What does Havens Hospice do?

Based in Essex, England, Havens Hospices provides palliative care to adults and children with chronic, life-limiting or terminal conditions, with the aim of making every day count. The care they provide is unique in the area and is free of charge – for as long as it is needed – within the home and at their two hospices: Fair Havens and Little Havens. Havens Hospice has been an Oak grantee with the Special Interest Programme since 2012.

Little Havens Hospice provides specialist care for seriously ill children and their families. It is dedicated to focusing on the individual needs of the sick children they care for, whether it’s for years, months or weeks. As the only centre in Essex to care for youngsters with an illness which could shorten their lives, Little Havens makes the journey as comfortable as possible controlling pain and medication, offering respite and caring for babies, children and teenagers at the end of their lives. “Every time we come here there is laughter. It’s like Disney world for Ava,” says Liz Chaplin who has been going to Little Havens for the past six years. “We come as a family and it’s like a holiday for us. The comforting thing is to see that life does go on and the people here care for her like we would care for her. They see Ava for the beautiful little girl she is, not the medical file.” To hear more about Liz and Ava’s story and about the work of Little Haven’s take a look at this video.

Fair Haven’s Hospice provides palliative medicine and nursing care on an inpatient and day-care basis to adults from the age of 19. They offer therapies and practical and emotional support to patients and their families from the point of diagnosis. The hospice also offers care for the whole family including post-bereavement care, support for carers and pastoral and spiritual care. This year, Oak supported the construction of a new Fair Havens adult hospice also in Essex, the United Kingdom, to increase the number of patients benefitting from their services. To find out more about Fair Havens check out this short video.

Havens Hospice really makes a difference to all those who benefit from its services, and the caring, fun and supportive environment they have established is a testament to their dedication. To find out more about their work have a look at their website.

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