation do?

Human rights abuses occur on a daily basis around the world. Some 30 per cent of people requesting international protection in the United Kingdom have been victims of human cruelty. In fact, it has been proven that people who have suffered any kind of prolonged inter-personal violence – human trafficking, war, community, domestic or gender-based violence – present with similar physical and psychological symptoms to torture survivors. Since 2005, the Helen Bamber Foundation (HBF) has been working in London to help vulnerable and marginalised people recover from past traumas. HBF has been an Oak grantee with the International Human Rights Programme since 2015.

Oak has been supporting HBF to deliver and promote compassionate, holistic and effective support that helps survivors of human cruelty. HBF provides individualised, supportive care to their clients through creative arts (sports, languages, film, music, arts, knitting), education, legal protection, healthcare and a range of therapies. By establishing a therapeutic relationship based on trust, HBF clients can eventually form safe, restorative and stabilising relationships in the wider community.

“I find heroism in our clients. Despite all they have been through, they find the remnants of resilience and courage to face continuing adversity,” said Helen Bamber, founder of the Foundation. HBF maintains a consistent, safe environment for people who may not have any other ‘safe place’ to go. Their ambition is to create and share a model of care for survivors which clinicians and practitioners can emulate everywhere.

To find out more about the work of the Helen Bamber Foundation, visit their website.

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